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  1. I was looking to install a short stroke bolt in my QC10 side charge. Has anyone had any experience with this? I has looked at both the Jp and the Taccom. The JP appears identical to the QC10, but I didn't take any measurements.
  2. I have the MBX, QC10 and CMMG MBX has been flawless, gun eats everything. Would buy another one. QC10 is a little picky on ammo and mags CMMG is an overpriced paperweight in comparison.
  3. I have around 5,000 rounds thru mine and did its first cleaning. Haven't had any issues. Eats every ammo I have tried. My cmmg has had feed issues and my quarter circle 10 will only eat round nose. But his gun eats everything and well. Very accurate. With my experiences with my other pccs I would buy another one without hesitation.
  4. Im going to try ordering the Apex firing pin and see how that does. Thank you for the help.
  5. Has anyone experienced this with the 929? If I use federal ammo it doesn't seem to happen. But the aguila I get 1 in 4 lite strikes.
  6. I had the same problem. So I bought a glock mag pcc and problem solved.
  7. Enos Slide Glide works well for me.
  8. I had Atlas do the trigger job and all the components on my Para and my Sti They do great work and both guns have been running like a million dollars
  9. STI 2011 with the mbx magazines. I was punching the back of the slide, but it didn't help my classifier time.
  10. I have been shooting factory ammo and recently purchased Federal Syntech 40 s&w 205 grain. And I can not get it to load with a full mag, but I can get it to load with 1 round in the mag. Then the gun runs fine. It appears that the bullet hits the ramp and gets stuck. They are flat nose, but I have been shooting american eagle in flat nose and not experienced this before. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there a more permanent solution that just loading a single round than switching mags? Why doesn't it do this on every round?
  11. I didn't purchase one, but I have seen people run the ck arms, which is a little cheaper than the MBX. I run an MBX and love it. I have 3 pcc's and the glock mags are less finicky. I would suggest those. The mags also seem to be much more readily available and cheaper. I also have a QC10 side charge. The convenience is great. Unfortunately the charging handle broke on the first stage and forced me into running the MBX. I had an issue with the cmmg mk9 and that left a bad taste for cmmg for me.
  12. I just picked up my first competition revolver and there are a few guys that shoot every Sunday with them. Most of them seem to be veteran shooters and extremely competitive. I hope they don't get rid of it. As for getting rid of L-10 that's all we can load in this lovely state. And even the guys who shoot open, still load to 10. It is what it is, and I'm glad to be a part of it. I try my hardest, yet I know i'm not going to change the world.
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