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  1. If it's your strong hand thumb, you can get a thumbguard installed. http://www.1911store.com/thumbguardbcg.aspx I've never had that issue until I switched to the Atlas high thumb safeties. I had to get the version with the shielded thumb safeties installed as I was slowing down the slide from cycling.
  2. Is a laser considered a flashlight? Nothing in the rule book seems to define the flashlight although PCC seems to specify laser/flashlight is permitted. Definition for flashlight according to google is "a battery-operated portable light" and a laser is "a device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light".
  3. vtecpaoche

    CZ P01 basepads

    I have the Mecgars on mine with the stock basepad. The gap is .05 of an inch. I'm not sure if that bothers you.
  4. I use FKS-11 with no issues. My followers are not tilted like that though. It is held nice and centered whereas it seems your follower is somehow able to pop up on one side.
  5. Check the BS Pro Shop. I see they have a bunch of different ones but I see one that seems to match what you are looking for.
  6. I'm using the grams followers and do not have this issue. Maybe that follower will help.
  7. That's weird. It works in the regular STI mags. Is there something different about the MBX mags? Maybe get a sacrificial STI mag for practice instead of the more expensive MBX. I'm just using a gen 1 STI mag for practice. I reckon maybe the version 2 would have an adjustable metal weights so you can tune it. It may not be 100% right but should be able to get close enough.
  8. These mags do not lock back according to the DAA website so that should solve your problem. I've always selected one mag as a dry fire mag. Those mags are usually beaten up that I would never use them in live fire. The weight of the 2011 mag was around 300g according to their video. I weighed my 140mm practice mag with dummies and it's 425g. My empty 140mm weighs 120g. It's not quite the same weight but it would be close enough for dry fire. I think it would be very difficult to get the exact weight down. If you are looking for a way to rack the slide o
  9. There are some display stands that you can buy to hold the 2011 upright. I think that can suit your needs. No need for a vise. I did a quick search and it seems you can get them for around $25 which is cheaper than a mag tube.
  10. Glad this was resolved but still concerning on the cause of this at 8k rounds. With regards to the recoil springs, Atlas does have a video on spring replacement for stroked Chaos. I came upon this by accident and it would've been nice if this was more clearly communicated. The recommended spring replacement as per their website is: Save a gun. Replace the recoil spring. Limited 9mm (Minor PF): Replace every 15k rounds* Limited 40SW (Major PF): Replace every 10k rounds* Open 9mm/38SC (Major PF): Replace every 8k rounds* *OR if they loose
  11. Cbrussell, there's a Pilla dealer in Glenburnie. I would suggest taking a drive over to see what lens work for you. I ordered my glasses directly from Pilla using the recommendation above. Unfortunately, I have no nose bridge so the regular Panther X-7 didn't fit me well so I made the trek up to visit their corporate office. I tried on the Panther X-7 Post and this fit me much better. I also tried the Outlaw which actually fits very well as well. I also got to try a bunch of different lens and I swapped out the 48 RHC with a PC lens instead. In bright sunlight, the
  12. Ordered a mixed 9 Major brass. Packaging is super secure. Brass is super shiny and all high quality brass for 9 Major loads.
  13. I noticed that sound. It definitely sounds different than any other hammer but you only really hear it during dry fire or when you hammer down on an empty chamber.
  14. I think the thickest grips I've seen are the ones from Patriot Defense. Lok Grips can do a customized grip for you if you reach out to them. The biggest issue with CZ is that you'll end with a pile of grips as you try different grip combinations. I think I have the right combination now but I have a whole pile of them as I was trying different grip panel combinations.
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