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  1. Craig N

    Reload question

    Yeah and they should have just left it alone. Seems it's just "f*#king with it to f*#k with it".
  2. Craig N

    Reload question

    Yet now we have a -0/-1 zones in the head like the A/B zones....GASP!!!
  3. Craig N

    Reload question

    Unlimited means shoot as much as you like
  4. The last I heard the ATF has reversed it's decision on shouldering a brace (there is a letter to someone to that affect). PCC was started right around the whole "can't shoulder a brace" timeframe. But the easiest way to look at the PCC rule is that it has to be a rifle and not a pistol.
  5. Craig N

    Reload question

    If you're on the street fighting for your life and your gun has a mag safety then you have a paper weight! Or it's just to keep IDPA different from USPSA.
  6. There is a lot of little wagons at matches. That link says not available in your area.
  7. Yeah you can get any of the attachment types and the DOH isn't any higher so I get that one just to have extras.
  8. It should fit. Given that people are sanding down 10 round mags and getting the Gen 1 4.25 fullsize guns to fit the box.
  9. Mine is set up for 3 gun but I use it for everything. It's really nice to have everything in 1 spot and you don't have to look for your bag among all the same looking bags on the tables.
  10. If I remember right they are the same thing. This is the holster I was talking about. The Classic DOH. https://shop.blade-tech.com/?cPath=1_23_24&osCsid=5r2ft32euvjv6di9cgckii2cm3#.We_hGGhSyUk
  11. I agree. All you need is the chrono and a tripod. And if you did happen to shoot the dang thing it's a lot cheaper to replace.
  12. This total personal opinion but I think the Blacktech DOH has a smoother draw. I have one for my M&P Pro 5".
  13. Does anyone know who makes the little shade boxes you see on some of the match videos online?
  14. I had to "fix" all my loaded 9mm ammo to feed through a Kimber pro. Now it works in everything. So much for the "load as long as your magazine will take" advise when you start reloading LOL
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