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Chiappa 1911 .22 LR Pistol

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Just read, in the May issue of American Rifleman,

that Chiappa is launching a new 1911 style .22

that sounds accurate, reliable and has the feel

of a 1911 .45 acp. And, costs only $300.

That sounds intriguing to me - despite the heavy

(10 lb trigger) - I presume a gunsmith could lower

that to 4-5 lbs?:?

Anyone actually handle or better yet, shoot one?

Would appreciate any details on your reaction to

this gun, including what type of ammo you used.



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While the American Rifleman review was good (ever see a magazine review that wasn't?) I have seen several threads on other forums expressing a great dislike for them. Lots of issues with feeding. Like most new gun maybe once the bugs are worked out it will be worth a try.

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The "blurb" in the Blue Press focused on bad trigger pull as a "negative"; the author says Chiappa had sent an "early production model" and they're "working on..." getting a lighter trigger pull (than the 8+ lbs. the author noted....)....

Seems to "eat" most .22LR ammo OK....for (MSRP)$300.....doesn't sound too bad.....

Oh, well...MINE will have to wait.....just paid to inspect/register my car....!! :rolleyes:

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The Chiappa is actually quite a good little gun.

Fixed barrel so the accuracy factor is consistent. Early models had a crappy trigger but as mentioned earlier the new model are coming in with far better triggers.

All in all not a bad gun if your not going to buy a conversion top for your existing 19/2011.

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