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  1. Eureka1911

    First Official Match, First DQ

    Really didn't make me feel better. I knew I screwed up. Sorry for even bringing it up. I wish it had not happened, clearly I need to refocus myself.
  2. Eureka1911

    First Official Match, First DQ

    I get that. I was pretty sure I was on that road. Always super careful, never compromise safety for speed. Then I screwed up. Paid the price and learned a lesson. Was not trying to make light of it, but the RO was a M class shooter and right after I holstered after showing clear those were the words he said to me. Your point is well taken however, no matter how long you go, there is no guarantee you won't.
  3. Eureka1911

    First Official Match, First DQ

  4. Eureka1911

    First Official Match, First DQ

    It is flat wrong to think only new guys who don't know the rules get DQ'd. A couple of matches ago I was sitting comfortably in the shade while the next shooter got ready. I heard the "Make Ready" command and then saw people scattering in front of me. I looked up and saw the muzzle of the M Class shooter staring me in the face on the ground where he had dropped it while re-holstering.
  5. Eureka1911

    First Official Match, First DQ

    As has been said many times, there are only 2 kinds of shooters, those that have been DQ'd and those that will. I went 32 matches, over 180 stages before my first, which was yesterday. 2nd shooter, first stage. Shooting though holes in walls and narrowly slits. Zipping right along, moving backwards and to my left (right handed shooter), and I broke 180 bigly during a reload! So there's something I'll think about long and hard. Better still I drove 3 hours and spent money on a hotel. Let's just say it was a long ride home!
  6. Eureka1911

    Indoor USPSA matches

    We run ours at a small range, only 5 stalls. We do 1 stage at a time, 1 squad. Works well. Stages are not as complex in general as when they are outside, but still lots of fun. We also shoot a low light stage once in a while.
  7. Eureka1911

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    With 10+ man squads there are more than enough people to shag brass while others tape. We do this at most of the matches I go to. Works fine.
  8. Eureka1911

    Grip amount

    As much as I can get. I shoot single stack. I have VZ Recons on mine. SA loaded came with a smooth front strap. I use 3M clear non-skid tape on it. Stays stuck, even when using brake cleaner on the frame.
  9. Eureka1911

    USPSA App

    Took about 2 hours after I first downloaded it for it to start to work right. Server issues for sure. But now it works smooth as silk. I'm pretty happy with it.
  10. Eureka1911

    Shock- BUffs, who uses?

    I've gone back and forth in my SA loaded. Currently using the blue Wilson Shok-Buf. Has not caused any issues at all. I like the way the recoil cycle feels. YMMV
  11. Eureka1911

    Trigger Pull - Interesting Observation

    I know, right? I was not a too sloppy shot before lightening the trigger up. Didn't lighten it up thinking it would make me a better shot. But I fell prey to the idea that USPSA and other action shooting needed a light pull. Probably the difference between a crappy 6 pound pull and a crisp 4 pound pull is worth it. But at least for me I think that the difference between crisp 3-1/2 and crisp 4-1/2 is not that big of a deal.
  12. Eureka1911

    Trigger Pull - Interesting Observation

    Like I said, I never once had an issue with the lighter spring. Never had an AD or any other malfunction. Until last week on my final mag next to last round the hammer dropped to half cock. So I put the stock spring back in. No issues with it either. I expected to notice the heavier spring more than I did.
  13. Eureka1911

    Trigger Pull - Interesting Observation

    Could be. The light spring went in about 7,000 rounds or so ago. I was just surprised that the increased pull really did not bother me. I only notice it when pulling the trigger very slowly. When firing normally I do not notice it at all.
  14. So my SA loaded .45 has been humming along for over 10,000 rounds, most of it with a Cylinder and Slide slight ear spring giving me a crisp 3.25 pound pull. At any rate after the hammer dropped once to half cock after firing a round off I decided to remove the lighter sear spring. Re-installed the stock Springfield sear spring. Trigger pull went up to just under 4.5 pounds. Still crisp, just a heavier pull. Bummer right? Here's where it gets interesting. Shooting both a match and two range trips I am finding that I am definitely not shooting worse, and in fact may be shooting a touch better. I don't notice the heavier pull during the match at all. 650 trouble free rounds with the heavier spring now.
  15. Eureka1911

    Shooting Groups in practice.....ideas?

    My local range has USPSA metric targets in thin paper for use on their hangers. So it's cool I can use those for practice. I can also do double taps One thing I do is start at 5 yards. From low ready I raise a do 2 shot strings. 4 strings per mag. I do one mag 2-hand, then 1 mag strong hand unsupported, then 1 mag weak hand unsupported. I repeat this at 7, 10 and 15 yards (max at my range). If I still feel like it I will set a target at 10 yards and do double tap head shots from low ready. 2 mags or so. I try to always do some strong hand unsupported and weak hand work every trip.