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  1. I bought an extended mag release from Patriot Defense that's nicer to work than the factory one. For the extended safety, I picked up the Tanfoglio Custom extended ambi-safety.
  2. Everyone I know that has tried to remove that screw have either stripped it or had a b**ch of a time getting it off.
  3. I wonder if the finish is easy to remove by bead blasting?
  4. My friend's mags would get hung up and some were pretty difficult to remove. Turns out the very back top of the mags were getting pinched by the sear cage. Knocked down the face of the cage a little and now mags drop free.
  5. This!! I'd love me a matching orange thumbrest that fits the Standard IPSC box.
  6. That looks awesome, Palmaris!
  7. I've done my share of dry fire but no issues on my pistols yet. If you reload, make a dummy round and squeeze hot glue or silicone into the primer pocket. if you don't reload, grab one of your spent cases, use a small nail and tap out the old primer, clean out the old carbon from the pocket and fill with hot glue or silicone. or order some Azooms from Amazon or your fav LGS.
  8. What timing 'cause I just mounted a DPP on a DoubleTapSports frame mount on my Tanfoglio Ltd Custom. Unfortunately, I could only fit the DPP on the mount using just 2 boss. If I use four, the DPP won't sit flat on the mount. Do you I need all 4 bosses or can I get away with just two? Oh, my barrel isn't ported and the frame came with a blast shield, should I use it? If I do, the DPP screws aren't long enough. I've got longer screws ordered just in case I do need to use the shield. Note: I didn't get the correct sized screws for the frame mount, they require countersunk M4 screws so I just used some M4 cap screws I had, just to see how she'd look.
  9. I used a DAA Race Master holster for the last two seasons and just picked up a Alpha-X. I also use the muzzle support with them. I personally won't go back to a standard holster for IPSC. I like that I can clear my holster within the first 1.5" and I don't get holster wear on my slide etc. Just train yourself to get in the habbit of engaging the lock when you're not running a stage.
  10. Other than spare springs, I have a firing pin, extractor and slide stop.
  11. Trinimon

    Best TSO trigger?

    Are you using a slave pin to keep the springs on the trigger during installation?
  12. A block of wood to support the front end of the slide, around the recoil spring channel area. The use a 11mm socket with a socket extension and a few firm hits with a hammer got mine to pop out. Be careful not to smack your slide. Finally got time to hit the range today. I'm really liking the bushing upgrade. The tighter groups I'm getting is well worth the cost of the bushing, at least for me. My 9mm fitted barrel worked out beautifully as well. Running 9mm through my TSO felt like I was shooting 22LRs.
  13. I guess you can file off the half-cock/safety notch from the hammer?
  14. Curious as well. I just got an awesome deal on one (private sale).
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