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  1. Sounds like something I could see myself trying for sure!
  2. The extended ambi safey pictured looks like what came in my xtream but I may be wrong... Also the pd mag release you posted looks very nice. I am going to pick one up for sure
  3. My stubby thumbs don't reach the lever to deactivate the safety when gripping the pistol.
  4. It does have a right side safety I cant seem to activate it with my thumb
  5. Does the cz canik trigger from cgw work in the limited custom?

    Mag release cz ts

    It did not... lol forgot to update

    Mag release cz ts

    UPDATE:: Sent gun back to cz turns out slide lock was interfering with mag body causing mag body to cant inside the frame and effectively jamming mag body inside frame. Fixed and gun runs like a clock. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Thank you sir! Being a southpaw sucks sometimes!
  9. Just bought a new limited custom xtreme in .40 s&w. Does anyone have any videos or info on how to switch the mag release to the right side of the gun? Also, does anyone know of an extended safety with a larger paddle on the right side of gun? Thanks for the help!!

    Mag release cz ts

    I believe you are right. With the slide stop removed mags fall free. With slide off and slide stop installed you can see where followers are hitting slide stop and shifting mags making them hard to remove. Regardless I sent the gun back to cz

    Mag release cz ts

    Took grips off. Mags still get stuck. Removed mag brake neither helped

    Mag release cz ts

    Called cz USA. I am sending gun back to cz to me it's really unusual that the mags would fall free with the slide off but hang up with slide on

    Mag release cz ts

    Also, if I load a round Into the mag it falls free just fine. Would this indicate a follower issue?
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