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  1. That will help. Looks like it will get you close but still requires some double checking.
  2. I though I stumbled across a conversion guide or spreadsheet for going between calibers on a 1050. Does such an animal exist? For example, if I have a 1050 set up for 45ACP what parts do I need to reload 308. I shouldn’t need a full 308 caliber conversion because of similar parts.
  3. I never used to lube pistol cases. After reading some threads I thought I’d give it a try. It’s lifechanging! I use a flat plastic storage container. Place some cases in a single layer, hit em with a couple shots of One Shot. It doesn’t take much. I’ve been loading mostly .45 brass lately. It makes a huge difference with the larger cases of the .45 vs 9mm.
  4. In both cases wouldn’t a properly adjusted swage station prevent an explosion? A small primer 45 mixed in or a spent primer still in should lock up the press?
  5. I'm trying to chase the same unicorn. I've used TiteGroup for years. Accurate, meters great, OK standard deviations but it is nasty dirty. I just switched over to e3. Around 3.7gr under a 230gr SNS makes 168PF. I'll post some more chrono data once I do some more testing. I cleaned my 1911 before switching so I should be able to easily judge if there's a difference between TG and e3.
  6. I know this is an old topic, but I had a similar double feed issue with a Benelli Supernova. I didn’t see anything else related to this topic so I posted this here. My supernova would occasionally let two shells onto the lifter and lock it up. It started happening after 1000rd through the gun. To fix it I added a small bend to the left shell catch. This is the catch that activates first and stops the 2nd shell in the mag tube from coming out. The right shell catch releases the 1st round in the tube and the left shell catch needs to stop the next round. I add the bend to the piece that rides on the action bar. So when the action bar activates the left shell catch it moves into the tube a bit farther.
  7. Have you chrono’d those loads? Curious where that sits for PF? I’m almost out of Tite Group. Might try something else. Hopefully, this stuff is cleaner.
  8. I use a Red Hill Tactical 1911 holster for my STI Trojan. The hanger they sell is too low for SS. I mounted mine on a teclok to keep it legal. Great company. Fast shipping.
  9. I know IMR Target hasn't been out very long, but has anyone had some "long term" results? You know like a summers worth of shooting? I'm very interested. Hopefully it's way cleaner than TG.
  10. I load 9 major and minor on a 550. All I do is change the seating depth and swap powder bars. I have a charge bar set for HS6 and one for Tite Group. I'm using the dillon factory seating die so adjusting that takes a bit longer than a fancy micrometer seating did
  11. I have a RO in 45 and Sig Max in 40. The RO is a fine 1911 for the money. Mine had a decent trigger from the factory and was very reliable. I prefer the Max over the RO. For the money that thing is ready to rock. I put a Enos trigger bow with a long insert. Other than that it's bone stock.
  12. choppe


    I've become kind of fond of AR-comp. I've used it in my hoser ammo the last couple years. I've been using 24gr if it under a 55gr Hornaday fmjbt. It will hold 1 MOA with my Nordic barrel. I'm going to try 23gr of it this year. I don't think my hoser ammo needs to be that hot. I've also been experimenting with 60gr Nosler BT for 300-600yds. I played with Varget and AR-comp because I had both. I can't tell a major different between the two powders. If I can keep sub-MOA with a bulk powder I already use for my hoser ammo, it makes it an easy decision.
  13. How many rounds are most guys fitting in their 155s? Ive shot many matches with two 140s and one 170s. I also only used two mag pouches. This works great until a 32 round, empty gun start and a mag change is fumbled...
  14. I had an open Glock based on a G17. I used a Carver 4-port comp. It worked well for major loads. I would think a G19 shooting major PF would be very harsh/snappy? Maybe not. It would look bad ass. I still have that 4 port comp threaded for a KKM barrel if you need one. PM me for details.
  15. Very interested in replacing a 90 degree Cmore with a micro dot. Sounds like this Sig Romeo 3 is a great option. They are holding up to major PF? Currently who makes mounts for them?
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