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  1. The reset on the TSA trigger is significantly less than the reset on the GG kit
  2. I made GM in CO at 48. I started in USPSA at 45. It’s hard to keep up with the speed and coordination of serious shooters in their 20s and 30s..
  3. I’m pretty sure that TSA does a hybrid trigger job with his work and GGs springs that results in a lighter pull weight. I Have 4 Standard TSA trigger jobs and they all run right around 3lb.
  4. Why not just get an adapter plate for the SRO?
  5. Spring orientation makes no difference on performance, just ease of install.
  6. On a 1911 maybe. On the p320 it’s open end towards the chamber, and while you can install it either way, it’s much easier to install with the open end on the guide rod facing the chamber.
  7. Probably a piece of debris in tHe slide somewhere.
  8. Well I guess the question then becomes, have you shot it much? Are there any malfunctions?
  9. Completely normal. Put a magazine in and it will mostly go away.
  10. Rich406

    320 FCUs

    Exactly the same other than the trigger shoe.
  11. Rich406

    320 FCUs

    The trigger bar is the same.
  12. But it’s not…..
  13. I have 5 legions ranging from the first week they were released to December of last year. All are R2
  14. That’s an original X5 slide. Only the Romeo1 fits. Everything else needs a plate.
  15. It makes zero difference.
  16. It seems pretty common for newer dot shooters to worry about the height of the plate. The addition of a mounting plate makes little to no difference. I have guns with and without and there is no effective difference. The important thing is to dryfire and build a good index with whatever setup you end up with.
  17. Insta360 cams have automated tracking.
  18. They are pretty dark, I wouldn’t use them on a very cloudy day or indoors.
  19. I’ve been using them for awhile now. They make the red dot stand out better than any other set of lenses I’ve tried, and I’ve tried most.
  20. Blue Bullets 147gr FP .356. Ordered 4/4, shipping notice today 5/10.
  21. I was told a couple weeks ago that the permit was being held up, and now the earliest would be July, I was offered a full refund or to wait.
  22. That optic is made by the same factory that makes the ftp, Romeo 3 and many others… All the variations have a very similar optic body and I would assume similar electronic internals. The major difference is window shape, size and glass are made to different specs.
  23. FTP seems like pretty much the same optic, with a smaller window than the R3XL. However it’s also at a significantly lower price point. And comes in 8MOA if that’s your thing.
  24. Heavy packages can routinely take 2-3 weeks to make their way through the postal service these days. It will most likely show up at some point.
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