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Kitty Litter


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Some time ago I too thought about using it to clean brass (I have a cat and always a couple of bags of kitty litter at home).

I never gave it a try, because I felt that the litter could have been a bit too aggressive on the brass: you know, scratches, marks, and so on that I was afraid on the long run would have weakened my brass.

Maybe this works for a once-in-a-lifetime clean, such as before selling the brass, but I honestly don't know about using it regularly.

If you plan to experiment with litter, please keep us posted with results.

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Still and all, the walnut media--even when used to the point where it's quite soiled--just doesn't seem to break down much (I put it under magnification, just to be sure). I also tried washing it and re-using it, but when it's dirty, it's dirty. And smell??!!!!! Gah!! Don't bother 'washing' walnut media (Lizard Litter to you pet care folks), even though it's a bit more costly than corn-cob media. Just replace it and enjoy the fact that it works well in the first place. :)

Some clown that my gunsmith knows got into the habit of washing his corn-cob media in a pillow case. (Like, why bother!!?? The stuff is cheaper than dirt, right...?) Well, one day the pillow case burst in the process and that was the last load of corn-cob media HE washed in the family washer/dryer units. :ph34r:

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I have washed walnut-media several times.

But always in a bucket and that works okay for me.

By the way corn-cob media is not realy cheap overhere.

I also tried the corn-cob kitty litter, cheaper and it works.

Disadvantage was the amount of dust that it spread when sifting the brass.



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