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which Bolen pad for the RHT .40 MAG Tube?


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Which Bolen pad for the RHT .40 MAG Tube do I use to be limited legal. 3 or 4mm? Thanks.

Using a Grams pad you have to stick with the 2.5mm, so I'd also guess the Bolen 3....still have to check it though. R,

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3mm fits with a little room in the guage, 4mm almost fits and requires a bit of triming as other have said.

Just to be clear that a trimmed 4mm will fit in a guage.

Neal in AZ

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i read it somewhere (Benos site) that dawson SNL is the same as Bolen 4mm. but i forgot which thread now. it is still a toss for me between the SNL and the Bolens basepad. Bolen has simple design, but requires one to use a flat screw (any tool of that effect) to push down the pin, Dawson on the other hand is tool-less.

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Mine worked fine getting 22 with the 3mm pad. Fits the gauge with no trimming.

Are those reloadable??


I've got 2 Rescomp mags with Bolen 3mm pads 1 will hold 22 rnds of 40, however, it is not reloadable, with 22 rnds. The other set up exactly the same will only hold 21 rnds no matter what is tried. The 22 rounder works everytime so far on the load after loading one in the chamber. Have used it about 10 times. Reloads as easy as any other mag with 21 rnds.

No one can explain why 1 will hold 22 and the other won't.

Also tried a 4mm with some filing and it just barely fit the gage; however, when loaded the spring came out the bottom as the pad broke thru.

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