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  1. Eureka1911

    No grease?

    Yep. Slide Glide all the way for me.
  2. Eureka1911

    Why is is so hard to get people to try USPSA?

    The simple truth is that most people are not interested in competing, in anything. Everything I have ever competed in has had numerous similar threads. "Why is it so hard to get people to compete in <Fill in the Blank> ?"
  3. Eureka1911

    Which mags? (1911)

    Tripp Cobras. All I run in my SA loaded.
  4. Eureka1911

    Trigger Control

    Seeing the sights lift as the shot fires is key. It took me a while before I was able to do that. But once you can follow the sights as they move (hopefully up) allows you to know when you pulled a shot. Hard to really describe, but once experienced it really is the key to shooting better.
  5. Eureka1911

    Sight Picture/Alignment

    +1 on this. POI right at the top of the front sight (F/O) front blade level with top of the rear notch. I zero at 15 yeards.
  6. Eureka1911

    Trigger Control

    I dry fire a lot. But the real issue is transferring that to live fire. Things change when the brain knows there is no BOOM coming. I do a drill now where you get one in the chamber and then drop the magazine. Fire that round and when you reset fire on the empty chamber . Basically alternating live and dry fire. This way the brain is seeing the right things half the time even with lots of booms mixed in. Seems to help when I the low lefts.
  7. Eureka1911

    Colt Competition or R.O Elite Target for SS?

    Learn to love reloads!! I shoot SS with a Springfield Loaded and while I love it, I also sometimes feel deep envy while watchnig guys blow past my first 2 reload points!! But I still like SS. Guess I'm old school!!
  8. Eureka1911

    Tripp System mags dumping bullets

    I'll keep an eye on mine. I've got ten 8-rounders. So far zero issues. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Eureka1911

    New to USPSA: Where do I start?

    I would go hang out at a couple of matches to get a feel for what is going on. Start slow. My general suggestion is to start in production shooting a 9mm of your choice. Learn the ropes, then worrying about being competitive, winning, etc. While your local club may not be big in production, it is still the most popular class overall, at least where I shoot. Learn to walk before you run. Shooting USPSA is a journey, not a destination. Also join the USPSA so you can get classified, etc. I went old school. I like 1911s so I shoot single stack. Not the most popular class, but I have fun and that is what it is all about. Be safe, have fun.
  10. Eureka1911

    Boss vs Springer hanger for Production

    I just started running that set up for SS. Had the BOSS hanger with a Comp-Tac holster. Picked up the RHT double layer kydex. Super nicely made, and very stiff. Bolted right up to the BOSS. Pretty much going to be my standard set up now.
  11. Eureka1911

    Is the .45 dead in USPSA?

    Posted this in another thread
  12. Eureka1911

    Grip technique and strength

    These are the VZ Recons. I had VZ Operator IIs and they were nice too. But these things make your hand feel like it's glued to the gun! They're like little suction cups.
  13. Eureka1911

    Grip technique and strength

    So I was at the range today. Seems like I've got a decent amount of grip strength.
  14. Eureka1911

    .40 or .45 Single stack?

    Saw this before. USPSA just reposted it. From the Single Stack Nationals
  15. Eureka1911

    Recoil spring with firing pin spring?

    I run a 12# recoil spring with a 18# main spring in my 1911. I also have a Harrison small radius FPS.