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  1. Well, I took the plunge ( prior to the majority of the comments here, due a general lack of patience on my part) and I have had 1 training session with the CoolFire. I will say so far I like the feel, though the recoil impulse changes dramatically as the CO2 in the reservoir depletes. I will say I get 12-15 good, accurate recoils, then it starts to get pretty wimpy. But a quick hit of gas and right back at it. I did not get the laser, actually on purpose, so I try and really just watch the dot and not look to a target for the conformation. This may be a mistake, but time will tell. It really made a point of how I was unrealistic in some of the dry fire par time drills I was doing. Time to get to work !
  2. No issues at all with my Romeo1 6MOA, but I had a few with my old 3MOA when the battery lid was loose
  3. I would agree that shooting that fast we do not "consciously" see and decide the second sight picture, but what do you think about the theory that the guys that are studs, and have been doing this a long time are at a place where the mind recognizes the correct picture and acts, with out being told ? I know from years of martial arts training and fighting, there were times when sparing that I would block and counter and hit a precise spot with out really deciding to do that. I had been fighting at a high level for years at that point, and it was not for every possibly situation, but hey, common things happen commonly, and shooting 2 shots on a USPSA target happens a lot for some of us. I watched Max Michel shoot, and while he moves fast, it was not like he was sprinting everywhere. But dam, that gun was up and steady and firing SO fast when he saw a target, including the second shot. I tried ( and failed) to replicate that , and I think it was because I still had to " consciously" decide it was OK to shoot. I know he is gifted, but I do not think his eye and brain process that much faster. I would venture that he is going " no mind" once the buzzer goes off, and that is likely due to millions of correct reps burned in to his brain. Or do you think I am crazy ?
  4. Again, sorry for the newbie question, but its oil, and not grease for PCC ? I normally use grease on the pistol parts that slide.
  5. Thank you ! I will get a few firing pins, and springs, and extractor. Is thee a kit with the O-rings ? I assume the best place to order is the JP site ?
  6. Getting my very first rifle ( JP GMR-15) ever to start shooting PCC, so I am utterly ignorant on these - forgive me if this is a dumb question. Looking through the forum, it seems most people say just keep it clean, but I want to be prepared, so are there tricks to make sure it runs well, and what extra parts or springs, or what ever should I keep in the bag so I can handle common issues if they come up in a match ? Thanks
  7. dgrdvm

    X5 competition load

    Settled in on 147 gr coated groove-less from Missouri Bullet Co, over 3.3 gr VV320, loaded to 1.135 OAL. Right at 900 fps, and more accurate than I am , I'm sure
  8. I will hold out to see if they start to offer grip modules only Still likely be $250 or so, but .....
  9. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but i am picking up my first rifle this weekend (JP GMR-15) and I shoot USPSA and SC. How hard is it to swap barrels depending on the match ? Is that a bad idea in general ?
  10. Ahhh Thus the big "STEEL CHALLENGE ONLY" on the boxes I'll give this a spin Thanks guys
  11. New wish shooter here. I have been playing USPSA, IDPA and SC, and have been shooting the same 9mm load all the time ( 147 gr over 3.3 gr VV320) just to be consistent. At the last SC club match, a guy I was shooting with had some rounds marked "steel challenge only" . I asked he said that there was no power factor in SC so he loaded these really soft. Got me thinking if that was a good idea, or even a common one. I suppose it would mess up the zero on the CO gun, but is it a competitive edge ? Thoughts ?
  12. For me, I visualize the stage over and over to make sure the reload is automatic, and hopefully on the move. I am still new enough that I budget a few extra rounds for tough shots, or long steel. I am not yet confident to plan to go 1 for 1 on all stages, so I budget for that. My mag change drill is to run El Prez in dry fire on a tight par time for me. My personal issue is to take my eyes off the mag well and go back to the target too soon, and then I flub it. Then I work on reloads while running around just to make sure I can do them on the move in a match.
  13. dgrdvm

    X5 grip weight

    Yep - I have the tungsten guide rod, and the SSI grip with the tungsten wt. I like it a bunch - with the loads I have it shoots soft and flat. The biggest downside is the new Legion X5 - I think i would have saved money if I'd have waited.
  14. I see your point that it is not better than live fire, and that is likely true. I can not get to a range as often as I like ( basically once a month other than matches) , and if it is a reasonable approximation then its a win. I know Airsoft is neat, but I like the idea of training with the gun I shoot matches with. I've blown 3 Bills on dumber stuff, so I can work with that, but I just want to make sure it won't teach a bad habit, or hurt the gun.
  15. Do not sweat it - practice will help so get to shooting and have some fun ! Also - your groups when you are standing in a lane, and your groups when you are running amok, after some one beeps a timer in your ear will be vastly different things, so you need to go and try and see what happens. And the "A" zone ( and the "C" ) are pretty big so in general if you can consistently identify " downrange" and be safe, you will be fine. Remember, its a journey - you are not starting as Max Michel and no one expects you to be
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