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  1. Modifying your gun by opening the magwell would make it illegal for IPSC Production:
  2. In a situation like that, I take note of if I'm going to be shooting the left or the right target. Then I visualize setting up on and shooting that target only, and leaving the position.
  3. I use Sickinger IPSC box mag pouches on my ELS forks, since they're bullets out, instead of bullets forward, which is the way I like it.
  4. I sit on a tall stool, and can see the powder charge without any problem. If not, I would have mounted a mirror.
  5. I've used CBC 9mm brass for years and years, and have never had a problem with them passing the gauge, loading on a 1050 with EGW u-die. The brass seems pretty durable, I usually lose it before it wears out, but I've had a few cracked cases, which probably had been through 10+ load cycles.
  6. I've only had problems with brass where part of the old primer remained stuck in the primer pocket, even after the decapper had been through it, which isn't the fault of the 1050. I've since changed the spent primer disposal system, using a .223 case, a piece of clear tubing and a soft-drink can, so I can see and hear the spent primer.
  7. Nope. One time I went from an 8# jug manufactured in 2007 to one manufactured in 2012 without being able to measure a velocity difference outside of the normal (small) variations from cartridge to cartridge.
  8. N340 also works well for 9mm, and seems to provide a bit more accurate loads than N320 in my guns.
  9. Grams in STI/K-mag tubes. SVI aluminum in SVI Signature tubes.
  10. I'm probably in the minority. I prefer the Dillon lube (lanolin with isopropyl alcohol) over Hornady's One Shot, for 9mm and .40 S&W - the cases feel better lubricated with the Dillon lube. The only bad thing about the Dillon lube is the smell. Like many, I tumble the loaded rounds in corncob for 20-30 minutes with a bit of white spirits added to get the lube off.
  11. Or maybe Bob Vogel just wants to shoot in another Division? I don't really see how that's anybody's business but his.
  12. As far as I know they don't use the same shell plate or locator buttons. Take a look at http://gunwiki.net/apps/calconversion/ - it can calculate which parts you need, but my guess is that you'll need a complete calibre conversion for .40 S&W.
  13. One (potential) advantage is not having the overlap of both the inner and outer belts in the same place, avoiding 4 layers of belt in front.
  14. I own something like 10 SPS mags. Their quality control is spotty at best. If you buy some, be prepared to spend time squeezing them to drop free and tweaking the feed lips.
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