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  1. I made my own. Basically machined a piece of 1/8 or 3/16 x 1" angle alum and mounted it to the top rail.
  2. Congrats Kevin. I cant tell you how happy I am to see that you won the Cup. I enjoyed the friendship during my relatively brief time shooting AP out there, and it makes me smile seeing an old friend achieve his goal. Congrats man, you deserve it. Bob
  3. Man, I havent been on here in way too long. Miss you guys, a lot... Work here is crazy, but in a good way. I havent shot anything since my last match in august in Bedford. I need to find a good range here. I may know someone who can build some equipment......
  4. I recently relocated to Denver from Virginia, and I miss shooting AP. Ive done a quick search, and at one time I thought I had located a club that shoots AP, but I cant find it now. Does anyone know of any clubs in the Denver area that shoot AP, or just good clubs in general for shooting pistol, and skeet. Im sure it wont be quite as cool as Bedford but one never knows.
  5. I must have been really lucky. My SA Loaded 9mm has been perfect almost from day 1. It choked a few times when new, but I polished the feed ramp on the stock barrel and it was great. I have slowly converted it to an AP Open gun with comp, shroud etc, and its still perfect. I use JHP Montana Golds loaded to 1.125. My gun was a bit sensitive when i first put the new Kart barrel and comp on it, but as it broke in, and I got the springs tuned right, it runs flawlessly. I can shoot sub 2" groups at 50 yards. Metalform 9 round mags. I think they are the key. I ordered 10 of them with the loaded coupon that came with the gun. I didnt have to rework the lips. Took em out of the bag, washed them and put them in. They have a rib formed into the mag, so the shorter 9mm rounds cant move around in the mag for and aft. Im running an 8 or 9 lb recoil spring, I think its a 9 at the moment, and a 17 lb main spring. Ive run it with as light as 7 lbs and it fed fine, but you could feel the slide hit the frame on recoil, so I upped the spring enough to keep it from beating itself up. The main spring did have an effect on my gun. It wouldnt run right with the comp etc with anything higher. I tried a 15, but got light primer strikes. I think now that its broken in it would be fine with a 19, but its perfect as is. Polish the feed ramp. I cycled the gun slowly by hand so I could watch how the bullet fed, and made sure there were no edges for it to hang on. Make sure the mag doesnt hit anything, and make sure the lips are "timed" right.
  6. Hmmm, didn't you guys get beat a year or so back, at home, by Wake 44-0? Those that live in glass houses, should not throw stones.... Its a new year, don't be bitter. Poor thing, can't even beat NC..... hehe. NC State looks good from time to time, but then loses to ECU...... My daughter goes to nc state, so im currently a big fan.
  7. That would be my thoughts. it may start a bit faster, but it loses energy quickly. This is an extreme example, but drop a brick on a spring, and drop a marble on a spring. Which compresses the spring more? What mainspring? If it will still fire, go to a lighter main spring. This helped my gun when i converted it to an open gun a lot. Another thing, I wonder if the comp is too heavy, and its struggling to unlock with the lighter slide, so thats eating energy? Steel or alum comp? Will it go to slidelock?
  8. im using 43.2gr/10 drops titegroup with a MG 115 JHP, Fed primers, and a 1.125 oal. this is in a 6" barrel open 1911 Bianchi gun. I get about 1170 with this load. ITs pretty easy shooting, and very accurate. A lot of guys I know use WST, but I almost have to have a compressed load of WST to get enough whoopass to be accurate in my gun, and I switched to TG because it makes less mess from spillage.
  9. online pdf converter you should be able to upload your .xls file, and they email you a .pdf back.
  10. ill see if i can find a converter online. Im worn out, but had a great time.
  11. I just borrowed an aimpoint c3 from a friend as im having issues with one of my Burris speed dots. I really wanted to not like it. I tried really hard to not like it. My wallet voted for me to not like it. Doesnt work. I love the thing. its clear, and paralax free as far as i can tell. the dot is very crisp. I wish it was a 35mm tube, but im learning to deal with it. No one tell Brian he cant have it back
  12. i have a couple of them, and like them. the quality doesnt seem to be quite as good as Alans PF ive shot with. A bit more parallax with the Burris, and dot clarity isnt as good on one of them. Dont mean to sound like im ragging on them at all, they are good sights. For roughly half the money, you get a really good sight.
  13. What is the Rule # and page? I think as long as I did not move the gun during the match I could put three holsters on my belt. But it would have to use the same holster the entire match. Rule # 3.7 The pistol and holster must be carried in the same position throughout the entire match. The OP was asking about "dual holsters, one left one right" to prevent having to change hands on Practical & on Barricade for Open shooters who do that. The rule above pretty much eliminates that possibility, unless you can think of some way to "game" that one. Alan~^~ it is singular not "holster(s)" to me this says 1.
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