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  1. The shadow tac 2 is a cz custom 75 shadow. It is not a de-cocker model. It comes with a short reset disco, extended FP and 13 pound main spring. The "Tactical" portion of the name comes from the fact that it comes with a tritium front sight and fixed rear sights. The internals are fully polished by cz custom. It has an 85C trigger, aluminum grips, and extended mag release. Mine was about 8 pounds DA and 2.5 SA out of the box. The main difference between a shadow tac 2 and a SP-01 Shadow (other than the fact that the tac2 comes already worked over by cz custom) is that is on a standard 75 frame and not a SP-01 frame. In other words, short dust cover and no accessory rail. An 11.5 main spring will get the DA trigger pull to just under 7 pounds. It is a very nice gun. You can tell it has been worked over by CZ Custom when you pull that trigger and check the reset when compared to a stock shadow.
  2. That would be a great write up. Add some links to Memphismechanics videos, and his Tanfo Bible thread and call it "Tanfo Tuning with Mr. Memphis and Dr. John!" similar to the "Professor Atlas" CZ thread.
  3. My first match was an outlaw steel match. I did so bad that I decided I needed to go practice for 6 more months before I came back to another one. That was about 3 years ago, for the first year or so after that I shot I only attended local outlaw steel matches. Last year I hit every Steel Challenge match at my local club and made amazing progress. I have shot 5 or 6 USPSA matches in the last 4 months and I am starting to see some very solid progress there finally as well. I got into this sport after struggling with getting out of the Marines for medical reasons after 14 years. My dad (who has never shot a match) had suggested shooting in competitions as a way to take my mind off the separation and to meet people who have been through similar situations as me. Very smart man my dad....
  4. I think this is a very interesting topic. I have several friends that love to go to the range when I am not at a match. I have had decent luck getting them to come out to steel challenge matches. The lack of movement and minimal gear requirements really help a lot. I have yet to get a single one of them out to a USPSA match though. For whatever reason the idea of having to possibly shoot weak hand or shoot from a funky position seems to worry them. They don't want to look bad in front of others also. I would tell them that I am still fairly new at USPSA and am in no way a competitor to win, more of a participant I always say, and it is all about having fun and just getting better at shooting. Honestly it really doesn't bother me anymore. I know plenty of people at every USPSA match I attend now and while my friends all know the offer always stands I don't even bother to ask them if they want to come to USPSA matches anymore. Besides, USPSA matches are ready very well attended where I shoot and while it is selfish on my part I like to get home as early as possible for my wife and kids.
  5. I love that hammer on that gun! such a sweet setup whatever way you decide to shoot it.
  6. those look so nice! Now ya just need to offer one with a compensator..
  7. billthemarine2862

    CZ Trigger

    a shadow 2 is a better choice over a sp-01 if you dont mind spending a little extra coin though.
  8. billthemarine2862

    CZ Trigger

    I am a big fan of the sig p226 and the cz/tanfo platforms. My personal opinion is that out of the box a sp-01 will be easier to reach the trigger than a factory 226. The grip circumference will be smaller for the sp-01 as well. Starting from half cock with a sp-01 tactical the DA pull will be lighter as well. While a sp-01 with a safety will have a similar pull weight but, I feel that cz has a better stock DA pull. The reset on a sig with the SRT will be shorter and much more crisp though than any out of the box factory cz. The lower bore axis of the cz will mean your gun will come back on target faster with the sp-01. The overall quality of a sig is superior to a SP-01, again just my opinion here. The other big difference is the way you you hold a sig in relation to the target compared to a CZ. You can do more of a lollipop style hold with the cz unlike the sig with factory sights where you are holding more center mass on the target. It will be easier to improve the trigger of a cz vs a sig p226 as well. Bringing the overall pull weight down even more than with a sig it is definitely not hard to get the cz SA reset close to the sig in terms of distance and far lighter in pull weight. I shoot cz's and Tanfo's at matches but keep a sig bedside if that tells you anything.
  9. I usually go with squad 4. We had a couple of good carry optics shooters. If you ever shoot the 4th Sunday steel match I also pick squad 4 for that one. We were definitely heavier on limited div shooters this last match though.
  10. I was there this weekend too. I had a decent run by my lowly standards. Had a lot of fun even with it being a little on the chilly side.
  11. I like that polish job. I have a spare frame sitting in the safe that may have to get that treatment if I ever get bored enough.
  12. what do you have there Kneelingatlas? GT factory barrel with the first port opened up some along with 3 popple holes? On a shortened frame?
  13. Tristar makes great guns. My carry gun is a P100. It has been 100% reliable for me when I take it to the range.
  14. Thanks! You are always there with the answers.
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