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Found 15 results

  1. I currently run a JP rifle with an AR Gold trigger in it. I love the AR gold trigger but want to try one of the new JP triggers that is set up like the Gold. Anyone running one of these new JP Triggers? gimme some feedback... thanks
  2. Love my GMR-15 but have always felt it had too much weight out over the barrel for me. So I change the barrel to a BSF tension barrel and the hand guard to a ICGW (Mark Isler) carbon fiber hand guard. I saved 8 oz on the barrel and another 6 oz on the hand guard. Very please with how it turned out and it is still a nail driver. Here a couple of photos of my rig.
  3. I am looking to purchase one of the ACOGs with the JP custom reticle. http://www.jprifles.com/1.6.2.php
  4. Hey guys, I just built a new 3 gun rifle and have been testing different factory ammo to see what my barrel likes. Honestly, I've tried looking to see what my JP 18in 1/8 twist barrel likes and came up short. Compared to my armalite 3 gun which loved the 69gr hpbt from freedom (easily sub moa @ 100yards) this JP barrel doesn't group as tight with that load. I just wanted to see what everyone else with this barrel had luck with. I tested some ammo this past weekend at 50 yards since the 100 yard lanes were packed with the following ammo: 69gr HPBT from freedom (~.75 inch group), AE 55gr 223 bulk pack (~.7 inch group), and AE 55gr FMJBT (~.5 inch group). I was shooting from a lead sled with 1-6x razor. I will be trying out some Hornady 55gr vmax, hopefully some freedom 55gr vmax as well as some pmc this weekend. I just want to find something that is very accurate without going full blown match ammo that would empty my wallet week to week. Being a brand new build im just trying to save some money and see what everyone else has had luck with. Thank you guys in advance for your help. Really glad i found this forum!
  5. I just recieved my new GMR-15 and it is a fantastic gun. I ran my first USPSA match with it today and ran into a problem that I am not sure how to fix. Thought others with this gun might have had the same problem. There is an empty hole in the lower as you will see in the attached pictures. I cannot see that it serves any purpose other than to possibly lighten the lower? At any rate I had a magazine miss feed and the bullet dropped into this hole and took quite a bit of work to get it out. Forget this match for sure. Any ideas of how I could fill in this hole without causing other problems? My State USPSA match is in two weeks, so I don't have time to ship the rifle back to JP even if they have a remedy, before this match. Any help would be appreciated! TIA
  6. I thought I would share some on the information I have learned in putting together a few AR-9s. Full disclaimer I am no gunsmith and a mostly unskilled shooter who shoots for fun purposes only, any information here is simply my opinion take it as you will. When starting out and wanting to get into PCC, cost was the first thing I considered. Second, was the fact that I am most familiar with the AR platform and liked the fact I had many options to set them up how I wanted. I do think the MPX and Scorpion are awesome and if funds were not an issue I would own one of both. One aspect that concerned me going with the AR in 9 mm was reliability. I have no plan to use this for anything else other than gaming so no thought went into "tactical concerns". I also personally did not want to deal with the legalities and cost of SBRs or silencers, a 16-inch carbine was always my intent. I have so far completed two PCC in 9 mm. One to get me started in PCC and one for as Xmas/B-Day for my father. I have also acquired most of the parts two build me a backup gun to have at matches but to date still need a barrel, Charging handle, and trigger group. I was in somewhat of a hurry to get one before certain events that may be happening this coming November cause an increase in price or firearm/parts availability issues. I started looking to find the required parts and did find myself limited on what was available so the parts used in my builds may have been slightly different had all options been available. Magazine style -I choose to go with Glock magazines due to their reliable reputation and ease of finding magazines. I do not own a Glock pistol so whether I choose Glock or Colt style I would have had to buy magazines. At the time of ordering my lowers, PSA had a sale on 10 ETS Glock magazines, which brought their cost down to around 15 dollars per mag. At one point in time it sounds like some of the Colt style magazines were a bit finicky but from what I have read most seem to have good luck with them now. The angle of loading the magazine is the only one reason looking back I would re-think the Glock lower. However, I do not find reloads with the Glock lower to be too hard and honestly, I could go either way on which style to use if I was to do it over again. If you already own Glock, mags go with what you are able to get. Lower- I was able to catch some stripped Palmetto State 9 mm Glock dedicated lowers in