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  1. The all stainless USPSA model 226 is a sweet gun! The extra weight of any stainless 226 really makes a big difference. No matter what sig you go with I should add that the support for them is growing. In addition to Burke (who does some great work in house) you have Gray Guns that sells springs and triggers, and now I have noticed that not only does Armory Craft sell a couple of different types of triggers but they also have hammers and spring kits as well. There is a guy named Ben that we all know of who once won big with a 92...
  2. Very auspicious first post. If you are so concerned with getting access to the classified section that your first ever post asks that question instead of even introducing yourself I wonder about your intentions. Other than that welcome....
  3. I do think Rowdy brings up a good point in the sense that with a properly fitted disco you can have a DA/SA gun where the SA has virtually no pre-travel just the same as using a SAO gun with a pre-travel screw to limit pre-travel. Making it easy to start cocked and locked and run SAO. I know a lot of Tanfo shooters will even fit a BOLO in their SAO guns and use a flat trigger. They obviously never use these guns in DA. The main advantage to this type of setup would be that you don't have to worry about a pre-travel screw walking out at a bad time. What Rowdy suggest
  4. Make sure you polish the hammer strut well. Get the holes where the hammer strut and disco fit with the hammer. For the sear, the sides of the sear where it fits in the sear cage, the inside of the sear cage, the holes in the sear and sear cage as well. I bet the hammer strut and mainspring are the culprit in your case though.
  5. It certainly isn't the most popular choice out there for production (most people go with CZ or Tanfo for a DA/SA production gun) because of the lower bore axis, extra weight, ergonomics, and aftermarket support. From a reliability stand point there is nothing wrong with it. I think the biggest things working against the legion are the factory sight configuration (easily fixed by replacing the front sight with one of a different height to change from a combat hold) and the weight of the trigger pull (somewhat fixable by changing the mainspring, sear spring, and polishing). People
  6. I agree with OPENB. When I pull the trigger back slowly I can hear a click as the hammer passes half cock but, there is no hitch and it keeps going smoothly back before dropping. A better mainspring will make a big difference. I run a factory hammer and Xtreme Medium mainspring in mine and it is smooth.
  7. Is it an IFG or EAA Lim Pro? What hammer are you running? One or 2 piece sear? Have you changed the mainspring? Have you polished anything up to this point? Are you slowly pulling back the trigger or rolling straight through in a quick, consistent manner?
  8. It depends on what division you want to shoot. You can go cocked and locked and shoot in limited division. Or you can go hammer down and shoot production. There are other rules that will apply when shooting production (holster placement/type, magazine capacity) so be sure to check out the rule book. Since there is no major scoring for SC shooting a 9mm in limited is not a disadvantage like in USPSA.
  9. IFG Lim Pro. 8 MOA Burris FF3. Henning Dovetail Mount 7.5 Pounds DA, 2.5 Pounds SA. Medium Xtreme Hammer Spring PD Sear Spring, TRS, FP Spring Xtreme Plunger Assembly (because I was too lazy to polish anything) LOK palmswell bogies. Extended mag release (gold team/limited elite size) Xtreme DA/SA trigger. 44.6 Ounces with the extended mag. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  10. S2 uses a different finish than the older CZ's. Yours is a nitride where the older ones are a poly coat or blued I believe.
  11. It is pretty common to see holster wear there. Not really an indication of abuse or over use. I had a shadow that I shot for only a few matches and had some dry fire that had wear up by the muzzle. Although I prefer to think of it as patina or a beauty mark and not wear....
  12. Stock 2 is a great gun. The new IFG Lim Pro is really nice as well. The Stock 2 has a full length dust cover and cone fit barrel. The Lim Pro has a shorter dust cover but, it still balances really well. It is easier to make weight if you decide to go the carry optics route. Trigger needs a little work with a Tanfo but it is easy to get 6 pound DA, 2 pound SA.
  13. I feel your pain! Since I am left eye dominant when I was in the Marines they made me do all my shooting lefty. Was not a big deal with the M4/M16 but, when it came time to pistol qual I stunk it up at first. When I got out, I shot lefty at first. Eventually the lack of support for parts drove me to shoot pistol right handed and learn to adjust my hold to compensate for my eye dominance. I wish I could help ya with the right side safety. Hopefully some of your fellow southpaws will come along soon with the info you need....
  14. Congrats on your purchase! If you follow the MM videos online and do a complete disassembly, when doing the reassembly you just flip the mag catch to the other side... I do not have an answer about the safety though.
  15. I would recommend something like a CTS Long Slide. I know the dust cover is much shorter and all but, it is a similar upper. The grip profile is smaller but, a set of Lok palmswell grips would help with that. A Tanfo large frame will fill your hands up more like a TSO but, the trigger guard is squared and feels different that a TSO.
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