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  1. Thanks ammcallister! I just called Palmetto (I've ordered ammo from there in the past) and they have one in stock!!!, unfortunately they will not shop to my FFL. I'm sure it won't last long.
  2. I haven't shot 3Gun in a while, but a friend of mine just called described what he wanted in a shotgun and the JM 930 sounded ideal for him. He works with the 10SFG at Fort Carson and cannot find any dealers in the area with these in stock. I called my local dealer and his wholesaler doesn't have any in stock either. Does anyone know of any shops with one of these in stock? If not, any idea on how long it's taking for these to get to dealers? He's already asking me about other options and I'd probably suggest the FN SLP, but I know he doesn't want shell out that much more $. Thanks for any help!
  3. Agreed! I have the Meopta K-Dot and Z6i with BRT. I like the K Dot for quicker up close shots, but the BRT is helpful for holdovers at longer range and better for low light shooting because of the glass quality. I have no regrets about either purchase except that I don't get to use them enough.
  4. Exactly this for me too!
  5. My HK 45 USP Tactical is my favorite and most accurate factory pistol. I only like to shoot my $3k custom 2011 more, except when I shoot the HK with my 45 TiRant can-this is simply AWESOME!
  6. Thanks Bryan....this is even better. I wonder how it will work functioning with a couple different SBRs that I have. Only one way to find out.
  7. Thanks for the update and the video. I guess it's going to be a while before we get to see reticle pics and comparison of dot illumination brightness with these new scopes for 2012. I was kind of surprised to see that Swaro even updated the 1-6X Z6i.
  8. Wow...I don't really NEED a 4th shotgun for 3 gun....but this one would be the least expensive.
  9. Wow. First I heard about this. Funny thing is....on my LRP-07 and CTR-02...I don't hear or feel the spring at all with JPs current LMOS.....unlike all of my other ARs. Perhaps I'll look at getting this system for my other ARs. I'm sure there will be different buffers available in this new system. Thanks for posting this video Andy!
  10. Ballistic FTE on my iPhone. I found it to be pretty intuitive with no background in long range shooting...just 1 year of 3 gun and reading this forum.
  11. The Glock 34 is tough to beat especially for the dump it and it's safe feature. The trigger and accuracy of a 2011 is so much better though. So much though that I am actually looking forward to shooting those 2" steel muddy plates at Midwest 3 Gun in May. Ditto.....going from my G34 to my 6" Fat Free. I instantly became a better marksman with a pistol.
  12. I have an 18" CTR-02 and LRP-07. I also have a couple 16" 762 LaRues (OBR and PredatAR). Now that they have come out with the PredatOBR, I considered getting one of these in 14.5". HOWEVER, I've heard the recoil impulse in the 14.5" LRP-07 is much less than other 762 SBRs. I can say this is certainly true of the 18" LRP-07. I'm still trying to figure out whether to get the 14.5" 762 PredatOBR or the LRP-07. It will be about $4K to the the LRP-07 built the way I want it without glass. I'll post again in about 6 months if I decide to get the JP. I have a SureFire 762K suppressor to run on this project.
  13. Thanks for the updates. Too bad there wasn't streaming video.
  14. I know a good refractive surgeon in Eugene, but you said it yourself, "I don't wear glasses anymore nor do I need them". If you say this to a refractive surgeon and he tells you that you still need refractive surgery.......run away as fast as you can.
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