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  1. its like $30, right? PM me your address or Zelle, I will cover it, just send me the part. if it does not fit I guess i put my SP-01 in the Shadow 2 parts bag...... damn.
  2. now I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure the slide stop for the 75 series works all the way around. The safety is another story.
  3. If you have the Shadow 2 wide safety can you see if it will work it the Stock II?
  4. OK, my Sp-01 and S2 use the same stop, that same stop works in the Stock II Extreme. Now, what are you up to?
  5. I will see if I can find the CZ one, and see if it will work in my extreme II....
  6. For shits and giggles, will this handle major power factor? I have not had time to swap springs, or blue loctite the sight screws. Been running ammo on my new 650. I did run a 150 rounds in the press. 147gr Extreme bullets, 3.8 gr of autocomp, 1.12 OAL. I need to run some major for my Czechmate, so that is why I am using autocomp, I have 8lbs of it. any feedback on this? Oh, and not in a huge rush as I have a month or so before a major match. I should have it make weight before that. OH, who is a decent grip mfg? None of my CZ ones have stuff for Tanfo
  7. Thanks, but I am going to use the EXT one, if I can find it for the Extreme. Got spoiled with my Shadow 2 and Czechmate. " I did find that the 13# hammer is a bit too lite. I am running CCI primers, and I have a bunch of S&B ammo. Was not a good day, but when it ran, holy smokes what a joy to shoot. 6 plate rack in about 4 seconds, so I think I have it almost prefect. It had two other grip nut induced issues. Ammo too long (just starting reloading too), and purple loktite is not really that great for slide ride dot's screws. But, I think I like this pistol more than the Shadow 2, and I bleed Czech.....
  8. OH, I will more than likely order some goodies from Patriot, guide rod being the main item. It should get me at the 45oz mark. I would like to know how much the single sided ext. safety weighs. If it is .25 less than stock, I would fell like I am winning!
  9. It works.....well, it would have worked better if I had remembered to use that purple stuff on the twisting thingies. Sucker wiggled lose on me due to dumbassness. Pistol is stupid accurate, every bit as good as CZ. I think the 8lb recoil is a bit too light, and will have to give 10lb a try. It just took too long for everything to settle back down. Shot flat as it can. Just way to slow. First time using a Delta Point Pro, and it is good. The triangle is a wee bit crooked, but I can deal with it. I think. Got the 13 lb hammer spring in it, MUCH better, still a bit much, but tolerable. Right at 6 for DA (bleh) and sub 3 for SA. Its smooth enough I can deal with it.
  10. yeah, went short and long, long.......actually, lets go with no. It may have been the mag issue and not the ammo. Every thing loaded now is around 1.15
  11. we use the tools we have available. LOL I am getting out of the office today and testing it after lunch. Its still lower than my Czechmate.
  12. not all of them, I dont think any at this point, as I have them tuned pretty well. I did have one jam, but I am chalking that up to new springs. One less round and I could not duplicate it.
  13. you would think. If I had a better macro lens, I could show you were the bad JHP etched the feed ramp. So bullet shape does have something to do with it.
  14. worried about the crappy plating, but it may be easier to clean that off than screw with mags all the time I plan on running this pretty daggon hot as it seems to really like 8 or more gr of Autocomp.
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