stock and ordered two. I did not want to use a magazine conversion I had decided I wanted a dedicated lower. Based on a little internet research these lowers appear to be made by New Frontier Armory for Palmetto. This style of lower does not have a last round bolt hold open. The lowers I received had some slight color deformities but nothing I was worried about I am going to be dumping the gun into a barrel after all. The lowers have some nice little touches I liked. Instead of using roll pins, it has threaded screws. No deal breaker but it was a nice touch when putting the lower together. In addition, they come with an oversized integral trigger guard. Fairly certain New Frontier makes them for PSA, and Joe Bob's Spartan 9 mm lowers, So probably not going to be many differences, pick whatever one you get the best deal on. Upper- This was the hardest part to source when I was ordering. I initially was not going to go with a side charger upper. My 3-gun set ups are traditional charging handle and wanted to keep similar feel. However when looking for an upper I initially wanted to go with New Frontier Armory's slick slide upper with LRBHO. I could not however find any in stock anywhere and I guess I am inpatient. So I went with what I could source which happened to be a 9 mm slick side upper by Spinta Precision. The second upper I decided to try was a Matrix Arms side charger due to the fact it was in stock and was actually more economical when I priced in not having to buy a charging handle. (If you run a plain jane charging handle it would be cheaper but I knew I was going to buy a nice ambi, oversized option). So far I am really liking the Matrix arms side charger and would buy another. I went with the Matrix arms for my father’s PCC. I have not finished the PCC using the Spinta upper yet as my charging handle I ordered, the new Geisslle Super charging handle is on back order. I chose this one as it supposedly has a lip on the back end of the charging handle that helps with blow back. Based on what I know now, I would buy whatever is available first, second decide if you want traditional charging handle or side charging, and third if you must have LRBHO feature. Bolt - From what I gather the BCG and buffer is the heart of the 9 mm AR platform and I did not want to skimp on this aspect of the build. In deciding on a bolt I was not able to find a ton of information as to sell me on any one particular brand. Based on my lower/magazine choice the BCG needed to be already cut for Glock magazines. Most BCGs being sold today work with both Glock and Colt style magazines. The PSA Hybrid bolt, JP Enterprises, Spinta Precision, Kaw Valley Precision and New Frontier Armory offerings all are made to work with Glock or Colt style magazines. Spinta Precision BCG - This is the first BCG I ordered. It was the cheapest as well. It comes with a nice QPQ finish, machining was also top notch. Full disclosure I did have to send it back to Spinta Precision due to the fact the hole for the roll pin holding the extractor was oversized. First outing the extractor fell out and bent ending my range time. Spinta was great to work with and ended up just replacing the whole BCG, they had first class customer service. In addition, I know have no concerns over their products, if you have an issue they will take care of you. JP Enterprises BCG- As I am sure anyone belonging to this forum knows JP is top notch and you probably cannot do much better. I ordered this BCG because I wanted to see the difference between this and my Spinta. After receiving it, quality is of course top notch, however the only gripe about the JP is the plain phosphate finish is not as nice as the QPQ you get on the KVP or Spinta. Cost was the most expensive to the tune of around $100 dollars more than the Spinta and KVP. Kaw Valley Precision BCG - When ordering my the barrel for my father’s build I saw KVP was now offering a BCG and figured since it was only 10 dollars more than the Spinta I would give it a shot. The KVP BCG looks great, QPQ finish, great machining. If I was to remove the KVP logo I would not be able to tell the difference between this BCG and the Spinta. Overall- the Spinta and KVP are so close in all aspects pick whatever one you can get. The JP is well a JP. If you have the cash and want a JP BCG, get it. So far, they are all working well. I weighed all three of my BCGs these are my results. Spinta BCG Weight - 15.55 oz. with rear weight. (12.19 oz. with weight removed set up for JP SCS) KVP BCG Weight - 15.52 oz. with rear weight (12.16 oz. with weight removed set up for JP SCS) JP BCG Weight - 13.55 oz. (The JP does not have a removable weight) Buffer System - As stated above the BCG and buffer system seem to be the most crucial aspect in the AR 9 mm platform. I bought Kaw Valley Precision's PCC kit they sell with the included extra heavy spring, proper length buffer and tube. I also bought a JP gen 2 9 MM silent captured spring. Right now I am currently slightly preferring the JP SCS. Mostly due the fact is really smoothed out the action. Reliability is a tie between the