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  1. If the CSO allows that type of behavior, your in the wrong squad. I participate in this sport to have fun, I certainly won't make a living doing it. With that in mind, I would expect the "official" to handle the issue before it becomes a safety concern.
  2. MMC

    Comp Cleaning

    I don't like soaking mine because of the loctite. If I didn't use it I would soak mine for sure Thanks for replying. That makes sense. I dont have to loctite because its a czechmate and the guiderod "locks" the comp in place.
  3. MMC

    Comp Cleaning

    Any reason why I shouldnt soak mine in Hoppes overnight, then get the toothbrush out?
  4. Nice man. I hope your health and shooting continue to improve.
  5. I shot some 147s through my czechmate today with tightgroup. I didnt really like that it took a week and a half to hear the steel ring at distance on outer limits. Gonna stick to 115s loaded light.
  6. MMC

    Thumb Rests

    I need to try one on my czechmate.
  7. I have really gotten the USPSA bug since trying it, having only shot IDPA for the first few years.
  8. MMC

    Grips for Accu Shadow

    Agreed, the rubber ones are great.
  9. Nice! I really need to start putting in more "time" training. So hard to take care of everything daily and then train.
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