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  1. Video is very helpful imho. Most of the time, in almost every sport, what we think we are doing is not reality. Obviously, practice, both live and dry, are more important to improvement, if you know what to improve upon. I think 3rd person is the most valuable but I use 1st quite a bit as well. I put both together so I can see, review both perspectives.
  2. I agree with Shred, two shots in every drill. And I’ll add set up a dry fire schedule and stick to it
  3. In your situation it’s about all you can do.
  4. Wait one minute! Are we supposed to have a plan? And if so, are we supposed to stick with it?.... all the way through? As if...
  5. I know this was not directed at me but my family does know I don’t care for interruptions. Never stops them
  6. Great! I have this to worry about now!
  7. I’ve really thought about dry fire in my back yard but I’m afraid the neighbors will get the law involved.
  8. Why do you think the training group is worth it? What do they do?
  9. Thanks! I’m on that book now!
  10. Hahaha! I’m guessing this will work............once
  11. I just did something similar, for Factory Gun Nat’s. Ran out of usual powder, went to Titegroup with an untested load. Wow! Lucky to keep bullets in the bay! Awful
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