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  1. Long time for a response, but you are correct. Using CCI, it is pretty bad like the pic above. Federal is about 1 out of 100 that are not seated properly I have not used enough Winchester to figure it out, but I just found 5K of them to give a go.
  2. the 11lb in a 75 series is a great all around spring. I run a 10 but I only run light loads. JMHO
  3. Last Major I was sitting at 125.1 Only stage I won that day.....
  4. thats true, but I am the dumbass that gets to 125 by the skin of my teeth. makes an interesting chrono stage.... LOL
  5. kind of a loaded (no pun intended) question. 124 gr bullet in CO should be a close to 125 as possible, in my opinion Which means it should be about 1025 FPS OAL and powder type is a big variable. In my CZs, I run them at 1.11 OAL and about 4.0 gr of Titegroup. I like the 147gr bullets better as they require less powder (3.1) same OAL.
  6. A Nitro Fin (CZ 75) can be used in production. Take a mm off the edge and it will fit in the box. OR, slim the right side of the safety and it will fit in the box. I Run them on my CO guns .
  7. anyone got a link to mag tuning? Finally narrowed my issue down to when I only use one of the 19rnd mags. thanks! Oh and my other VR80 came in , so I now have two of them.... LOL
  8. I forgot about LeadStar too. I dont want anodized....Im going to color this my way. Wonder if they would sell me a nekkid set? Price is not too bad either.
  9. Great stuff! Thanks! I dont care that it will cost me $2K.....I have no wife, no kids, so I get to spend my money on toys and I dont have to share! I will have fun building this and dont care if it takes two months.
  10. thanks! Will it have any issues without the bolt catch? All my AR experience tells me NO if it runs with out it and no issues, then I will just forget it...LOL
  11. anyone know who has hte bolt catch retaining set screw in stock? mine is now MIA
  12. ....a lower that is skeltonized ( or highly unusual) lower with heavily flared magwell and a matching upper. Spikes is pretty much unique, but no flared out magwell. Figured you folks could cut my google-fu in half.
  13. I have had very good luck with all things Dillon. try other stuff, then buy Dillon. This was not exception......new Dillon scale inbound from DAA
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