two. More testing will be needed between the two before I would make any definitive recommendation. I am also running the JP SCS with the JP Bolt, I have not done enough testing yet to compare the Spinta or KVP BCG with the JP SCS. Buffer Weights JP SCS Gen 2 9MM - 8.56 oz Kaw Valley Precision - 7.55 oz Total Weight Combo's JP BCG + JP SCS = 22.11 oz Spinta BCG + KVP Buffer = 23.1 oz Spnta BCG + JP SCS = 20.75 oz KVP BCG + KVP Buffer = 23.07 oz KVP BCG + JP SCS = 20.72 oz Trigger - Triggers in the AR 9 mm platform seem to vary greatly in what works. All of the BCGs I bought are cut to work with AR-15 style hammer and do not require a 9 mm specific. My limited research led to the thinking that for utter reliability it was best to stick with a mil-spec trigger group. In my 3-gun rifles, I run Velocity 3 lb. flat triggers. I find these to be an exceptional trigger. They per Velocity are not recommended for any blow back guns so I needed to find another option. I decided due to cost to try the ALG ACT trigger and threw in a JP reduced power spring kit. This set up has been 100% with all BCGs and I do like it. Later I might get something else however simply because I one really like my flat triggers and my 3 lb. flat triggers. If I decide to get something else it will most likely be a POF flat trigger. (If anyone has tried the POF flat trigger in an AR-9 and has had, good results let me know.) Handguard – Pick whatever one you like. I tried out the Kaw Valley Konza rail on one build, went with a Faxon on the other, the third is undecided. One thing to consider is on both Matrix arms and Spinta both handguards took some filling and modifying to get them to fit the non mil-spec uppers. The Konza took far less modification than the Faxon. However, I much prefer the mounting system the Faxon uses to the Konza. So pick your poison. Barrel – As stated above I had no desire to do a SBR or run a silencer. A 16-inch carbine was what I was after. Most AR 9 barrels I looked had 1:10 rifling with 1/2X36 threads. I am a fan of Faxon Firearms who also makes the KVP Barrels. One barrel I went with KVP 16 inch, the other was the Faxon branded barrel. The KVP was 10 dollars cheaper. So far, they both offer very good accuracy and if I notice any perceivable difference, I will report later. Compensator – In a 16 inch, 9 mm blowback rifle a comp is probably a waste of money. But both barrels were threaded 1/2x36 and I was definitely not going to waste money on a bird cage or thread protector that I know for a fact would do nothing to mitigate recoil so I bought a comps. The first one I bought from Joe Bob’s was a JP 9 mm comp. It is the style no longer offered by JP. The second and third Comp I purchased was from AP Manufacturing. The AP compensator looks almost identical to the JP and was only $30 to the JP’s $65; the AP also included a jam nut, which I am a fan of. My recommendation would be to check out the AP comp: cheap, looks good, and if anything adds some weight to the end of your barrel. Optic – I decided on the New Vortex Prism AR. I figured USPSA would all be close and quick and 3- gun the farthest my 9 mm would be any good for would be 100 yards or so. Still waiting on the Prism to show up, running a TRS-25 I took of another rifle until the Vortex arrives. Summary – Overall, I have learned a ton in putting together a few PCCs. The guns shoot well so far and I am happy with the overall outcome. If I ever decided, I do not want it I do not think I would lose any money selling it. I will continue to try some different BCG and Buffer combos as well as ammo to see what feels the best to me. Surprisingly my little PCC has more felt recoil than both of my tuned .223 guns do, but it is still very little I mean it is a 9 mm. The cost of feeding the 9 mm for me is half of what .223 would be. I am looking forward to playing with it in both USPSA and 3-gun.
  7. Question for the group. I currently run 55 grain burner ammo for short range and 69 grain for long range targets in 3 gun. I am sick of having different zeros to remember and would like to simplify my rifle game... Other than cost and a potential decrease in long range accuracy on a windy day can you think of any other disadvantage to running 62 grain ammo for everything? I run a 16" JP PSC-11 with 1:8 twist.
  8. Does any one have one of Beta's 100 round C Mag's for the Glock 9mm pistol? I am wanting to know if they use a stock Glock 31 round 9mm mag tube and if it can be switched out for a G17 or G19 mag tube to better fit a JP GMR 13 9mm carbine and lighten it up by getting rid of some of the spacer rounds. I contacted Beta a month ago and no response yet. It looks like a Glock Mag tube in their pictures but at that price I would like some more opinions before I try it.
  9. I went out shooting this evening after installing a JP light carrier and silent recoil buffer, left just like they sent it. My rifle now sends the cases out in front of me, to what I believe is called 1 o'clock. I'm shooting a Nordic 18 with a carbon arms fixed gas block. Any suggestions? Is this OK or should something be changed?
