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  1. Any updates on Stages?? Stages or match book not yet available on match website......
  2. My shooting was so bad I was an embarrassment to the squad and before it started to wear off of them I decided to bow out gracefully before I hurt someone......sometimes you just have to know when to say when.....not proud of it but hey, it happens. Got to have your head in the game for sure. Dan and team did a great job with stages and the match.....looking forward to shooting ALL the stages next year!!
  3. I have the same question....some of the squads have 10 slots the others have 15....any difference? Other than 5 shooters.....
  4. Steve, I see you are increasing the poundage of mud bugs, did you increase the # of kegs?? You know we will need extra liquid to chase them down with...actually i don't eat any of the food. I come for the beer
  5. Really Jesse, pictures of guns??? Very disappointing coming from you.....I was expecting something more in line with the below....get it together son...
  6. Boots, great idea....all but one of the open guys should wear a pair of these boots.....
  7. alot of the matches score as you are shooting and by the time your finished the scoring is almost completed too. When I used to video my runs I would reivew as a traing tool....I had the match results to reivew my hits.
  8. is this the company? http://www.horseofiron.com/index.php/SG-Universal-Steel-Target-Base
  9. I have been running the same JP Alum BCG since 2006 probably have 35-40K without any issues. Been running it lately in a suppressed 300 BO too. Yes, the finish has worn off but it has not created any issues at all. I had 2 and when I heard they were being discontinued I called and got the last 2 JP had...still tucked away in the safe as I have not had a need for them...no need to get rid of them either...
  10. shim kits are a God send..... http://www.capitolarmory.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=shim
  11. Trust is the only way to go in my opinion....not to mention ATF is turning them around in about 4 months now. With a trust you do not have to have the Chief LEO sign off, no photo or finger prints required. I did a SBR (which is online), filled out the forms, uploaded copy of trust and paid with VISA....had approval in 30 days....
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