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Hey all. Just need some suggestions. I am putting together 2 identical memorial ARs for my brother who past 2 years ago, one for me and one for my nephew .  I am all set with lowers  now I am starting on uppers. at first I was just going to get 2 upper's from BCM. Than stated thinking if there is a better way to go by building them. my budget is 2K for both. looking for nothing to heavy but accurate. any suggestions would be apricated .

Thank you

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1 hour ago, George16 said:

Check out Aero components. Primary Arms is currently having a sale on them. They even have a 16” complete upper for $499.




complete upper.




 Just looked very reasonable price. how do they compare to BCM in quality and accuracy 

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I personally would stick with the BCM. I have used most of the hand guards out there in building the AR platform over more than 20 years. BCM MCMR-15 is my favorite for a 16" barrel. Either build or buy a complete BCM upper for those guns.

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Slr stripped uppers plus handguards are really nice. They are very lightweight in comparison. I would steer clear from Aero given their recent QC issues. Bcm functions veey well. You can also look at lmt/noveske but might not be within the stated budget

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On 5/4/2024 at 7:29 AM, George16 said:

Check out Aero components.


really like their "enhanced" upper & handguard combos.  the flange on the upper makes for a pretty solid connection with the handguard.  i've only built out one builder set (have a couple of others i haven't touched yet) but have used it in a couple of 2 gun matches with no issues.  the internals i used are all JP.

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