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  1. Anybody know what the minimum score is to be eligible for NRA Distinguished points in new Production Optic Division? Open: 1824 Metallic: 1632 Production: 1632 Production Optic: ??
  2. I know they do some shooting sports activities-- usually on Tuesdays--not sure if that do NRA Action Pistol. I suggest you call the range at 703-267-1402 and ask.
  3. I use Practiscore for my club matches here in Cheyenne. Originally it was only for Apple iOS system but now has been updated for Android. For club matches I have a "master" device (I-Pad) where I input all the shooter information--then I assign squads (usually three). Then I synch up the other squad tablets to the master. Then I give each squad an I-Pad (or other device with iOS such as I-Pad Mini or I-Phone) with their squad information in which they use to input scores at each event. When all shooting is complete I collect the squad devices and synch up their scores with the master. After that I post the results on Practiscore website so all the competitors can access it. The app comes loaded with an AP-1 target and the Falling Plates. I have input other targets used for my matches such as B37 for International Rapid Fire and the B18 target used for Combat. At this time I don't use Practiscore for the Steamboat Challenge Regional and WY State Match. I use the same scoring program currently used at Crawfish and Flagler Regional matches. Reason why is Practiscore currently doesn't report the Non-Distinguished results or the required NRA report which has the NRA SR45 competitor info card information on it. Also, I can't get Practiscore to break down the results by Classification. Practiscore will track X count and display total # of X's for the match. To see an X-Count for an individual event you have to bring up results for the event. It will also report results by Special Category. All in all Practiscore is a good program for NRA Action Pistol. I like using it (and I'm not a digital 'native" -- I'm more of a digital "immigrant") and the competitors like it as well. Hopefully the Practiscore programmers will refine and enhance the program so it can be effectively used for Regional and State matches.
  4. Greetings from "Big Wonderful Wyoming!" --- the 2018 "Steamboat Challenge" NRA Action Pistol Regional and Wyoming State Championship is on for August 18 &19, 2018 at the Otto Road Shooting Range in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Complete match information and registration on our website at this link: https://sites.google.com/view/steamboatchallenge We are also on Facebook See you in 'Ol Cheyenne this August!
  5. I've made a change to the dates for the 2017 Steamboat Challenge Regional and WY State Championship. The new dates are Saturday August 26 for the Regional and Sunday Aug 27 for the State match. Reason for the change is "Eclipse Mania" enveloping the State of Wyoming. It appears that most of USA, Europe and Asia is coming here to view the total eclipse of the sun on Monday, Aug 21. This has put an unexpected and greater than anticipated demand on hotels and campsites with a HUGE increase in prices and minimum stay requirements --which of course will only get worse as the eclipse event date gets closer. Please take note of the new dates-- I'll make the necessary changes to the Steamboat website. Best Regards, Andy Rayland Match Director 307-640-0396
  6. Fellow Action Pistol Enthusiasts, Greetings from “Big Wonderful Wyoming”! The 3rd Annual “Steamboat Challenge” NRA Action Pistol Regional and Wyoming State Championship will be conducted on August 19 and 20 2017 at the Otto Road Shooting Range in Cheyenne. Last year’s Steamboat Challenge was another success with more prize contributions from industry and a visit from Wyoming Governor Matt Mead. I expect more of the same in 2017 and you’re invited to come join the fun! The match name -- “Steamboat Challenge” pays homage to Steamboat, a Wyoming bred bucking horse from 100 years ago, one of the greatest bucking broncos of all time and the state symbol of Wyoming. Visit Cheyenne has returned as one of our sponsors. The mission of Visit Cheyenne, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, is to promote the Cheyenne area as a travel destination to both leisure and business travelers. 2017 marks the Sesquicentennial of the establishment of Cheyenne and there are numerous activities scheduled to celebrate the milestone. When not shooting there is plenty to see and do in the Cheyenne area-- detailed information is available at the Visit Cheyenne website at: www.cheyenne.org Along with the Cheyenne area attractions there are iconic Wyoming vacation destinations throughout the state such as Devils Tower and Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Detailed information is at the Wyoming website: www.travelwyoming.com On Monday August 21, 2017 a total eclipse of the Sun will occur and the path of totality will pass a short drive north of Cheyenne. For most folks, witnessing this rare celestial event is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Depending on where you live it may not happen again-- so I wouldn’t miss it! Complete detailed information about “Americas Eclipse” is at their website: https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com Another Steamboat sponsor is Chey-Cast Bullets. Chey-Cast Bullets is a Cheyenne based family run business manufacturing first rate cast bullets in handgun and rifle calibers. Chey-Cast also offers all their bullets with the Hi Tek Coating process. Give Chey-Cast a look at their website: http://www.cheycastbullets.com The shooting program for the Regional on Saturday will be the same as last year with the “Bianchi Four” shooting events --The Practical, The Barricade, The Falling Plates and the Moving Target. The shooting program for the Sunday State Championship will be: The “Texas” Moving Target, The Barricade (Modified) The Falling Plates and The Practical. Special Gun Prize for High Production Marksman: For the Sunday Wyoming State Championship the high scoring competitor shooting in the Production Division and classified as a Marksman will receive a gun prize (Make, model to be determined) courtesy of High Plains Shooting Sports LLC. Production competitors that are Unclassified that compete on the Regional on Saturday will receive a provisional classification (based on Regional score) and if they fall in the Marksman classification will be eligible to compete for the gun prize on Sunday’s State Championship match. Awards for the Regional Championship will consist of NRA Medallions for the top three along with Division and Category award plaques. The winner of the Wyoming State Championship will receive the Bucking Bronco and Rider Sculpture and there will also be Division and Category plaques. Lunch will be provided each day and all the bottled water you can drink. The schedule is to set up on Thursday morning August 17 and open up for competitor practice in the afternoon. The ranges will open for practice on Friday and the match staff and RO’s will shoot the events so they can work on Saturday and Sunday. Repaired AP-1 targets will be available to use for practice (4 for $1). Saturday will be the Regional and Sunday the State match. Steamboat Registration: Registration for Steamboat is easy—just access the website at: https://sites.google.com/view/steamboatchallenge The Steamboat website is loaded with information along with the match bulletins for Saturday and Sunday match and restaurant and hotel information. You may register and pay match fees through the website or you may register the traditional way through the mail. Payment of match fees can be made via debit card, credit card, PayPal or Check. We look forward to see all our friends and making some new ones at this years Steamboat Challenge! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or write. See you in ‘Ol Cheyenne! Best Regards and Good Shooting, Andy Rayland Match Director. 2017 Steamboat Challenge 307-640-0396 arayland@charter.net
  7. Greetings Action Pistol Competitors, The 2016 "Steamboat Challenge" NRA Action Pistol Regional and Wyoming State Championship is August 20 and 21 in Cheyenne, WY. The match website has been updated and is now OPEN for registration. https://sites.google.com/site/steamboatchallenge/ I have also attached an information letter to this post. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me or send an e-mail. Also, I will be at the Crawfish Cup this coming week. We are excited about hosting another Regional and State match here in "Big Wonderful Wyoming" and we look forward to seeing all our friends and meeting new friends at this years Steamboat Challenge. See you in 'Ol Cheyenne! Andy Rayland 2016 Steamboat Competitor Letter.pdf
  8. The 627 PC has a trigger overtravel stop. That could be considered an "external modification" and contrary to the Production rules. I'd get a referee ruling on it.
  9. I started AP here in Wyoming two years ago. I started slow--put on a "Moving Target Clinic" at our range and that attracted a lot of new shooters. Then I did some three event matches using only the short lines. Now I do monthly matches with at least two or three Bianchi events and then something else out of the rulebook. I get about 10 to 12 shooters each month -- some local folks and then some from the nearby Front Range I-25 corridor in Colorado. I hype up the Production Division and most of the shooters fire the match with Production equipment. I encourage the new shooters to fire the match on the short lines only so they can understand how things work and shoot confidence building scores. That way they don't get discouraged with the more daunting stages and there is a greater likelihood of having a new shooter get hooked on AP and come back for more. Many enjoy the challenge of solving difficult handgun marksmanship problems under time pressure--others don't and prefer the other action games where the time is the score. Last year I recruited two new shooters to shoot the Bianchi Cup --this year I working on bringing three more.
  10. Alan, could you please update the master list with our monthly shoots here in Cheyenne. We shoot NRA Action Pistol on 3rd Sunday of each month from March to November at Otto Road Shooting Range. Thanks- Website Link: http://www.ottoroadshootingrange.com/home
  11. "Steamboat Challenge" Regional and Wyoming State Championship in Cheyenne, WY on the schedule for August 20 and 21 2016 Website updates are in progress I should open things up for registration in a few weeks. https://sites.google.com/site/steamboatchallenge/
  12. Had a phone conversation with Damien yesterday and he told me that a new Course of Fire will be in the next revision of the Action Pistol Rulebook. He called it Barricade "Modified". The new COF will require the competitor to draw, fire six rounds from strong side barricade, perform a mandatory reload and then shoot six rounds from weak side barricade. Its like the Crawford Barricade except you're shooting six on each side with a reload on the clock. 10 Yds: Draw, fire six -reload- fire six - time limit 13 seconds. 15 Yds: 15 seconds 25 yds: 17 seconds 35 yds: 19 seconds
