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  1. Trust is the only way to go in my opinion....not to mention ATF is turning them around in about 4 months now. With a trust you do not have to have the Chief LEO sign off, no photo or finger prints required. I did a SBR (which is online), filled out the forms, uploaded copy of trust and paid with VISA....had approval in 30 days....
  2. For the money the SWR Specwar 7.62 is hard to beat and their warranty is 2nd to none. I use mine on 5.56, 300 BO, .308 nd 6.5 creedmoor with the quick connects. Silencershop did a test using the 7.62 specwar on a 5.56 and compared it to their 5.56 specwar..the 7.62 was about 1db quiter here is the link
  3. I have found these, well let me rephrase...if I DID any training I believe these types of drills would be benefical as it would aid in agility and quickness.... http://www.kingsportstraining.com/blogs/training-blog/8269753-10-best-speed-and-agility-cone-drills I am the outdoorsy type though...
  4. Careful you don't hurt yourself with that thing.....it holds a few more bullets than that SS your used too.
  5. Arrived yesterday.....pictures do not do it justice.......perfection is a good word to describe it. Shame it is going into the safe but I would be crazy to put my current one (1st pic) down the way it is running..
  6. You dug up one complaint from 2007, you have to be kidding me.....I have purchased all my gear & equipment from Chuck and Mike and they have ALWAYS had same day shipping (even when I have placed the order at 2:30pm) and available to answer any of my questions when I first got into the sport. When I had my gear stolen Mike went out of his way to look up my purchases for the insurance purposes...These guys are top notch!! You won't convinence anyone here otherwise.... Randal
  7. Jack, I might try this first...if it works great if not your only out a $20. http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/2nd-gen-tacomas/107982-c-light-blinking.html
  8. Would it not be easier to just buy another bottle of pro grip????
  9. Thanks, you were probably busy trying to find a good side of me.......that will take quite some time!!

  10. Thanks for reminding me. I accidently skipped about 20 pics and they were mostly of you. Posted them to


  11. You knoe that pic you snapped of my mag change, do you still have it?



  12. Read your signature and had to add you as a friend. We may be long lost brothers!

  13. You've earned my five stars by donating to St.Baldricks!

    Way to go! Thx.

  14. DANG SS, I think I have been witness to you pulling the same move previously.......if you would put some damn powder in those cases there wouldn't be any doubt when it goes BANG.... or will that plastic gun not hold up to 140PF???
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