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  1. Looks like they have developed a mount to allow the optic to reciprocate with the slide. Not the best case scenario, but makes it production optic legal now.
  2. Thought I would follow up here. I didn't really have the time to test a single item at a time, but I did the following, then went to the range to test and things seem to be working fine again. -Cleaned everything (I don't think this was an issue, as I regularly clean it) -Removed magazine catch/release. I adjusted the spring and made sure it was sitting flat against frame. I removed some of the tension from spring prior to reinstalling, there was the tiniest little burr on the catch that I removed. -Took a close look at all magazines, all of them dropped freely from gun, but I took a little time and gave them a bit of a squeeze right above where the magazine catch/release engages them. I took it to the range and test fired, and dropped all the magazines after firing. Everything worked fine. I'm not sure if it was one single thing I did or just a combination. It is working now though! Thanks for all of your insight!
  3. Thanks manolis and Red_Dot. I don't think it is the next round dragging as I re watched some footage from the weekend. I had a stage where I accidentally ran dry, you can see the slide locked back, but I still had to strip that mag from the gun, so it definitely isn't being held in by the top round. I will take a look at the trigger bar spring tonight and see if that is the case. Although, you would think that would provide the same failure to release magazine no matter if I fired a shot or not. My magazines drop free prior to firing a shot, for example during dryfire, the magazines fall out effortlessly, but as soon as I fire a couple rounds and try to eject the magazine, I have to manually strip it from the gun.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am new here and hoping your collective experience can save me from future trouble. I have a CZ TSO in .40, I can practice reloads, or insert a fresh magazine, push the magazine release button and the magazine drops freely. However, after firing the gun, the magazines do not drop freely, and I need to manually pull them from the gun. Clearly this has become a problem in recent competitions. Can anyone provide some advice or tell me where you would start looking for issues? Thanks in advance!
  5. I just show my first two matches. I took a DQ on my very first match. I played it safe on my second match and made it through, scores were rough, but I am hooked now!
  6. I am really new to this. I live fire about 4-6 per month. I just started more serious dry fire practice at home. My goal moving forward is to dry fire about 5 times per week for 30-60 minutes per session. The little bit of dry fire i have done seems to have helped, looking forward to seeing what happens with more practice and focus.
  7. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I recently joined the forums even though I have been lurking for a couple months. I am relatively new to firearms, but that bug bit me. I recently completed my Black badge course and I am practicing and preparing to shoot my first match. I live in Alberta, Canada. Looking forward to learning more here.
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