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  1. Hey all, I am hunting recommendations for checking powder when loading for pistol. A beam scale may be over kill, but not opposed to that route. Bench space is a bit tight, so I was thinking a med sized digital I could stow when not using. Budget is about $150 or so and those $700 ones are out of the question. I dont do precision rifle...LOL
  2. thanks, but Fire4 Effects did the milling and coating. I will say it is the most interesting CZ in the DFW area LOL
  3. I do. While I do like my SRO, and I have 3 of them, I am not convinced they are any better than a Holosun. One out of the 3 SROs I have is getting shipped back. The other 2 work pretty good. I also have 3 or so 407Cs. All 2 MOA. One is on the back up CO gun. So two identical pistols. Also on some other gaming long guns. No one can convince me why should I not buy or recommend the Holosun. I think they are on par with each other. Holosun wins hands down just on cost. I can buy 2 407 for less than a single SRO. So, I may never buy another Trijicon product again. T
  4. its all good. I have a backup S1 that has the 407C and I tend to shoot a bit more accurate. The pistols are damn near identical so the only thing I can think of is the dot makes the difference
  5. I think the crisper, smaller dot tends to settle me down a bit more than the larger 5 MOA. Thats the only reason.....so we will call it "mental" reasons.
  6. Only thing I would change......SRO would get replaced with a Holosun 407 2 MOA. For now, the SRO will stay put.
  7. I have 2 S1s and the SP-01 is my favorite build.
  8. I dont swag, I just chuck em in the trash when I run across them. I ran another 100 federal..... guess how may high primers. One, WMA brass, which I know is crimped. WTF is wrong with CCI? This aint the first time I have run into issue with them.
  9. I may have jumped the gun on this..... no pun intended Out of curiosity, I grabbed some Federal primers (have been using nothing but CCI since getting the 750) and guess what. 3 high primers and all were WCC brass. I will run another 100 to see if it is the case...again no pun intended. I am willing to bet its the F'n primers!
  10. This is totally unacceptable. I have played with the plate, done every thing I can and this is the the average high primer ratio. I am getting really pissed off at having to do this many out of 100 rounds. My 650 was 1 or 2 out of 100, which I chalk up to mixed brass range pickups. Anyone having this issue too?
  11. well, it worked, sort of. I had to flip one bracket so it would hold. I think it will be just fine and is pretty daggon neat.
  12. I *think I have this problem solved. I have a ton of RAM Mount products and have used them in a LOT of applications. They have a mobile printer cradle they may just fit the bill I also have a slight stock of ram arms and bases, but has to order the camera ball. About $45 shipped for this stuff, so we will see how it works
  13. I always say just get the CGW kit and grab some 2000 grit. as for the exterior.....thats up to you. Sights, Dawson...hands down ...or mill it an run Open Poors
  14. if you are used to the SP-01, Keep shooting it. The rear cut on the S2 is deeper than the SP-01, it will make your presentation a bit off. I have a few SP-01/S1, added the S2 and quickly ditched it. Its (S2) a top notch gun, but having 1,000s or rounds on the SP-01, it through me off a bit.
  15. I will also add the 407 has the RMR/SRO footprint. I have 3 of each and they all fit the milling/mounts I have. it is WHY I went the two (SRO/407)
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