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  1. Yeah once you get to these type of blasters they fall onto two categories - clusters and runners. Brazos tend to be runners. You can tweak until you make it a cluster. Build some loads, dry fire and learn the gun - don't over think it I spent a tremendous amount of time trying to make my first Brazos just a hair better until the GM I got it from literally slapped me and pointed out that the gun was a hell of a lot better than I was....
  2. Without being a d*ck - leave it alone! You got it from a M class. It was built that way by Brazos. Your new to Open. Leave it be. I have 2 Brazos blasters and other than stippling and lot of practice they are the way Bob built them.
  3. BLUTO

    Open apology...

    Well at least you didnt go full potato like I did years ago. My first open gun was a 40 - just made sense (in an alternate universe).........
  4. What Trent said. Extractors got nothing to do with it........
  5. I run the Grams setup in my mags but haven't changed out the followers to 9mm nor do I use a spacer. Load a bit long and all is good (from my experience). Most of the problems I've seen come in the 170's using 9mm followers. I don't think you need a spacer with a 38S follower, could be wrong but that's my experience.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS - You found the oddest "secret" in the business. Magpul for example has an airsoft line and a "real gun" line. Made on the same machines, same polymer, in fact the exact same item. Airsoft is less money. I cant tell you the number of real guns running airsoft bought parts. Why this is - dont know. What I do know is that it is that way.........
  7. 3N38 = fireballs 124gr is pretty standard in 39SC, but may not significantly change your load. To me the answer is simply the powder - 3N38 is notorious for fireballs.
  8. Following up on Biloxi23's post, I don't know anyone who has ever trimmed or for that matter measured the length of their pistol cases before loading them. The only time we reject them is when they are cracked or just too ugly for our taste. For grins we measured Starline cases straight out of the package and there was a variation in length. The only real reason I can see for not running 9 in a 38S is because we normally have enough trouble keeping the damn things running anyway. Unless you have a very robust shooter or a couple backups the NO WAY folks are probably scared they will have to visit the gunsmith again...........
  9. Not wanting to be left out of the cool kids shooting 9 from a super, I just blew rounds across the chrony from my Brazos 38SC and I survived. That which makes 135PF from a G34 made 121.5 with popple holes and a comp. Not going to run it for anything but maybe steel, but it was interesting to see if the gun would function, disintegrate, or generally puke the 9 back out. Oddly some of the most consistent readings Ive gotten outta any pistol running those loads
  10. Oh I've got popcorn, snacks, and am doing nothing but waiting for answers to this one!
  11. Just got done setting up a belt for Production. Started out setting it up like the Open/Limited rigs which is in back and very quickly ran out of room for the mags. Switched to front and the real estate opened up nicely. Open belt has 3 mags - production has 4 and started further back so space is at a premium.
  12. BLUTO

    back up guns

    My experience (limited as it is) is that a lot of the top guys have a backup in case the primary dumps. Comes in handy should it be a major and out of town etc. Ive got 2 open guns but have yet to have the primary crap out. I think if I were traveling around to matches or was good enough that it mattered, I probably would prefer to have more than one of anything. My son had a KBOOM in a limited G35 blowing the extractor across the range. We took a G22 down and pillaged parts. Short of the targets left on the one stage he was able to finish.
  13. Not at all. The bearings (for lack of another word) rotate or roll as you holster or draw so although they make contact, the slide isnt rubbing.
  14. I cant be more positive about Manny's holster! With the magnetic bearings, when the guns in its IN. There is no movement. When its locked in its bank vault locked. Draw is butter smooth. Ive owned Ghost, DAA, Limcat, and a few others and there is no question what so ever - Manny's wins hands down.
  15. BLUTO

    Open Gun Ammo

    Honestly I think your thinking too much. All ammunition is loaded to a certain spec, be it reloaded or factory first time loaded. The "danger" really isn't there if you pay attention and go at it logically. Major is 165. Factory ammo is ABOVE that number - so following your logic, factory ammo holds more dangers. As to what will cycle the slide - that's not the right question as you can drop spring weight and get the most anemic round to cycle the slide. The question is will factory make 165. If the gun has a comp subtract at least 10 on the PF. Poppel holes another 10 to 20. Both and no matter what you put in the pipe you get tossed for sub major chrony results. I was told a while back when I asked similar "If your gonna shoot open, your gonna reload". Im sure others more knowledgeable will give you more eloquent answers.
  16. BLUTO


    :bow: :bow: :bow:
  17. Your on the right track. Ive used markers, bingo daubers, fingernail polish, Dyechem (?) and in the end all I got was the standard 60% of my brass back, crapped up guns and a lesson learned. Marking brass is a sure sign you have waaaaaay too much time on your hands and leads to hard feelings between you and the brass chickens out there. Not to mention the additional puking.
  18. If you hadnt reacted to it when it happened the argument could have been made that you were taking a make up shot. I had that happen to me and it was deemed an "un-aimed shot" - not sure where that falls in the rulebook.
  19. Your shooting open - shoot between the raindrops, that's what I do Seriously - No the comp doesn't blow back, not that you'll notice. Take a wipe to the box to wipe down the glass after sight picture. Position your arm just a bit over the glass on make ready. Its not a big deal - we shoot in New England in downpours and the biggest pain is cleaning dropped mags.
  20. Holy crap - 31 of SC! I want several All Ive been able to stuff is 28
  21. So how many posts do you need now? An answer counts as one........
  22. Howard has retired - I think I got the last set he's going to do (scared to drop em )
  23. I asked the same question and then one day actually shot one - answered all my questions. Without a long winded explanation my 2 pennies comes down to a properly ported and comped gun damn near vibrates when fired rather than recoils. It makes MAJOR. Carries upwards of 28 - 29 rounds. Looks so much cooler than guns in other classes. and the kicker is Its damn near impossible to be competitive in Open unless your running 38Super.
  24. Played with this at SHOT (he had some there). NICE HOLSTER! We've got a couple on order form him and honestly compared to the Ghost, DAA and the like this is beyond GOOD..... They run about what a DAA runs and ordering - just send him an email or call.
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