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Glock Rear Sight Suggestions

the duck of death

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I bought a set of Warrens for my glock from dawson , I got the tritium front and the single dot tritium rear

the front came very slightly bent off center Its actually not too bad to live with

the rear tritium dot is off the center of the rear notch by about one millimeter, it is enough to notice pretty much immediatley.

If you go with a black rear, maybe look at ameriglo, they have all black rear sights and I think they sell something that matches up with a .160 front

Im going to look into a all black novak rear and tritium front to replace the Warrens on my G17

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I ordered an Ameriglo FO front and a plain black rear for $50 plus SH then -$10 for entering the code GSSF at check out.

$48 delivered

I called Dawson Precision today and they are going to refund my money on the sights I ordered (Warrens that have the rear tritium dot off center and the canted front sight. I just removed the Warrens and put the stock sights back on until the Ameriglos arrive. Im mailing the Warrens back to DP tomorrow ($127)

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i've used adjustable dawsons, bomars, glock, and bomars clones, used fixed glock, ameriglos, heinies, and warren and always go back to the fixed heinie with either solid .090 front for action pistol and GSSF and a dawson FO front for the run and gun stuff.

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I like the Sevigny competition rear. Rock solid and a real clean sight picture.

+1. I have the competition rear and F/O front on my production 34 and the carry rear and tritium front on my other glocks.

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