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  1. Primary Machine make s pretty good comp. I ran one on my P-09 and now on my AR9 pistol.
  2. Min. of Asshattery...... LOL. Gun can do it, I cant. Best I can do is 2-3"
  3. yes, Like I always say, JMB made the perfect pistol, CZ just made it better MOA at 50 yards. I've also run my CM at 100.........best "I" can do is 12", but I am a caffeine addict
  4. Like others, I will be damned if I am gonna go to a match, and have to go home or be a scorekeeper all day due to something very small that renders the gun worthless.
  5. I picked both up from fellow shooters, or i would still be waiting.
  6. Thats true, if it aint broke dont fix it. this is the CM sprung for 115 store bought.
  7. 1.15" seems to fit the mag very well, I may be able to go 1mm more, but thats it. Like I stated, if I run the 10lb, 115 store bought works great, the 13# works well with both 8.2 and 7.2, but better with 8.2. Dont think I gave the 8.2 a shot (no pun) from the one with a 10# spring. It may be backwards, but it works, I suppose. I am looking forward to loading my own, and need to get rolling. Goal is to be classed as an A by summers end in Open.
  8. I went with Production for over a year, JUST for the 10 round and stage planning. Its very hard to run a stage with 10 rounds as the planners are asshats to Production shooters. It took me a while, but I got it. Now, running Open is a breeze. I suggest sticking it out and get your planning down. Like ^ said, minor Limited does not make much sense, unless you can hit all Alphas or 90% Alphas OR you can fly. Other than that, magwell, 140mm mags, optics.
  9. Also, Has anyone loaded close to 8gr of autocomp had any issues? Ran some loads that were 8.2 and the pistol seemed to like that a lot! 13lb recoil spring BTW. It was shooting really flat.
  10. Ok, did not take long to figure out the ammo I had was just too short. One on the left is Everglades. AOL = 1.15 One on right is what I had (not my reload). AOL = 1.09 So, we narrowed one issue down. I know this as both the pistols ran like a top until I used the short ammo. Here is where it goes bassackwards. 10# recoil, both pistols were taking a nose dive. 13# recoil and it was shooting very flat, but if I go on this Idea, a 14# would make it shoot stupid flat. the 10# worked really well for 115gr store bought S&B the 13# worked better with the Everglades major 9 Is this not backwards on how it should work? My splits on two shots are about .1 to .15,closer to .15 I can usually do 6 rounds a second, so I am going with .15 splits. Accuracy at this speed and 6 rounds, may or may not be in the A zone. If I do my part I can do those splits on a double tap and keep in in the A zone. 13# my groups were.....1-3" apart shooting major 10# 10-15" apart shooting major 13# shooting minor, 8-10" groups 10# shooting minor 2-3" groups all at 7 yards 90% of that space is vertical, with some horizontal movement. I would hazard to guess it is not me doing something incorrect. This goes against everything I would think and have read.
  11. My Cajun goodies came in today along with 500 rounds of Everglades 9 major. Extended firing pin, which is a hair over 1mm longer. 10 lb recoil springs and some other stuff for other guns. I am pretty happy on how the firing pins come out, but if a spring ever lets loose, it could get interesting. Hopefully the 10# springs do the job as I have no idea where to get lower ones.
  12. Thanks all. I am fairly intimate with the 75 series CZ platform. What I am not familiar with is the reloads and major ammo. I have enough springs due in tomorrow along with some other Cajun goodies. The ammo should be here tomorrow. I will say, no matter what, my store bought ammo runs fine. S&B 115 and 150 subs, not that I will shoot subs, but they work the mechanics of the pistol. SO I know it is NOT any internal issues. Hoping to have my XL650 in the next couple of weeks and I can make sure my ammo is done right. I really want to have stuff running smooth as I would LOVE to get my classification up to an A by summers end.
  13. for forgot "pretty darn cute Russian chic" and blingy CZ.....thats a double win! Ima bit of a redneck and gravitate to shiny things.
  14. Well, here is what I am doing/have done. I am not reloading, yet. This is my first MPF pistol. I have been shooting mostly production, and Limited Minor. I have wanted to step into Open Major for a good while. I should be loading my own next month. Buying $5K worth of pistols puts a damper on things. LOL. I have an order for various springs, extended FP w/spring, 11.5# hammer springs (just in case). All from Cajun and for both pistols. Now, I also have some Everglades 124 Major due in by friday. I am hoping the ammo is consistent, as the ammo I have been shooting is not (shooting buddies loads). I will probably start with the 10# Recoil, ext. firing pin kit, and might as well, stick in the hammer spring to make sure, even though the trigger seems fine. I'll post up my findings after I shoot it with all the new stuff. Bad part I need both pistols setup the exact same, so its twice the effort.
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