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  1. I'm using the grams followers and do not have this issue. Maybe that follower will help.
  2. That's weird. It works in the regular STI mags. Is there something different about the MBX mags? Maybe get a sacrificial STI mag for practice instead of the more expensive MBX. I'm just using a gen 1 STI mag for practice. I reckon maybe the version 2 would have an adjustable metal weights so you can tune it. It may not be 100% right but should be able to get close enough.
  3. These mags do not lock back according to the DAA website so that should solve your problem. I've always selected one mag as a dry fire mag. Those mags are usually beaten up that I would never use them in live fire. The weight of the 2011 mag was around 300g according to their video. I weighed my 140mm practice mag with dummies and it's 425g. My empty 140mm weighs 120g. It's not quite the same weight but it would be close enough for dry fire. I think it would be very difficult to get the exact weight down. If you are looking for a way to rack the slide o
  4. There are some display stands that you can buy to hold the 2011 upright. I think that can suit your needs. No need for a vise. I did a quick search and it seems you can get them for around $25 which is cheaper than a mag tube.
  5. Glad this was resolved but still concerning on the cause of this at 8k rounds. With regards to the recoil springs, Atlas does have a video on spring replacement for stroked Chaos. I came upon this by accident and it would've been nice if this was more clearly communicated. The recommended spring replacement as per their website is: Save a gun. Replace the recoil spring. Limited 9mm (Minor PF): Replace every 15k rounds* Limited 40SW (Major PF): Replace every 10k rounds* Open 9mm/38SC (Major PF): Replace every 8k rounds* *OR if they loose
  6. Cbrussell, there's a Pilla dealer in Glenburnie. I would suggest taking a drive over to see what lens work for you. I ordered my glasses directly from Pilla using the recommendation above. Unfortunately, I have no nose bridge so the regular Panther X-7 didn't fit me well so I made the trek up to visit their corporate office. I tried on the Panther X-7 Post and this fit me much better. I also tried the Outlaw which actually fits very well as well. I also got to try a bunch of different lens and I swapped out the 48 RHC with a PC lens instead. In bright sunlight, the
  7. Ordered a mixed 9 Major brass. Packaging is super secure. Brass is super shiny and all high quality brass for 9 Major loads.
  8. I noticed that sound. It definitely sounds different than any other hammer but you only really hear it during dry fire or when you hammer down on an empty chamber.
  9. I think the thickest grips I've seen are the ones from Patriot Defense. Lok Grips can do a customized grip for you if you reach out to them. The biggest issue with CZ is that you'll end with a pile of grips as you try different grip combinations. I think I have the right combination now but I have a whole pile of them as I was trying different grip panel combinations.
  10. I have the CZC adjustable rear sights on my Shadow 1s. I use it with a Dawson Front sight combo. The rear sights do tend to break though and one of my buddies had it break during Nationals. Fortunately, he had a backup slide. I have not had mine break so I guess I'm lucky. These are similar and fit the SP-01 although as the review states, the front sight is almost suppressor height level. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/front-and-rear-sights/cz-rear-sights-all/cz-adjustable-rear-sight/zdl-75-adjust-rear-front-sight.html
  11. Give Mason a call at Harris & Son. He can give you advice on it. You have to gauge whether it is worth the extra dollars for the Bluetooth version. Are you using it for the convenience of picking up a phone call? Are you using it to stream music while you shoot? The Bluetooth version does use a bigger battery so you may make it through the day. You may just not be able to make it thru 2 days though. The perk of hearing aid batteries is that you can just swap them when you run out of batteries. I did keep them on after a match as I wanted to see if it got uncom
  12. I haven't tried the method of covering the air holes on the batteries back with the sticker it originally came with. I was told that this would extend the life significantly. I typically use them for the weekend. Sometimes I will only get one match a weekend but I think it's about 2 - 3 days if you leave the batteries exposed to air. I obviously do not wear them long enough to drain them. They are expensive but it came with a bunch of batteries. I have not used up the original batch that came with the ear plugs. When I shipped it back for repair, he sent me a new batch of bat
  13. I have them and like them very much. They are pricey though but it is worth it for me. I like earplugs in the summer. I started with the Surefire EP3s and then moved on to Ear Inc Chameleon HearDefenders. The issue with the HearDefenders was that I could not hear conversations and had to pop them out to have a conversation. I was at a JJ class and he was using these. I decided to reach out to them to find out how much they were. After speaking with Mason there, I decided to move forward with these. It is a process to get it fitted as you need to go to an audiologi
  14. I went with a .180 tall x .100 wide sight. The width is subjective though and depends on your eyes and shooting style. If you previously had the .090 on your Shadow 2, I'd go with that. With the adjustable height rear sight, you should be able to adjust it enough that it should work with your bullet combination. Thumb safeties are a bit subjective as well. I went with the Wilson Combat ambi safety as they tend to sit higher. There are all sorts of shapes as well and ones with thumb shields so the slide does not rub your thumb. The Shadow 2 really offers a few options compare
  15. My solution was to stop using that batch of brass which I mentioned on Feb 12, 2017. I’m not sure if it was the case prep they used but I could not find any details on what they did different in the case prep as the person I purchased it from is no longer in business. For my range picked brass, I still have the occasional coating getting scraped off but it’s pretty minor. I’ve also since switched from loading 40s to loading 9s which I do not see this issue. I saw a really cool table using epoxy and shiny brass. I think I may go that route will all the shiny brass I c
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