  13. What a great weekend of championship level NRA Action Pistol shooting at the Otto Rd Shooting Range in Cheyenne Wyoming. 30 competitors from 4 points of the compass converged on 'Ol Cheyenne for the first annual "Steamboat Challenge" NRA Action Pistol Regional and State Championship. Weather was hot on Saturday about 93 degrees and when the range is at 6,200 ft altitude that is hot but it was a "dry heat". Weather was cooler on Sunday. "Steamboat Challenge" pays homage to Steamboat, a Wyoming bred bucking horse from 100 years ago -- who was as strong and proud as the cowboys who tried to ride him. Steamboat was one of the best known bucking broncos of all time and embodied the values in which Wyoming was built, toughness and a "never say die attitude". Over 20 new national records were set -- many by women competitors in the rimfire division. James Avenell fired a perfect 480-48X in the Barricade Event to tie the national record. George Mowbray set a new Senior Open National Record in the International Rapid Fire Event with a 270-10X. I want to thank all the Bianchi Cup competitors that travelled long distances to "Big Wonderful Wyoming" and George Mowbray from Lake Charles LA whose advice and counsel I'm most grateful for. And most important--a salute and tip of to the hat to the cadre of volunteers who selflessly donated their time and efforts to make Steamboat Challenge a reality! Looks like we will do another Regional and State match next year in mid August. Make plans to attend. When dates are final I'll post information on the forum. Best Regards, Andy Rayland Summary of Results: REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (15 August): Gold Medal: James Avenell, Columbia, MO, 1916-168X Silver Medal: SFC Patrick Franks, US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning GA, 1910-144X Bronze Medal: Greg Dick, Hutchinson, KS, 1905-155X Regional Division Awards 1st Rimfire: Justin Clark, Cheyenne, WY 1848-117X 1st Production: Justin Clark, Cheyenne, WY 1757-99X 1st Metallic: SFC Patrick Franks, US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft Benning, GA 1910-144X 1st Open: James Avenell, Columbia, MO 1916-168X Regional Special Awards 1st Senior: Kim Beckwith, Larned, KS 1904-154X 1st Junior: Jonah Avenell, Columbia, MO 1811-110X 1st Woman: Renee Krawiec, Cheyenne, WY 1176-41X 1st Lawman: Kim Beckwith, Larned, KS 1904-154X 1st Military: SFC Patrick Franks, US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft Benning, GA 1910-144X 1st Grand Senior: John Sanders, Falls Church, VA 1833-131-X Regional Classification Awards 1st Marksman: Robert Gaskins, Cheyenne, WY 1571-68X 1st Sharpshooter: Jonah Avenell, Columbia, MO 1811-110X 1st Expert: Jack Arnold, Kansas City, MO 1832-107X 1st Master: Andy Rayland, Cheyenne, WY 1881-131-X 1st High Master: Kim Beckwith, Larned, KS 1904-154X WYOMING STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (16 August) (Maximum score possible : 1740-174X) (TX Mover, Intl Rapid, Barricade and Plates) State Champion: James Avenell, Columbia, MO 1711-136X 2nd Place: Greg Dick, Hutchinson, KS 1700-136X 3rd Place: SFC Patrick Franks, US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning, GA 1696-136X State Divisional Awards 1st Rimfire: Justin Clark, Cheyenne, WY 1720-135X 1st production: Justin Clark, Cheyenne, WY 1608-98X 1st metallic: SFC Patrick Franks, US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning GA 1659-115X 1st Open: James Avenell, 1711-145X State Special category Awards 1st Senior: George Mowbray, Lake Charles, LA 1683 -129X 1st Junior Jonah Avenell, Columbia, MO 1584-102X 1st Woman: Renee Krawiec, Cheyenne, WY 1218-48X 1st Lawman: Kim Beckwith, Larned, KS 1627-118X 1st Military: SFC Patrick Franks, US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning, GA 1696-136X 1st Grand Senior: John Sanders, Falls Church, VA 1258-80X State Classification Awards 1st Marksman: Robert Gaskins, Cheyenne, WY 1683-129X 1st Sharpshooter, Jonah Avnell, Columbia, MO 1584-102X 1st Expert: Dan Morgan, Fort Collins, CO 1574-92X 1st Master: Andy Rayland, Cheyenne, WY 1652-113X 1st HM: George Mowbray, Lake Charles, LA 1683-129X
  14. The 1st annual “Steamboat Challenge” NRA Action Pistol Regional and Wyoming State Championship will be conducted at the Otto Road Shooting Range in Cheyenne, Wyoming on August 15 and 16, 2015. Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming and is easy to get to --located in Southeast Wyoming at the crossroads of I-25 and I-80. Wyoming's capital city embodies the spirit of the Old West. It is considered the nation's rodeo and railroad capital, and is home to a variety of museums, historic hotels and mansions, a collection of steam engines, western-themed attractions and shopping, and resorts and ranches. For those who fly to matches Denver International Airport is about 100 miles south Of Cheyenne. Most fly into Denver and drive to Cheyenne. Cheyenne also has a Regional Airport that is serviced by Great Lakes Airlines. Ammunition for matches may be shipped to Otto Road Shooting Range. Otto Road Shooting Range has 21 shooting bays, plenty of parking and can accommodate campers. We have developed a website for all the match information and easy to use on line registration and payment process. The website is now OPEN for registration. The website is easy to navigate and you have several options. You may register on the website and send a check for match fees separately, or you may register on line and pay securely online with credit card or PayPal, or you may print out a registration form and send via "snail mail". Website Link: https://sites.google.com/site/steamboatchallenge/ See you in 'ol Cheyenne! Andy Rayland arayland@charter.net
  15. I'd like to start my 12 year old grandaughter in NRA Action Pistol. Looking for opinions on a good rimfire pistol to start her out on. I'm leaning toward a Ruger 22/45 because of availability of accessories and a good holster but I'd welcome opinions and recommendations.
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