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  1. Some how I do not think that will work. Unfortunately I have still not heard a word back.
  2. Thanks for all the great load data guys. I finally had some time to " mad scientist" some options, and found that through the P320 X5, with a 12 lb spring, the nicest feeling, and most accurate was 124 grand Berry flat tops, over 3.5 grains of VV N320. - I could go down to 3.3 but then there were some FTE's. The 115 grains did fine over 3.8 grains of VV N320, but the rounds were a bit spread out at 10 yards. Arguably I suck, and pin point accuracy is not a priority in SC, but I liked the 124's a bit better.
  3. Thanks valerko, I am really glad to hear that review. I was very impressed with what I observed at the OK Sectional match, and that is why I am trying so hard to contact him. Normally my really short attention span would have pushed me in another direction by now. I will keep banging away here, and again, if anyone has ANY suggestions, I will try them as well !
  4. Hello Cary,


    I am sorry to bother you, but I was at the OK Sectional last summer, and saw Max Michel teaching a squad. I heard he does this every year. I would really like to try and get this training but I have been unable to contact Mr Michel through his web site, email, or listed phone. I was wondering if you know if the training would happen in 2020, and if so how to sign up ? 


    Thank you,


    Dave Rosen

    1. cbrconst



      Max Michel will be coming back to the 2020 Oklahoma Section match in June.  Stay tuned for more info.


      Cary Rowton

  5. Hello Jason. Thank you for the thought on contacting the MD of the OK Sectional match. I saw you mentioned a link, but I did not see one listed. Do you still have that info ? 


    Thanks again,



    1. B_RAD


      Here you go. 



    2. dgrdvm
    3. cbrconst


      Max Michel will be coming to the 2020 Sig Sauer Oklahoma Section Championship in June.  Stay tuned for more info

  6. Yes sir. I have tried that many times, but no response.
  7. Well, that did not work. Any one else have an idea ?
  8. Ahh. I have been actively avoiding that. This actually may be a reason to actually join FaceBook. Dang. Well, thank you for the suggestion
  9. Hey, I watched Max Michel shoot the OK sectional last year, and it seemed he had taught a class the culminated in the squad all shooting the match, with Max coaching them though. I was of course impressed with seeing him shoot live, but also with how he trained and coached the group, and I would like to take a class. The issue is I have not been able to contact anyone at his training company via phone, email or fax attempts. Does anyone here have a suggestion on how to contact him ? Thanks
  10. Just an up date - I loaded some 115gr bullets over 3.3 gr VV N320, and even a 10 lb spring was not running it well. Super soft round, and POI was OK out to 20 yards ( indoor range) but I had to rack every other round out at least. I will crank the load up a bit and see how that works.
  11. dgrdvm

    X5 Legion CO Mags

    I have the regular 21 round X5 mags with Obsidian Arms +1 base pads, and they load 22 easily. I want to see if the Grams will get me to 23 when they come back. 22+1 has not been an issue, and I normally budget a reload at 18-19 rounds regardless, so I am not sure there is a big drive to change. The OA basepads have the base plate with little stud that you depress to slide it off, rather than the set screw, and I find that easier to deal with, esp. when I am cleaning mags on the stage ( Thanks Illinois Sectional!)
  12. Thanks in advance all. So, earlier I had asked about light, "bunny fart" loads for steel challenge, and was told that yes, those are something that people do. I played around and found that a 115 grain rnd nose over 3.3 grains of VV N320 was very soft and flat, and hits pretty well where the dot is already out to 15-18 yards, but will not cycle the pistol well, and it stove pipes, or won't feed. I was thinking a softer recoil spring will solve this ? The pistol I am shooting is a P320 X5 with a solid guide rod, normally running a 14 lb spring. Any ideas on the best spring to order ? I was thinking a 9 or 10 lb spring, but thought I would see about mining the brain trust here before I order.
  13. Are you guys using an ever faster metronome to push the speed of transitions ? I had had that recommended by a guy at our local matches, and I think there is a drill in the Anderson "get to Work" book.
  14. How would those work out if you shoot CO ? Would they be they legal ?
  15. I have 5 of the 21 round P320 mags, and only 1 was tough to get the 21st round in, but has improved with time. I get 22 in all of them with Obsidian Arms base pads, and have never had an issue slamming a fully loaded in the gun. Unless I flub the reload, but that is a whole different string - last match I had a mag in the belt with bullets to the rear - what a doofus !
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