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  1. if you want it please send the pay pal to


    let me know when you have paid plesae and send me your address

  2. I could use the Buris PEPR and have a no fee PP acct.




  3. Beretta Lover


    Never measured mine. I did it myself with a 13lb mainspring lots of polishing on the contact points of the trigger hammer strut , hammer, hammer retaining pin, and the sear. Sometimes I use NP3 coated parts but only when I can get them on sale from cdnn. My trigger job is in my opinion as nice as any gunsmith and its easy to do it just takes some time. For the money it would be hard to beat David Olhassos work and he welds up an internal speedbump on the transfer bar. If you want to discuss how to do it pm me your number and I can call you.
  4. Unfortunatley I reinjured an old back problem from 13 years ago (L5S1 disk herniation, again) and I have been out of work taking anti inflamatories hoping the disk will heal with time. So far I have made dramatic improvement but I cannot really sit for very long or drive anywhere, at this point this is to be expected. I have been through back surgery before, and while it would not be the end of the world I would really rather avoid it through prayer, rest, and meds. As a very fit and very active person laying around the house like a lump is very difficult. I'm fortunate enough to have a nuero surgeon at Duke looking after me, so I know I'm with the right people. I also have a great group of friends who have been very supportive. I'm asking for you to please keep me in your prayers and with your church's prayer list. I have witnessed first hand the power of prayer and the amazing healing it brings. The upside to this is it has dramtically improved my relationship with God (guess what I'm in the Bible again) and my wife. Essentially my life has come to full stop and I can concentrate on what's important. I'm down, but I'm not out, see you out there RLTW Brian Traynor
  5. You could do worse this is good deal
  6. I run a DPMS I think, H buffer. I have not tried my gun with live ammo since installing the o ring but I have had luck with them before
  7. Guns used for duty and ccw should be looked upon with the same reliability criteria as parachutes and airtanks. I guess if your gun is going to be strictly a gaming platform it might've worth fooling with a gen4. The fact that the issues are real and documented by people on this forum was enough for me to buy a gen3 g17. I don't know if block has addressed the issues completely or effectively. If I had to have a gen4 I would replace the guide rod and spring. I have been the first guy to get a new model gun before and I wont doit again
  8. Scott Springer of Springer Precision known here as"loves to shoot" has a recipe for this
  9. I have a 11.5. Colt commando upper with a welded on long flash hider to make it legal. I think anytime you decrease barrel lenght below 14.5 dwell time can be a potential issue. My gun runs well with brass cased ammo and has some failures to extract with steel cased ammo. Im going to run a crane o ring and spring under my extractor too see if it helps. I have seen some SF types running 7 and 10 inch guns fwiw
  10. My limited first hand experience with CL FN barrels was positive. No not as.accurate.as a JP barrel but easily 1.5 mow from a 20in barrel
  11. I think the concern with the glo k 40 comes from the pistol having an unsupported chamber with a very high pressure round in the case of the 40sw. I shoot lead through a lone wolf barrel in my g17. They cost about a hundred bucks and are very accurate drop in barrels. Storm lake also makes excellent drop in barrels. There are enough stories of people detonating their guns to make me bite the cost and order a new barrel. Maybe these people had bad ammo maybe they didn't clean their barrel whatever. For a hundred bucks you don't have to worry about it
  12. Fwiw you can get a heat gun at home depot for this
  13. I would put a 3.5 factory disconnector in it. A Jager guide rod and a 14 or 12 lb recoil spring grip tape/skateboard tape fiber optic front, some kind of wide notch fixed rear Glock 21s are pretty awesome out of the box
  14. Are there any hi cap mag restrictions in the state of Indiana
  15. is a tungsten guide rod legal for production?
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