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  1. Thank you buddy. Thats all i wanted to confirm, im sold. I expected some adjustments, was just primarily concerned if it slowed down processing or not.
  2. Anxious to get but still wanting to see a small video of it fully installed and running first. Its a trusted company name but seems strange of them to not actually show this
  3. The survey i received previously implied they were looking to charge like $300. So im pretty happy to see it being offered at much less
  4. DAA just advertised this on their facebook page. Should start shipping in about 2 weeks. They had sent me a survey about a year ago now asking if I would be interested in such a product. So the idea has kinda grown on me since; specially after I started taking more notice on how long it takes me to mark my cases and/or sort out brass at the range. I am kinda discouraged though that they put out two demo videos for it but fail to actually show it connected to any type of press. I want to see it fully running and confirm its not going to slow down my processing before I commit to purchase. Anyway I figured I would share... https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/double-alpha-automatic-brass-marker?fbclid=IwAR1vgW2_mutbsPTrS9uCIMK5DwMXQfOH0nMOCaF336F3csYD6WCdsWUzsgI
  5. This vid is for a hornady die but is a good example of how to set up your DAA die
  6. Gotta say this has been a damn nightmare and Im getting fed up. Finally got the spare parts kit, broke the machine down and cleaned yet again, used the alignment tool to reassemble. Index ring wasnt broke or cracked though I did wind up breaking the index spring that wraps around it. Luckily I had the new spare parts kit... Yep I winded up sling shooting the spring into oblivion when trying to put it on. Ordered yet another spring and got it back together. Of course I then found the lost spring... Gave up on it all for a couple weeks out of frustration. Tried again yesterday and completely broke everything down and re-aligned yet again. Everything looks squared and centered at the end of the up or down stroke but Im still hitting the shell plate during use and flipping about 1 in ever 3 to 5. Was trying to get a video of it yesterday but gave up in my frustration. I really need this fixed. Im outta reloads at this point.
  7. Is there a particular type of grease thats recommended to be used?
  8. I figured before I stripped the press down again, I'd order an spare parts kit. Its on its way now. Hopefully have it sometime this week.
  9. Yes if there's an after market part available, I probably have it on this press. Its all tricked out lol. I agree with you about the index ring and was thinking the same thing last night. I also agree with trying putting the shell plate ball and spring as well as the index block roller back to stock but dont really think thats the problem.
  10. Good point but no the ejector wire isn't hitting it and i can rotate the shell plate manually and nothing seems to be dragging on it.
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