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  1. Add me to that list. Wilson combat MSH/Magwell/Wolff 10# MS/ and a steel firing pin. Thousands of rounds of trouble free shooting.
  2. Slide Glide on the major parts. Weapon Shield on the ignition parts. 13,000trouble free rounds.
  3. Yep. I've been using these for the past couple of years. Really like them. I recently went to bullets out. Like that lot too.
  4. I shoot single stack because I am a dinosaur. For me after a 1911 everything else is just a gun. Except for my 6" Ruger Redhawk!!
  5. That has been my only issue, and it is a rare one. With just over 20K through my SA loaded .45 I have yet to have either a FTF or FTE in either practice or competition.
  6. FWIW all the "Y" flags that were changed to "P" are now back to "Y". Not sure why this happened, but the explanation above makes sense as a possibility.
  7. That makes sense. All the changed flags were from the same match. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye on it and see if they revert to "Y" again.
  8. That makes sense. All the changed flags were from the same match. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye on it and see if they revert to "Y" again.
  9. Thanks. I read that already. but these have changed from "Y" to "P". They had been previously been used and are still within the range of scores that would still be used to calculate my classification. I am wondering if there is an explanation as to why the flag changed from "Y" to "P"??
  10. I was looking at my classifier record. I have four Classifier scores that had previously been flagged "Y" and used, now suddenly they are showing as "P". Any idea what this may mean?
  11. I went with Ben Stoeger. DAA belt, 6 racer pouches (bullets out), BOSS hanger. I use a Redhill Tactical double layer holster. Very happy with the set up.
  12. I can't really add anything regarding technique to what's already been posted. One thing I try to keep in mind is that this is a journey and not a destination. Don't try to rush your improvement or beat yourself up over your performance. Each match is a learning opportunity. Focus on doing better than you did last time. Keep working on basics rather than focusing on the results.
  13. Really didn't make me feel better. I knew I screwed up. Sorry for even bringing it up. I wish it had not happened, clearly I need to refocus myself.
  14. I get that. I was pretty sure I was on that road. Always super careful, never compromise safety for speed. Then I screwed up. Paid the price and learned a lesson. Was not trying to make light of it, but the RO was a M class shooter and right after I holstered after showing clear those were the words he said to me. Your point is well taken however, no matter how long you go, there is no guarantee you won't.
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