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  1. Truckin_Thumper

    Blade-tech vs CompTac for Competition

    I think they are pretty much the same. I mean, may as well be the same. I run CompTac for no other reason other than my best friends wife is a sales woman for HSGI (ComTac). I have never had an issue with a single ComTac holster
  2. Truckin_Thumper

    TSO upper and Czechmate Comp

    I was afraid of that.....thanks for the info, sir Good thing is, I think I found my Czechmate locally.....so.
  3. Truckin_Thumper

    TSO upper and Czechmate Comp

    Cant find this and hopefully not a dupe. I know the TSO 9mm upper with fit on a Czechmate lower, but will the CM bbl and Comp work with the TSO upper? Looking at adding a back up to the Czechmate, and may go TSO and use the extra bbl and adding an optic. So basically buying a TSO and turning it into a good Czechmate backup for open. I have moved up to Open Division and would hate to have to go home due to a failure. Thanks If not, I will just buy another Czechmate
  4. Truckin_Thumper

    Nationals Survey

    Following, as I just moved to Open and learning to reload. Thanks in advance
  5. Truckin_Thumper

    Question about "tracking the dot"

    Here is what I have found: If you get your arms, wrists, grip squared away, the dot will appear in the same spot every time you come up to ready. This takes a LOT of practice. A LOT of dryfire/draw practice in the living room. A couple of years ago when I got in to USPSA, I wanted a dot. Got one, and then realized I sucked and the dot did nothing to help my basic skills. I went back to irons. All of 2018 I shot Production and some limited. This got my basic set of skills down as good as they can be. I just picked up a Czechmate and guess what, that dot appears right where I can find it with minimal effort. My body position is instinctually "there". The first two local matches, I came in 2nd and 3rd (pistols, overall) . Usually, I am in the middle of the pack. Actually, I was 1st in Open Div for both, shooting factory 9 minor. As others have said, focus on the target and when the little red thing meets the A zone......trigger.
  6. Truckin_Thumper

    Tell me why this is stupid

    Here is my P-09 I did and had done. Fully Cajunized.