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  1. here is the first one i found on a quick google search for nra action pistol.
  2. Our barricades here being all steel have a good bit of oscillation in them as well. A well built wood barricade may have 1 bigger deflection, but the wood dampens any further vibration and settles faster. For the steel ones here, Im still learning, but it seem you need to try to crush the barricade and the gun with the support hand...... Squeeze i until it actually hurts, and then squeeze harder. I have figured out that if i can lock my support elbow, and put a bit of forward pressure on the barricade, it seems to dampen the oscillations faster and the dot stops.
  3. freestyle. the SHO and WHO is referenced to the practical event.
  4. remember no score other than a 10, or a 0. rush your shots and miss a plate. 0. not an 8. not a b hit, or c hit. 0. -10 for that rush. if you have plenty of time, why not take your time and make sure? getting a .2 or .3 split is pointless, you dont get rollover minutes..... Now if you dont need the time, standing there wasting time is pointless, but I like to try to take an extra .2 or .3 and make sure before blasting away. I dont see it as thinking about the time and making sure to use the time, its more a "dont rush my shot" kinda thing.
  5. cant get the pic to upload. here is the url ap1 target BTW Flex, thanks for this area. AP is a blast to shoot. Ive been doing it for only about 4 months or so, and Im hooked. Thanks to Alan, and Kevin for all the help. And for helping me create a new money pit.......
  6. yes. Legal at least in open. people normally go prone at the 25, and 20. Some guys go prone at the 15. I cant get my old ass down there fast enough from the 15....
  7. Im very new to AP, and to shooting in general. For me, I tend to agree with you as far as how important the draw is. When i go out to practice, I will spend a bit of time just drawing and shooting the first target, no matter if its a plate, or the practical, or whatever. from every distance. I make sure that I can quickly get the gun out, and get the first shot off in the x ring, every time. Nothing will jack up a run on the plates more than blowing the first plate, for me that gets in my head and I can almost bet on another miss on that run. I find that the faster I can get the gun out
  8. My loneliness is killing me I must confess, I still believe When I'm not with you I lose my mind Give me a sign AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH noooooooooooo
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