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  1. Eureka1911

    1911 *must have* Upgrades for USPSA

    I'd start here, and then tune to taste as you gain experience with it. For me, I started with a "stock" SA loaded target (adjustable sights). Here was my rough progression: Wilson Combat MSH/Magwell Dawson F/O front sight Non-skid stick on grip tape on front strap Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. Then shoot some more. Harrison True Radius sear/hammer/disconnector Harrison TS (removed ambi) - shelf is lower, easier on old thumbs, goos position for grip Harrison slide slop - better shape, easier to manipulate Harrison square-ish FPS Cylinder and Slide 3.5# sear spring. 10-8 Flat trigger I run 12# recoil spring, 20# MS. 3.25# clean trigger break.
  2. Eureka1911

    Front sight fiber optic or black?

    I started with red, but then settled on green. I pick it up easier.
  3. Eureka1911

    Walls To Infinity

    It was a stage like this where I learned the painful lesson to shoot ALL the target. Stage had 2 paper described as above at the end. Ran a great stage feeling all warm and fuzzy about how well it went. RO issued command "IF you are done....." Should have taken the hint before Unloading and showing clear. DOH!!!
  4. Eureka1911

    Walls To Infinity

    So what is the difference between a wall to infinity and a short barrier? At what height does it become a wall? We shot a stage this weekend where at the end there were 2 targets on the ground behind a 4 foot "wall". Targets were at a 45 to the ground. Does the WSB then define the difference?
  5. I have tried and tried, but I just can't get the hang of it. So I cheat. I put a piece of Scotch tape across my weak eye. Just across the mid-field. I can see above and below it, but when focused on the sights only my strong eye is working. This saves me squinting the other eye and helps reduce the strain associated with doing that.
  6. It's almost like the more proficient you get the more you realize how bad you are!! I see things I need to improve on that I did not even know existed when I started USPSA shooting. That's why I say that it is a journey not a destination.
  7. Oops. See, I'm so anxious about it I cannot even type straight!!
  8. Yep, but I look at it this way. Practical shooting sports are a journey, not a destination. I am stuck on the cusp of going from D to C in single stack. At a recent match I was second or third overall in 2 or 3 of the 6 stages, but then seem to stumble on other stages. And like some folks who don't test well, I always seem to screw up the classifiers. But having said that, I am a much better shooter than I was a year ago. I consistently am in the upper 3rd of most matches, when I used to be in the bottom third. I make fewer mistakes, and I am better at planning. SO while I want to be better faster, I know that at least for me it is an incremental process, and trying to rush towards a goal seems to be the most certain way to ensure I will not reach it. Nature of the beast. Consider that the things you now know you need to learn are things you did not even know existed before. That for me is the surest sign of progress.
  9. Eureka1911

    Which 1911

    I shoot a stainless steel SA loaded target in .45. I installed a Dawson F/O front sight, 10-8 flat trigger, Harrison Custom TS, slide stop, and True Radius ignition set along with a Wilson Combat magwell/MSH. 10,000 rounds through it and it runs like a champ. More accurate than I am.
  10. Eureka1911

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    Last year I was at a match. I had already shot the stage and was sitting at the back of the shade structure. An A class shooter was MR about 20 feet in front of me. Suddenly there was a bunch of commotion and people scattering in front of me. As I'm getting up I see the muzzle of a big fat .45 pointed directly at me laying on the ground. Yep, he missed his holster and dropped the weapon on the ground. A class shooter headed for DQ. Also, I learned a lesson, don't plant your ass in a chair anywhere directly to the rear )or maybe 45 degrees) of the start box.
  11. Eureka1911


    The spinner was required to do a 360 by using multiple alternating shots top and bottom. Thanks for the clarification on all steel. I was misinformed in that I was told at least one target need to be a scored paper target. Perhaps I misunderstood the RO I asked about this and heard "paper" when he said "popper".
  12. Eureka1911


    I shot a USPSA pistol match where they required you to actually spin it. They limited shots to 10 total. Stage was all steel, no paper, which I believe is not USPSA legal. They also had a stage with a required engagement order, which is also not within USPSA rules (had to shoot all the paper on one side of the course of fire before engaging the final two target. Failure to do so was a penalty). Some clubs play fast and loose with stage design.
  13. Eureka1911

    New and first single stack gun!

    I agree. I just a flat trigger to my SA 1911. It is hard to describe, but my finger just feels more natural and correctly positioned on the flat trigger. I really like it.
  14. Eureka1911

    New and first single stack gun!

    I use a DAA 2-belt system with racer pouches (bullets out), a BOSS hanger and a Redhill Tactical 2-layer holster.
  15. I shoot with a club where we have several gentlemen who are "well aged" like a fine wine. They still have a great time and shoot great. We even have one younger fellow who shoots from a wheelchair. Does he win? No. But he does have a great time and he is a hardcore competitor. Personally, I have a pair of knees I have to be very careful with. So I do not move as spritely as many guys do. But so what? I have a blast and enjoy every match I get to shoot.