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  1. There is a competition spring kit coming for it, it has been delayed due to Covid, I will update this thread when I receive my kit. However, in the meantime, I ordered some lighter Shadow 2 main springs (I had to trim the some length from them), I can't remember exactly which one I settled on, but the pull is now significantly lighter than factory and it is still reliable. I have shot several thousand rounds since the switch and can report zero light strikes.
  2. Reliabilty is good so far. I have seen plenty of rounds on mine with zero hiccups. I know one Alien that just finished shooting 50,000 rounds, no real issues.
  3. The DA is listed as 8lb, it is a heavy pull, however, it is smooth doesn't really stack. The SA is listed as 3lb. The SA is really nice and clean. The Redback has a Main spring housing like a 1911. I just ordered a lighter 1911 main spring for it. Others have told me to expect a lighter DA pull with this lighter main spring. I can report back next week when mine arrives.
  4. I own a Phoenix Redback Carry Optic version that I shoot in IPSC. The gun is 2.92lb dry plus optic. It is a great shooter, I have it mounted with a Trijicon SRO. The fit and finish of these pistols is excellent. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. The cheaper version was alomst 20% cheaper than the initial release. In IPSC it is approved for production and with the retro mount, it is good to go in production optics.
  6. There are already cheaper versions available in Canada. Factory support has been good so far for me. I have accessories on the way (through Canadian distributor) after dealing with Laugo Arms.
  7. I assume the hinged trigger (trigger dingus) is the safety mechanism they used.
  8. Direct messages from the guys competing and testing it for Laugo arms. It is not my place to post those pictures here though.
  9. Here are pictures with the pic rail
  10. It ships with C-More RTS2. I have seen detailed pictures of the retro mount kit for PO rules. I have seen that kit mounted with C-More, Leupol DPP, he is just about to try a Trijicon SRO.
  11. I was able to purchase a full spare parts kit in Canada. The parts kit includes the following: x1 recoil stud x1 firing pin x1 firing pin spring x2 pins x1 extractor x1 extractor spring x1 screw
  12. I think they are listed for $5k in the US. I have both SVI and Alien, I don't know where they would ever compete against each other though, two different divisions. I find it funny that people are happy to spend $6000+ on a 2011, but complain about the price of the Alien. I have a hard time seeing the difference. At $5k the alien ships with several magazines, two slides, a red dot, a holster, cleaning supplies, and a carrying case.
  13. They have a US distributor taking pre-orders today, with a late spring delivery. I am in Canada and i received my Alien recently. I am enjoying. Let me know if you have any questions, I could help answer for you.
  14. Looks like they have developed a mount to allow the optic to reciprocate with the slide. Not the best case scenario, but makes it production optic legal now.
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