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  1. Jason at Hennings states there are no issues! Off to spend mo money
  2. I sent Hennings an email to find out more. I will post what they return.
  3. Does anyone know if the TTI or Hennings work with these mags? I know the CZC do not as the lips are thinker than the black mags. Hate to order these and they work fit
  4. I had to sand the tang corners a wee bit. Wont actually work as a slide lock, but no care
  5. It happens, and I may be the ONE in 1000......but thats all it takes sometimes
  6. I am glad y'all had a good encounter. I sent an email asking to take my money for things I am not sure what I needed. Nada....nothing....zip. I will find stuff elsewhere if they cant answer an email in less than 5 months.
  7. Looking forward to this. Room booked, ammoes loaded, three day work week. I will be shooting on Friday, and giving moral support to fellow shooters from Texas on Sat. P.S. If you see "Thumper" on the back of a jersey , say hello
  8. Right, too much of a PITA to take it off for cleaning. Plus, I am used to it on the right side now. I guess I will just to the shooters Connection and have it coated
  9. Looking for a better than OEM Slide racker....anything besides Shooters Connection?
  10. Bruce over at Primary is good folk.....I have never heard nor experienced anything bad about or from him.
  11. I guess i'll throw my worthless opinion in here... I like a heavy slow round for CO and Production. 147gr subsonic 128 ish power factor. I have loaded Autocomp with 3.8gr, 147gr Extreme bullet. Feels very sift but makes PF.
  12. I bought a couple of 1000 before I realized I could pay off an XL650 in about 8 months. Its good stuff. My Czechmate did not like the OAL, so I had to shorten them. With a OAL of 1.125 I was getting 1470 avg. FPS. Whats that? 180 PF Now I buy the bullets from them. Great company and great customer service!
  13. well, I finally figured out what the issue is. Its me, I think....LOL If I slam the mags home, it causes a nose dive. If I firmly drive a mag in, no issue. So I have to retrain myself to not slam the sumbitch in. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. its like $30, right? PM me your address or Zelle, I will cover it, just send me the part. if it does not fit I guess i put my SP-01 in the Shadow 2 parts bag...... damn.
  15. now I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure the slide stop for the 75 series works all the way around. The safety is another story.
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