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  1. My solution was to stop using that batch of brass which I mentioned on Feb 12, 2017. I’m not sure if it was the case prep they used but I could not find any details on what they did different in the case prep as the person I purchased it from is no longer in business. For my range picked brass, I still have the occasional coating getting scraped off but it’s pretty minor. I’ve also since switched from loading 40s to loading 9s which I do not see this issue. I saw a really cool table using epoxy and shiny brass. I think I may go that route will all the shiny brass I could not use.
  2. Another +1 for the gel cups. They are super comfortable. I've used the Howard Leight Impact Sports for a while but found them uncomfortable for extended periods and wanted to try something different. The Impact Sports electronics would always cut off so I had trouble with conversations with them on. The electronics on the MSA are better and I can carry a conversation with them. I've shot my open gun with them outdoors but would still double up indoors though. The only complaint is wearing them in the summer. It's just too hot and I wear electronic inserts during the summer. FWIW, they make gel inserts for other headsets now so if you are looking for comfort and own other over the head hearing protection, you can try that but the electronics are better with the MSA compared to the Impact Sport or the Peltor Tactical 100.
  3. Stuart is awesome to deal with. It says something when you call CZ Custom and it says press 1 for sales, 2 for Stuart... He got me an Accu Shadow when they were near impossible to get back then. He also got my Shadow slide milled with their multi optic cut a few weeks earlier than what was quoted.
  4. From my experience, you do not need different springs or followers if you go with the extended basepads unless you want to get maximum capacity. I went with the Taran basepads on my Mecgar mags. There are other options such as CZC and Springer Precision that would give you the additional capacity.
  5. vtecpaoche

    Shadow Sp-01 Grips

    I've tried the stock rubber grips, the thin aluminum grip tape, Lok bogies palm swell and Lok bogies thin. I've also tried the SSI Scales 1.0 on a friend's gun but did not like that one at all. I've have not tried the 2.0 version yet though. Thanks to Rowdy's post, I picked up the Hennings. They are by far my favorite and I have no regrets moving from the Lok grips. I'm pretty certain every CZ owner has a whole stack of grips they've bought and tried. The best bet is to see if you can find another shooter with different grips than yours and ask if you can try them.
  6. I went the route of just replacing the hammer with an Apex hammer. According to Apex, all non-performance center parts are MIM and performance center revolvers after Jan 2012 are also MIM. I know a local guy who does revolver work. He has bobbed the MIM hammers before. The .400 or .500 should refer to the hammer spur width. If you are bobbing it, it shouldn't matter.
  7. Jabuie is an authorized agent for Ionbond. Jabuie does not do the actual coating. When I reached out to Ionbond, they informed me that they do not offer direct retail sales to individuals. The other recommended agent was Evolution Armory. Pricing seems to be better at Jabuie.
  8. It’s a prototype thumb safety. It has a wider and longer paddle to rest your thumb. Ergonomically, it felt better although that could also be in combination with the Cheely grip. I would reach out to Atlas to inquire directly as I did not see anything on their site or FB page.
  9. I also use ProGrip from the bottle. The annoying thing about it is that it leaves white stuff everywhere but I feel like every grip enhancer will do that.
  10. I flattened the springs on mine as well. Thanks for raising the issue and thanks all for coming up with a solution.
  11. We were at Area 8 yesterday. Atlas had a Nemesis built on PT stuff as well as another Nemesis style gun built on a STI Frame and the new Cheely grip. They have thoroughly tested the new grip and had some feedback for Matt Cheely. Cheely is going to create a custom Cheely grip for Atlas that is more grippy. If you do not want it grippy, Adam from Atlas said he can take the points off as a option. Atlas has a new thumb safety which felt REALLY awesome. If your preference is for Cheely parts, Atlas may build it using either PT or Cheely parts in the future. It then boils down to preference of builder and style.
  12. I have the same issue with a newer racer pouch. My older ones do not have this issue and it was originally set for 2011 mags. I just switched everything for production. We we had a stage with an unloaded start and I had trouble stuffing the mag into the newer pouch but no issues with my older ones. I’m going to try and bend the spring to see if tension goes down for the new pouch. It seems easy enough to bend the spring a bit and I’ll compare it against my older spring.
  13. Dave, it’s labelled as Shadow 2. Will it work for the Shadow 1’s as well?
  14. Search for part number 75850.
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