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  1. I slowed down using it for a bit, but now with small pistol primers basically unicorn horns, unless you want to pay some scalper on GB 10X retail, and the last I saw, 9mm 115 gr was 0.65-0.70 cents a round, it seems to make sense again. Now this costs what 500 rounds of practice ammo would cost. No brainer. I still think it is helpful, and it did point out that my weak hand grip was well, weak. The dot was making circles, and tracking up and down. Slowly getting better .......
  2. Wow ! I have never seen this in my guns - I have been shooting an X5 in CO since 2018, and have 25000 rounds through it. I just got a 2nd this Spring, and have 5000 through that. Do we think that this is inherent in the gun, and if I have not seen it yet, I may not have to worry ?
  3. Being superstitious is bad luck.
  4. I am interested in buying the Tacom barrel. Please let me know if you wish to proceed.

  5. Sent via PayPal friends and family. Let me know what else you need at this point

    1. lfine


      Will mail out tonight if I make it home in time. Otherwise Monday  because of the holiday. Thanks. 

  6. I understand. I would like to be first on the list if the trigger is available, please.

  7. Good afternoon Mark,

    I am interested in the adjustable Keres trigger for $50 shipped. Let me know how you wish to proceed.



  8. That sucks man, at least no one got hurt. I started shooting at an indoor range and the guys that ran the matches were very strict on safe stuff, as we often had a lot of very new shooters. I developed a habit at "unload, show clear" of showing an empty mag well, and then an empty chamber to the RO. Saved we twice from that same issue you had. We live, learn and move on !
  9. If you like, I find a fold up wagon is nice to haul stuff bay to bay. Some guys will rig a jogging stroller into a "baby carriage of mayhem" , esp the PCC guys. I have seen guys mount a nice platform as well for loading mags.
  10. Any sporting goods store that does paintball stuff. I use ( grudgingly) Dick's Sporting goods
  11. Nice job! Will they let you holster or do you need to bag it ? I have never seen any one not come to the line with the 22 in a anything but a bag
  12. I am interested in the Masterclass membership in exchange for a donation to the forum. How can we proceed, sir ? 



      I just need your full name and e-mail address.  Thank you,


    2. dgrdvm


      Dave Rosen



      I will contribute to the forum ASAP



      Great, I’ll send the information to masterclass. Let me know if there are any issues. Thank you.

  13. Silent - you have a double layer ratchet belt ? I thought I saw one from Vound ? Is that what you have, and if so, what do you think ?
  14. I have a RHT that I used in production and CO, and it converted me to the benefits of the stiff double layer. All the singe layer kydex holsters were unceremoniously dumped. Never tried Weber, but I have tried GX and they are great holsters as well. It seems we all have a box of unloved equipment - I thought I was the only one who bought stuff fast, hated it, and then kept it around to mock my poor decision making
  15. I just got a GX Vice holster to replace a RHT. Both are very thick, stable holsters ( compared to the single layer of my first cheap-ass holster) , but the GX is noticeably thicker. My RHT has done well for the last 2 years, and I still think it is a good holster, but the design on the lock mechanism on the Vice is really nice, and takes the GX to a higher level. Also it may just be a factor of the GX being newer, but the finish is much cleaner and the design seems nicer, more efficient You will not regret either, but I am loving the new hotness of the GX.
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