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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone ho could cut S&W type slides serations fore and aft over rear factory vertical (old style) slide serations. I know there would probably be some Remaining resemblane but the cheapy 1911 is what it is. I could buy a replacement slide....but then I have all the other gunsmithing issues.
  2. Need to get a Holster for IDPA Matches and was wondering if any one had any experience with the DAA PDR for XD. I was thinking om trying this as it is apparently lined to reduce slide wear? Your thought are as always greatly appreciated!
  3. I am wondering if the DAA PDR for Sprindfield XD will work for my XDM? I wanted to try this as the add for this product indicatrs it is lined to reduce slife finish wear. The presumption is that this will fit as I crrently have a BH SerpaLok made for a 4.5" XD that will work and retain my XDM 5.25", THANKS
  4. As a follow up, I was hoping to have " the limes" to basically use instead of holdiover. That us....to sight in for say in 200 yards and have subsequent limes umderneath for say 300, 400 etc. I would know the range via a rangefimder. The high magnification would be nice as I just prefer high magnification optics. However, if I had to choose, quality over quantity (magnification) everty time. I have a pair of EL 10x42 Binos that I just love. I wish they had the Swarobrite lenses, but I have used these for hunting, outdoor events etc. and don't leave home without them. I chose these over the 12x50 as it was a compromise (not price) decision. THX
  5. I was I the process of buying myself an early Christmas gift from Stocky"s Stocks....a Manners T4A. Given that this is Backordered (told 5 mths for delivery), I guess I am planning to order and wait as if I don't, I will NEVER get it. That is, it is somewhat misleading as it is never really stocked item. The barreled action is a Varmint wigh barrel. Question: would the M25 5r contour work. I only ask this as the Customer Service person indicated that Stocky's had this in the T4 model ready to ship. She indicated that it would work. Given that the future may call for a rebarrel (possibly to a heavier contour) does this make sense? That is....how would this fit...the Varmiint weight barreled action in the M24 contour stock? If you have any suggestions with respect to this or obtaining this stock/DBZm combo in a more timely manner, plwase let me know. STB
  6. Need to scope .308 Target rifle. prfer magnification and there have looked at the Leup Mark 4 8,5-25x50MM. Looking to Consistently make precision shots at 600 yards. This is also about my Price Range. Plan on using Laser Range Finder and therefore would prefer optic with Lines or Mil Dots. Have been thinking Vortex and Night Force. Night Force because of the Lines instead of dots. The Leup that uses the Horus type reticles are like $2-3K. Also like Steiner and swarovski reticles, but are out of my price range. Was thinking of Minox but it is kind of on the low end on magnification and has a 1" tube. Looking for atleast 6X mag on low end and one inch tube. Any other suggestions in this price range with side focus?
  7. Putting together. a Tactical/Target type rifle from a Rem. 700 bsrrel action that I bought new as a package. Should I have the Bolt lacking lugs lapped? I always like the feel of the resistance of a new rifle action. But thought that sometimes this may cause some difficulty with faster follow up shots/extraction issues. Additinal I plan on getting the bolt Ionbonded and thus I need to do this before rather than later. While I am at it , I wad thinking of having a M-16 type extractor install on the bolt. Do you recommend this? I have read different opniins on this subject, the only real time I have had past problems with the factory extraction is when it is done slowly and with an attempt to grab the round before it is fully ectracted out.
  8. Thinking Manners now given that I can get the stock and Badger in one package for $1K. Does the stock that come from Stcckystocks leave out any "must have" features of the Manners that would encourage me go directly to Manners and add options. The stocks seem to be semi-custom with adjustable cheekpieces, Badger DBM installed and inletted for a specific action etc. I guess I was wondering about the flush cups etc? Is that worth the wait and hassle of dealing directly? Is anyone familiar with this option?
  9. Yeh....I know....have you ever contacted the guy. The number did not work when I called yesterday. Has anyone used this guy? What is the turnaround Luke? He seems tto be either very busy or non responsive to e-mails. Which makes me kind of worried as I sent him a $200+ bolt.
  10. After doing an Internet Search for Bolt Fluting Services, I cam across this guy's site. His designs were what I was looking for and he prices seemed reasonable. The problem is that hiis site does not have a phone number. A subsequent search for phone numbers of the business have proven to be unsuccessful as in....no good. Does anyone know if he is still in business and his current phone number?
  11. That's allerll and good, but HS precision seems to be going "out of business". I intislly was going to get a Varmint stock from Cabellas as a gift (free). This model was disconttimuef. Looking at there website....everything desirablt was "out of stock.". These stocks avaialinily just seemed ludicrous. Let me know the ordering process and wait times etc. Not that these ate out of stock?
  12. FYI.....the "Hunting•" I was referring to involves sitting in a stand waiting for game to appear for food. There will not be carrying around of the gun. When you consider the McMillan vs. Manners they are comparatvely priced (as adjustable cheekpiece). The only pause I have is the confusing options. The Grav-Tec flush cups? I get some of these for the IR thing. (don't need, but looks cool). One of the things I really like about the MCmilluan is the texturing on the grip and forend areas . Are the Manners stocks textured similisrly?
  13. Putting together a longer range rifle for target and hunting on a Rem. Barreled actions . Of all the avialablr stocks that McMillan has...which one should I buy. I am leaning toward the A4, due it looks and options. I would like an Adjustable cheekpiece and LOP,. Only the checkpoece is really important. Also are these inletted to accept Badger Ordnana bottom metal?
  14. Know anyone who can or will open the breechface to accept .40 cal? Just wondering.....
  15. Recently purchased the Holster to try with this pistiol. It is a little loose, but is secure with the lock. Is this holster good for IDPA or will the lock be hunderance in the end?
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