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  1. Not a good rep for a $1600 gun, IMO. I like Walther commitment to customer service however.
  2. I heard Walther would take back your gun if you don't like it after trying it out for up to 30 days. Is this true and has anyone tried to return back to Walther?
  3. I'm thinking of buying this: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Dremel-Lite-12-Piece-Variable-Speed-Cordless-4-volt-2-Amp-Multipurpose-Rotary-Tool-No-Case/1000977218 I have never done any polishing job before in my life haha. What rpm speed is best for this kind of work? Thank you.
  4. For me, having a red dot, suppressor sights, threaded barrel, only for cosmetic reasons. I don't actually use any of that. Without all of that, the gun, well it's so ugly.
  5. I actually don't use red dot or iron sight. I usually use the striker indicator pin to aim and it is 10 times faster than using iron sight and at least 2-3 times faster than a red dot. I've been doing it since I bought the very first XDM. For some reason, I can't never get a good aim with the iron sight. I can aim with red dot once it is zeroed in but any joe can do that so it's a moot point to argue.
  6. I think you are right. Here's a picture of the real ELITE model. I see the trigger is different and also the color of the cover for the milled OSP slot is different. That means 9/10 dealers online claiming ELITE is straight up scamming customers.
  7. Yes I agree on this. But it can be used as a backup for home defense when your battery is depleted. Also cosmetically, it looks great with the suppressor sights.
  8. I bought the Canik after watching so many youtubers pumping the damn thing. I forgot to look out for this though since I just got back to this hobby after a long hiatus. This is a crucial feature to have on the Canik but missing. The damn suppressor sights for the red dot system. See picture in the above post. Also this makes the gun looks super nice too.
  9. Suppressor sights is crucial if you put a red dot.
  10. Everywhere I looked this Model # XDMT9459FHCOSP and UPC # 706397925734 indicates it's an elite version. Why is it not? Can you tell from the picture?
  11. I see the XDM Elite is selling for about $540 online vs the Canik TP9SFx at $550. I don't think there's anyway the TP9SFx can compete. What do you think? https://www.centerfireguns.com/springfield-armory-sp-9m-4-5-tb-osp-fde-19r-xdmt9459fhco.html?source=gundeals XDM has suppressor sights, threaded barrel, optic ready, cerakote finish. Most important is springfield has lifetime warranty and also has all the parts you ever need in case your handgun breaks down. What do you think?
  12. I think most of the advises on here about providing excellent customer service is 100% true. You're providing a service and it's your job to make sure that provided service is 100%. After reading the comments, I feel like this business is tough and very hard to make a great living. If you still want to do it I would advice you to instead of gunsmithing, you would want to focus on manufacturing parts. I think you have a better chance by designing your aftermarket parts (say for Glock, Sig), test it very well (this is the most crucial part, you have to have an engineer mindset and develop extrem
  13. Hello Ben. I bought the same guide rod as you from NDZ. However I got the 15lb ismi recoil spring and a 6lb striker spring (6.5 is out of stock). I wonder if this is okay and if you have tried this combo? Thanks.
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