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  1. I think that was the only time I ever saw Gary Stevens almost lose control!
  2. Or maybe drive vintage Chevy pickup's. I would be glad to drive it for you until the inner ear thing clears up!
  3. Welcome back! 23 year break is a pretty long nap!
  4. Julie, Is the SC Section match a STI Contingency match again this year?
  5. Just recently had 9mm built. I bought 5 STI 9mm mags (140 length) and they have ran 4,000 rounds without a hitch.
  6. I lost a mentor and GREAT friend with Wally's passing.... the world lost a tremendous man!
  7. Leave the honey out! Only ice... so no sugar added. Shouldn't hurt the bs levels then. I always thought the honey part was over rated. My Dad's mom, always spoke hatefully of alcohol and those that used it always had a medicinal purpose mixture for sore throats and cough. Funny the honey content wouldn't fill a baby spoon, in a fifth of liquor.
  8. You need some excellent KY Bourbon to soothe your throat!
  9. Shoot it in L-10 with the right mags.
  10. Contact Enos member sperman he makes a great grip for the1911. It enlarges the grip to 2011 size. He makes them with or without an integral magwell.
  11. Being a Caspian user I would be interested to read the tutorial as I am always interested in what others are doing to tweak their mags. Is there a link you could post or PM me? Thanks. PM sent
  12. I have 15 of the Caspian .40 mags. I too was ready to ditch the project, even though I love the guns. I was frustrated with the performance of the magazines. Since they were modified using Chris Nuss' tutorial, they each hold 20 rnds reloadable. I've ran them all in 2 different Caspian Limited guns in about 5 separate matches with each gun and they have yet to fail. I start with 21 and reload to 20 over and over they have been used and hit the ground. Flawless! I must say I only shoot factory .40 ammo.
  13. I find it quite interesting that the same folks who claim to support the 2nd Amendment... find such fault with someone expressing their 1St Amendment. I have read the article. It is not to my liking however, I found it to be thought provoking. I have no problem with someone presenting ideas that cause thoughtful discussion. I am not a proponent of Dick Metcalf. I have met him and been around him several times at various matches at PASA. He is not one that I would invite to dinner, nor have a beverage. He is entitled to his thoughts and his expression of those thoughts. If there is another match at PASA that I want to attend I most definitely will.
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