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  1. .10/.11 splits?!? Why.....that's unheard of! ;-)
  2. Hell! I think I've been shooting this shotty in major 3-gun matches for 7+ years. It would have been nice to have that dip in the vent rib for a flip up rear slug sight like the Benelli's have.
  3. Go with the 17". You won't regret it.
  4. Someone please clarify dates of match please. I'm hearing conflicting stories.
  5. As a matter of fact, not only will the Firebird coupler work with the Arredondo mag well but I also add one Arredondo coupler to the mix for added stability. Solid and they never come out of alignment.
  6. It wasn't last year, Mike. It was all random draw but maybe this year Gary will mix it up a bit and have dedicated prizes for top finishers AND random draw. Kinda like what Dave does at the carbine matches. We'll see.
  7. It's ROCK CASTLE This place has got to be huge. And finally somebody on my end of the country running a major match using IMG scoring. Thank you Thank you Thank you! We're going to put the "run" back into "run and gun"!
  8. I'm sorry. Did I read that app. right? $295 before Feb. 15th and $325 after.....? Well.......I thought I was actually going to try and shoot this match this year but for $300?!? Does that include my own personal reset and pasting fairy?!? If not my wife said she would rather me spend that money on crack and hookers!
  9. +1 What an awesome crew. Not only is this a great match to shoot but it's a crew like this that makes it a pleasure to work. Just the honor of being able to interact with our nations finest under these circumstances has always been the highlight for me. Thank you for all you do. I so look forward to working this match again next year.
  10. Not even close to a true 1x. Not daytime illuminated. Nice reticle though.
  11. Not gettin' it cut at the match.....not gonna happen. (not around you buncha homos anyway) But if by some MIRACLE I do have to cut it, I promise there will be plenty of video evidence to show I kept to my word. Not to mention I'll see most of you by the time Ft Benning comes around. Besides, I'll have to do it somewhere that accepts donations for 'Locks of Love'. So what are ya up to now, Sam? 4-5?
  12. High number of HM shooters? What's that look like, 5 -6?
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