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  1. John,   I think Clint Upchurch has a nice Trojan 9mm set up for sale. I'll text him

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      I thought this was  PM


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      Well, how many message tabs does a site need?

  2. First vid I ever bought on shooting was Ron's "Secrets of a professional shooter" . Was able to talk with him a couple of times at a match. Good man,........... rest in peace...Godspeed
  3. Send me some details on the sq deal you want sell please, a coworker is looking, i'm trying to help


  4. Best money I ever spent on a Limited gun. Dan built me a 5 in Spitfire, run great. PM if you have any more questions.
  5. I use STI followers for slide lock . Grams doesn't have the step down tab to allow that last bullet to be picked up before SL.
  6. I would look into the Tanfo in the classified section, many good after market parts made.
  7. Try Ramshot Competition, near identical load data as N320
  8. Try a fresh recoil spring, maybe it's something with the slide speed.
  9. I'm talking about the notch on the magazines. on the side where the mag catch locks it in. If you forcefully do reloads, you will cause a burr in that area and it will drag when releasing the magazine. It's just something to check.
  10. post a pic of your mags where the mag catch notch is
  11. Those mags should drop easily, check the mag catch notch to see if it has a burr on the magazine, if so file it off. Arredondo mag extensions worked well for me, I think I was getting 23 in a mag in 9mm.
  12. You obviously haven;t been squadded with me.
  13. Agree, it was a strong selling point. I doubt STI will sell as many Apieros now.
  14. I think/believe it's more the stroke of the trigger than where the finger is placed. Also, may affect striker fired guns less than a single action, but just my opinion.
  15. do you case pro the brass? Is it new brass? Clean chamber. With HS 6 i was running too close to 165 PF, bumped to 174 and that ended stove pipes.
  16. The classification system needs more attention than paper vs electronics.
  17. Correct, Limited 2011 L-10 FNS 40 L
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