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  1. Hello forum. I am the long haired guy from central OH...ok wait, I'm the long dark haired guy from central OH....we have a couple.
  2. They must have had those memory eraser timers.....
  3. Embrace the jitters- it's worse when you don't get them because you don't care.
  4. 650Xl I bought in college some 11 years ago. Debating on going to a bigger machine or just sticking with what is already paid for.
  5. Both. Depends on what you're going for. I like to pull the DA and try to work the now dead trigger in the SA 'zone' and not let it reset, this is pretty close to an actual SA movement.
  6. Thanks. That's pretty quick. I guess it comes down to more work for less cost or less work for more cost.
  7. Dang man, good luck figuring it out. I'm at a loss.
  8. Is it any better than the FA vibra prime?
  9. Ok that was my first thought, just shift the gun a little bit. My other thought was to have him turn his head so the pistol sights stayed relatively center line of his body but then he could just line up his left eye instead.....idk.
  10. My oldest son is 8 years old and cross eye dominant. Unfortunately for him I'm not and have no clue what to do about it. What do you guys and gals that are cross eye dominant recommend to help him out?
  11. Mine is doing the same thing, interested to hear what people have to say.
  12. What do you do to be more efficient with primers in your loading? Dillon primer filler..... Frankford Arsenal vibra prime..... just do it by hand and have 20 tubes?
  13. Thanks. Do you notice any magnification on the sig?
  14. Do you get any magnification with the sig?
  15. Sounds like you tried everything on the gun. Have you tried adjusting the load? More or less powder, different powder, etc?
  16. Mike is always forgetting his wallet and ordering too many rounds.....
  17. Benji

    New rts2b-v5

    That's what I usually do with the DPP.
  18. Benji

    New rts2b-v5

    Great thanks. Last question, do you leave it on the whole match or turn it off between stages?
  19. I like to remind myself that everyone else has to shoot their first stage of the match too. Sometimes I just want to survive the stage and sometimes I want to set the bar- I've found that always being in attack mode yields better results than being in a 'hope' mode.
  20. I very much subscribe to this line of thinking.
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