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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am brand new to reloading and looking for some recommendations and and load data to use for 147gr FP Black Bullet International (BBI) and 147gr blue bullets both RN and FP. I have Ramshot Silhouette and Accurate #7 powders, losing mixed brass with CCI 500 primers. Intended for 9mm minor for USPSA. I called BBI and asked their recommendations and he said those powders would not get best results and recommend a shotgun powder. Just looking for a little guidance if anyone has good load recipe with what I have or a powder they would recommend for those bullets. Thanks!
  2. I have started reloading the Xtreme 9mm 147 grain bullets.These are longer with a pointed nose (I used to load Montana Gold 147 with the flat nose). These Xtreme bullets get a ring around the nose on station #3 of my Dillon 550. Questions: 1) Is there a way to adjust the station to prevent this? 2) If not, will it affect the accuracy of the bullets?
  3. Picked up a # of WST to test out for my Production and CO pistols. I'm planing to load to 1.130-1.140 OAL with Blue Bullets 147gr. I've tried to do a search but not a whole lot of info on the WST. Right now I'm planning to do a ladder test from 3.4-3.6gr with 0.1gr increments. Does that sound about right? How to you like WST for Production? I've only used Titegroup (and Bullseye, sparsely) for 9mm Production. How does WST compare to Titegroup? Thanks
  4. I Ordered a handful of ammo from Freedom Munitions and was finally able to test it out. wanted to post some results with my XDm 5.25 9mm because I've found very few reviews on the 147gr 9mm remanufactured ammo. I ordered the following: - 147 9mm reman RN - 135 9mm reman HP - 147 9mm reman HP I set up the dot drill at 7 yards and 10 yards. Using the RN 147 gr 9mm remanufactured ammo I was able to keep all within the circles. I set the 1/2 size uspsa targets up at varying distances, including 22.5 yards (furthest at the indoor range, which has about 70% visibility at that distance due to the lack of lighting) and had great results. In total I shot 150 rounds with zero malfunctions. the attached picture is at 22.5 yards, all 5 shots fit in a business card, 3.5" group. Someone more proficient than I could likely keep within 2.5" to 3". I live-fire practice about 4 times a year and this is generally to set up new gear or dial in new ammo before a major match. By no means do I consider myself an accurate shooter. I'm very satisfied and will be using this ammo for local and major matches. Feel free to post any accuracy and chrono reports.
  5. I use a 124gr MG JHP with 4.0gr of TG in my glocks just started my trip down the 2011 road with. 5" bull barrel and want to know why a lot of you guys like the 147 over the 124 or the other way around ???
  6. Hello everybody! So, I got a pound of BE86 today, and was wondering if anyone has used it yet for 9 minor? I currently have 115 and 147 grain bullets, and am looking for a nice soft production load (~130 pf). From what I have read it is pretty close to Unique on the burn chart... I searched both here and just on Google, but couldn't come up with anything substantial to help me in my quest. Has anyone tried it? Reading on the Alliant site, it says 4.7gr with a 147 FP (is that a Lead FP, or jacketed?) should get 999fps out of a 4 inch barrel, which is 147pf. So I was thinking back it off to 4.0 and work up from there. It wouldn't be for awhile, since I have a little bit of 231 I need to finish off first. But I thought I should put the feelers out there and start looking around. So does anybody have anything to go on? Thanks!
  7. I picked up some MG 147gr CMJs to try out and see if I like the feel of the heavier rounds but I haven't loaded them before so I'm starting from scratch on the powder and OAL. At this time I'm going to use E3 powder because it's what I have but just like plenty of other folks I'd love to switch back to N320 the next time it shows up anywhere. Any proven formulas for would be appreciated but I'm mainly looking for a valid OAL. So far I have good luck with the following setups and have seen good results averaging 130PF: MG 124gr CMJ / OAL of 1.150 / N320 - 4.25gr with CCI primers MG 124gr CMJ / OAL of 1.150 / E3 - 3.6gr with WIN primers S&S 124 CRN /OAL 1.125 / E3 - 3.45gr with WIN primers No feed failures of any kind wit those setups and the accuracy has been good. Thanks
  8. I just got some 147 gr coated lead flat point bullets from Precision. I know Titegroup isn't the best powder, but I've got like 10lbs of it, so I wanted to give it a shot. The loads I tested today were based on Lyman's loading manual. It lists a 147gr lead bullet backed by 2.5gr of Titegroup at 1.058" OAL making 870fps out of a 4" test barrel. They list the max load as 2.8gr at 943fps. Well, I loaded 20 rounds each of 147gr Precisions over 2.5gr and 2.7gr of Titegroup at 1.13" OAL. Out of my 5"-barreled X5, they gave me the following: 9mm 147gr LFP bullet (average weight of 10 randomly chosen bullets = 148.1gr) Federal #100 small pistol primers Mixed brass OAL = 1.13" Cloudy with a little drizzle, 87 deg F 2.5gr Titegroup Hi: 793 Lo: 740 Av: 775 SD: 14 PF: 114 2.7gr Titegroup Hi: 895 Lo: 752 Av: 804 SD: 28 PF: 119 I'm guessing that the majority of the difference between my loads and the Lyman data is OAL. The powder charge and bullet weights are the same, and my barrel is 1" longer, which I would think should give me more velocity. I'd like to get to 130-135 PF, but I'm not sure which will be the best way to increase velocity - increasing the powder charge or shortening the OAL. I planned to experiment with both. I didn't see any primer flattening at 2.7 gr, so I was thinking of leaving the OAL at 1.13" and increasing the charge weight to 2.9gr. Maybe more if I don't see any high pressure signs. But I also worry that too much hot, fast powder could start leading up the barrel. I was also going to test 2.5gr again, but make up some batches at 1.12", 1.11", and 1.10" OAL. The profile of the Precision just contacts the rifling at 1.14", which is why I went with 1.13" to start. I suppose if I get close to PF with one of the shorter OALs, then I could try bumping the powder a few tenths of a grain to see if the SD might improve. Any ideas on which approach would yield better results?
  9. Hi all. I just ran out of my MG bullets and was able to order 3000 147gr FP Bayou Bullets. Now I need to come up with a load, or at least a place to start. I did a search but an not finding a lot on the internet specifically about Bayou's and WSF. I will shooting these out of a CZ and, since these are FP bullets, I will be loading a little shorter than I normally did with my RN MG's. The best load that I have run across so far is 3.6gr of WSF at a AOL of 1.115. I ran my 147gr MG's at 4.2gr of WSF at an AOL of 1.135 (or there abouts). Anyone have any experience with Bayou's and WSF powder? Thanks.
  10. I've googled this, closest I've got was http://www.thehighroad.org/archive/index.php/t-627486.html. 147gr BBI and 1.135 recomended from the BBI guys. I have Bullseye powder.I'm trying to get 900fps ie 132PF.What should I throw? I'm going to have to ask around to even find a chrono.
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