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  1. I wanna see the other parts before I commit to an answer
  2. For Production, the outside needs about 1.5mm taken off to fit in the box, nothing on the outside for CO. To use the actual slide lock, there is a lot of material that needs to come off the inside.
  3. I have one on a Shadow 1 and an SP-01 SP-01 needed some tuning to the tab in order to fit. The S1 needed nothing to fit. As for actually locking back the slide, it needs some work and I grew tired of hand filing and gave up. LOL
  4. They are legal for Production too, but it is about 1mm too wide, so alter it. If you mod the fin, it will infact lock the slide.
  5. I use the decapper/sizer and it works much better than Lee. I can take the buldge out of Glock cases, I have a 95.5% success rate vs 75% using Lee (resizing). To me it is worth it as one of my CZs is picky on sizing.
  6. I picked up some TiteGroup today. 8lbs, so I will be using this till July of 2020. Looking at some 135gr Berrys bullets.....any y'all use this recipe?
  7. Contact Ally Outfitters and see what they can do for you. Tell em I sent ya https://www.allyoutfitters.com/
  8. yup, seems the adj. moved. Not internal though. Doing more experiment on it. " Having a second helps to see what the deal is too. Now I gotta shot em both.... LOL
  9. No that is not how this works....LOL Shadow trigger is much better than a stock 75c. HOWEVER, to get either super nice times some polishing and some parts. They can be as good as each other, but not stock. All my 75 series are very close to 2lb SA and 4-4.5 in DA, but it took parts and love to get them there. Best system for SA/DA I have found out of all the brands, Sig would run a close second. 1911 is still king, so there is that comparison if you so choose.
  10. Damn, wish I would have found this sooner...I had to fit one to an SP-01 and it really needs fitting on the Shadow 1 too, but can fit without (for now). You can see some shiny stuff on the left side, just where my thumb is. The slide rail would catch that, I had to file off about 1mm of metal. I need to do about half of that for teh Shadow 1, but it you tap out the safety, it clears it. I am assuming once it gets broke in, I will have to remove some material. Or Not. This is the wide safety from CZC. P.S. I love it.
  11. oh, well, sorry, I dont even like to go ti Indiana when I am getting paid, so, thats good to know LOL
  12. I dont think wide/narrow has anything to do with it, but I could be wrong. I think it is the cut itself, along with the angle. I also know it changes a lot of "feel" in the actual trigger an pull. Better? Worse? I dunno, I will say different. I like the feel the race hammer gives the over all pull/feel, but it adds a bit more freeplay, but eases the pull, but not by much. Stock hammer, reduces the freeplay, smoother on the first notch, but a bit longer, but not by much. I will be out around Fayetteville sometime this month, thinking around the 21st. Going to try and run a match while on vacation, and to see a buddy out there. I will have both my my CZs with me, so you can see/feel what I am talking about.
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