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  1. Sorry I haven't posted in a while; got sidetracked and haven't had time to troubleshoot... I do appreciate everyone's input! Okay, here's the exact situation. Old trigger guts moved to an A&S housing, and Briley trigger shoe added to the trigger. All other trigger group parts (all springs, etc.) are the same as before—no TTI springs. As I said earlier, with the trigger group removed, I am unable to produce conditions where the hammer slips between the sear and the disconnector. I went to the range today and took the trigger group out of another M2 for comparison. Everything ran fine with the second trigger group, so I think I have definitively ruled out any problem with the receiver or the recoil system. I visually compared the bearing surfaces on my group and the second group and didn't see any obvious differences, though of course they could be slight enough not to be visible with the naked eye. With my trigger group, I got hammer follow on pretty much every single round of Fiocchi Low Recoil 00BK, and also one time in about 50 birdshot (Federal 1150fps Top Gun). Also, it was 80 degrees today, so cold weather was definitely not a factor... I fired about a dozen rounds of Fiocchi JM slugs and didn't produce a hammer follow. When shooting, I tried all the following: (1) Pinning the trigger back; (2) shooting as fast as possible; (3) aggressively shouldering/leaning in to the gun; and (4) shooting as loosely mounted as possible (including firing one round of buck with the gun completely off my shoulder and just held in my hands). The buckshot produced hammer follow in all of those conditions. The birdshot hiccup came on the 6th shot of a mag dump, shouldered but not particularly aggressively. My next step would be to put all the parts back into the original housing, of course, to see if I can isolate it down to the A&S, but I have to find time to get back to the range and try that. Any other suggestions?
  2. Silly question... Can you change chokes through the comp? Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  3. I did that after the problem surfaced during the first test firing. The hammer caught both with the trigger pinned back as well as fully forward, and the hammer did move off the disconnector to the sear as I let the trigger forward. I will pull it and try again, though, as it's possible there is just enough play in there for something to go wrong; I shot a match yesterday and had the hammer slip forward about once or twice per stage shooting both bird and slugs. Buckshot turned out to be a totally different hot mess; it just wouldn't cycle at all, even though I've used this load before and the gun was freshly cleaned and lubed. It was, however, really cold (sub-freezing), and as I can only recall warm weather matches where I've shot buck before, it's quite possible I've never tried running them at such low temps before.
  4. Got it. I will wait and see what the J. Kelly lifter looks like. Thanks! Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  5. Anybody know yet if the trigger/hammer or the selector are AR compatible, or are they proprietary to the VR80?
  6. Halo09, I re-used the old recoil spring in the new recoil system. Kurt, by hammer pin, do you mean the hollow bushing that holds the hammer, lifter, and cartridge drop lever in place and that contains the trigger group pin? I did put that back in correctly with the flange on the side of the cartridge drop. I did take the trigger group apart to put the guts into an A&S trigger housing. Could there be clearance issues with the new trigger housing? Thanks!
  7. Very nice... I just watched the linked videos from MOA and, while that's an M3K and not an M2 on the video, I didn't see any modifications needed—it looks like a drop-in replacement for the existing lifter. I'd be interested in getting this, but since I already put in an A&S trigger housing I don't plan on doing any mods to the housing itself.
  8. I just swapped my M2 parts into a Roth XB3G receiver. The action parts are the same as I've been using for quite a while—bolt, trigger assembly, and recoil spring are all the same. Dry fire function testing had no issues. In live fire today, however, this issue cropped up, where the gun would fire, eject, and cycle, but the hammer ended up against the bolt, rather than cocked...therefore dead trigger. It happened a couple of times in about fifty rounds of bird (1145fps), not at all in about a dozen slugs (Fiocci 1300fps), and pretty much every time on 6 or 8 rounds of buck (Fiocci 00 low recoil). These are all the same ammo types I've used in the past without problems. Can anybody tell me what can cause this problem? Since the gun was cycling, the bolt was definitely traveling far enough to cock the hammer, and the bolt locked open on empty with all ammo types. Thanks for your help! Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  9. Which Springer pads are those? They have quite the selection for CZs...
  10. I just want to make sure that there is no problem with steel cased ammo (Hornady Steel Match—bullets are just lead/copper). I seem to recall that at some point in the past that was on the no-no list for York.
  11. M2 with lightened bolt, I run the 7/8oz 1300fps slugs with no problems.
  12. Thanks for a great match, Dean! Best way to spend a snowy day without skis on my feet.
  13. I went with a Tac-Com "free-float" tube clamp, with rail, and slapped a QD connector on there. The problem with the forearm location is that if, like me, your goal is to use the same sling on rifle and shotgun, the stock-to-forearm length ended up being much shorter on my shotgun than on my rifle. So, I either had to adjust the sling switching guns or put up with a much looser/floppier slung shotgun.
  14. It has nothing to do with what I think about it, and no match I have attended gives the 1 per paper rule for large caliber in any division other than Heavy—you only get that leeway if you are in a Heavy division. The point is, if anybody in Open gets beat by a shooter who got bumped from Heavy, and that Heavy shooter got to shoot some (potentially large) portion of the match under different scoring rules, there is legitimate grounds for complaint. Applying a penalty in division rather than moving to Open at least eliminates that potential problem.
  15. A buddy of mine shooting Heavy at FN (1 shot per paper to neutralize) had an equipment question raised by one CRO. Although it ended up being a non-issue (no rule was in fact violated), we were discussing the implications of getting moved from Heavy to Open. In short, if you are shooting Open, you need two hits on paper, but there is no way retroactively to determine exactly which targets he had engaged prior to the possible move to Open that had only one hole in them—I mean, not necessarily all, since he could have taken make-up shots and ended up with 2+ on paper, division rules notwithstanding. So, you then have the possibility of someone shooting Open who got to shoot most of the match putting only 1 shot on paper, or getting screwed (from a competitive standpoint) not only by the move to Open but also with retroactive FTN penalties. Since neither of those seems like a good answer, the once-per-stage Dumbass penalty seems like a much better choice.
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