  10. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to get feedback on a custom build order I am about to submit to JP Enterprises. I have weighed the cost vs. benefit of building my own rifle, and decided (for a number of reasons) that I want JP to build mine. Their designs, craftsmanship, etc all fall in line with exactly the rifle I am looking for, so I really won't need to change a thing when I finally get it. My Build: JP-15 Upper/Lower Platform, Matte Black Anodized in .223 Wylde -18" Supermatch, 1:8 twist, light contour, black Teflon finish -Standard JP TRE-2 Comp, blended, black -Handguard: JP MK III Signature Tube, 15.5" Extra Long -Low Profile JP Adjustable Gas, black -JP Thermal Dissipator, black -TI-7 Adjustable Stock -Low Mass JP Carrier, black -JP Silent Captured Spring, std. weight -Comp Trigger, JP 3-3.5 lb. -Magpul MIAD grip, black -US Flag Lasermark (yup, it's happening) -2 inch rail for front sight, 12:00 position I actually called JP with a rough idea of what I was trying to build, and they were super helpful in helping me put together a solid build. Unfortunately, their CMT hours are hard for me to reach during a normal workday, so I figured you all could help. I am debating the Mk 3 Rapid Config tube instead of the signature, but it is really hard to tell from the website photos how aggressive the knurling is? I know the Mk 2 and prior were smooth aluminum, but the new Rapids are definitely textured. Just wondering if anyone runs this tube and how rough it really is? The weight savings of 3 ounces is worth considering (and no backplates needed for rail attachments). Also, does anyone have an 18" light bbl JP with (relatively) similar arrangements? The JP rifle builder does not specify the total build weight, which seems strange, but I actually put together a spreadsheet and came up with about 7.8 lbs (Signature tube), or 7.6 lbs (Rapid tube). Anyways, I know that was probably a boring read, but I am super pumped about submitting this order and want it to be perfect! Regards, Al
  11. For those who are interested, I just posted the follow up to my JP build with pics over here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=213358 I was able to get the gas system tuned up nicely, and have the operating window functioning flawlessly with three different factory loads in 55 gr. Oddly, when I tighten the set screw to lock in the valve screw, the bolt fails to lock on an empty mag. When I back the set screw out a half turn, it goes back to perfect function. According to a phone call I made to JP during my build process, the carbon buildup locks the valve screw in place on the JP adjustable gas block, and that JP only recently added the set screw in response to the onslaught of questions they received about the design. Supposedly, they had adjustable blocks without the set screw for years that functioned well. I plan to give them a call Monday to ask about the set screw, but currently I am just curious if anyone has seen similar issues? I am perfectly content to run the rifle in its current setting and let the carbon lock the valve screw in, keeping the set screw backed off slightly, but I am definitely curious about it. Thanks, Al
  12. I have a JP LRP-07, came with their low mass carrier. I noticed the hole in the cam pin has the opposite orientation than my AR-15's cam pins. When I assemble the low mass bolt carrier group, I cannot turn the cam pin as you would normally do with my other AR's, otherwise the hole in which the firing pin goes through is oriented the incorrect way and the firing pin cannot be installed. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this standard with JP's low mass carriers or with their side chargers?
  13. Question: What is y'alls experience mounting SF brakes and suppressors on JP rifles? Have a CTR02 with an 18'' 6.5 upper and a 22'' .223 upper; both have adjustable blocks. Did you have the brake timed or just use peel washers? Currently, both are wearing blended JP large profile tac comps. Also, in going from suppressed to not, are you simply tuning the block each time or running it as is? Have a new SOCOM due in soon and just want to start getting prepared for best practices and what not. Thanks
  14. OK, I have norrowed it down to these barrels. First off, I have a complete lower this upper is going on with the following: - Upper reciever - Low Mass bolt - MI Gen 2 SS handguard - Syrac Ordnance Low Pro gas block - Surefire Muzzle brake So basically I just need the barrel. This will be used for any three gun match I enter, so short and very long shots will be done. I do not want to go with a 18" barrel because I find it is to nose heavy for me (doesn't balance right). These are the barrels that I have found in stock that seem to be quality....input welcomed, please vote. Adam
  15. Hello: Instead of buying a three gun rifle I am looking into possibly building one (yet on a budget). I am looking at a few different barrel manufactures and was wondering the opinions on this sight. - I already have an upper reciever, bolt, and syrac ordnance adjustable gas block. - Looking at the midwest industries SS Gen 2 for Handguard - I know JP is the best but it is about 200-300 dollars more then most other barrel companies. - Daniel Defense, looking at there 16" midlength barrel - Rainier arms - Blackhole Weaponary - Centurion Arms (16" LW) Just wondering your opinion on the different barrels. Thanks, Adam
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