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  1. You can convert it to SAO by either removing the disco and replacing the trigger with a SAO trigger, or by using a BOLO and a SAO trigger. If using a BOLO remember to remove the pre and over travel screws from your trigger. Also, expect to do some fitting of the BOLO if you do not upgrade the hammer and sear. You can also just run it locked and cocked and use the safety and run it limited minor without doing anything else (technically not SAO but, you are still bypassing the DA). Either way it will never be exactly the same as a high end 1911 trigger. By upgrading the hammer to a Titan or Unica you can have an amazing trigger but, there will always be a small amount of over travel and pre-travel. To get the shortest amount of pre-travel possible I feel a BOLO should be used. Upgrading the hammer and changing the springs are a must if you want anything close to a 1911 style trigger action. My SAO tanfo breaks like glass with a 1.75 pound trigger but there is some pre and over travel, especially when compared to a 1911 trigger. (I actually have more pre-travel than necessary but, that is by design) Remember you are using a hinged trigger here, and a very different hammer and sear configuration compared to a 1911. Personally I like to have some pre-travel in my trigger. With a sub 2 pound trigger, under match conditions that little bit of pre travel really helps keeping you from having an early lunch at the local Dairy Queen.
  2. After getting my bachelor's degree I used my leftover GI Bill to go to an online gunsmithing school (in hindsight I wish I would have gotten my P.M.P. but it was much more fun than that would have been) . I had to take several classes on external ballistics as well. I think the ballistics classes were very useful for the classes on optics and sights and for accurizing rifles. The ballsitics classes were taught in conjunction with the series of classes dealing with accurizing rifles and the classes on optics and sights. Hawkmec78 When you say GUNNING Calculations do you mean ballistics calculations?
  3. So I am interested in building a CO gun. I previously had a CZ Shadow set up for CO and I just flat out prefer Tanfo's over CZ's. The shadow had a dovetail mounted optic and I had no issues finding the dot or anything. I will be building on a budget so milling the slide will be out of the question to start. I plan on using a Henning dovetail mount with a FF3 for the dot. I want to know if it is possible to make weight with a Stock 2, Stock 3, or Lim Pro (IFG or older EAA). The new IFG Stock 1 does not really interest me. Looking for feedback from people that are using any of these platforms that I mentioned with a dovetail mount optic. What parts are you using to make weight? Are you using extended mags and still making weight? Is there a combination of dovetail mount and optic that is lighter than the Henning and FF3? Thanks
  4. Just don't go to the gunsmith who did the trigger job shown in this cz thread post...
  5. At my last match a really high level shooter was running an MBX 141mm with his Lim Pro set up for Carry Optics. It does rattle around a little bit inside the frame but, it was 100% reliable. He said he preferred it over the Hennings and he has never had any issues with it. The way the basepad is designed it is certainly easier to assemble and take apart for cleaning as well. He had no issues making weight (although it was a lim pro so weight should not really be a concern)
  6. I have found that over time blue locktite will give out. Solvents and cleaners will degrade the bond over time. I had that happen at a match where the overtravel screw moved causing me to have several bump fires (this was when I was shooting a CZ TS not a Tanfo). To check overtravel be sure to check regularly that the hammer hooks to do not engage the sear by pulling the trigger and holding it to the rear and rocking the hammer back in forth. I personally installed a BOLO in my SAO gun and removed the pre-travel screw and use red locktite for my over travel screw. You can always remove red locktite by heating the screw with a soldering iron.
  7. Cedar Ridge Range is really close to San Antonio. In addition to Alpha Mike's they hold IDPA and outlaw steel matches. There are matches scheduled there for every Saturday and Sunday.
  8. there is also a monthly multi gun match at Best of the west in Liberty Hill.
  9. I know this is probably a little late for the OP but, last year in the summer there was a Tuesday night Steel Challenge match at ARC. Hopefully they run it again this summer as well. texasipsc.net is a good mailing list for matches from Temple, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus.
  10. I found there was too much flex in the lava rock grips personally. I know they are pricey but, I second what Memphis said. Hennings are by far the best grips on the market. If you want to go the cheapest route of all, why not sand the wood grips down some and use grip tape?
  11. You should definitely polish the inside of the sear cage where it contacts the sides of the sear as well as the holes for the sear pin and the underside of the sear cage. The PD sear spring will make a huge difference.
  12. That pistol looks great! I run a Tanfo for limited division in USPSA. My setup is very different from yours but, my trigger breaks at 1.75 pounds. I have a factory plunger spring. Polished the living crap out of the the entire plunger assembly and trigger bar. Xtreme medium hammer spring, Unica Hammer, polished sear and sear cage, Patriot Defense trigger return spring, PD sear spring, PD firing pin spring, Patriot defense firing pin, extended firing pin block. I am not at all familiar with the Henning trigger system but, based on the parts you have listed I think a good change would be the sear spring. The factory sear spring adds a lot of weight to the trigger pull compared to the Patriot Defense sear spring. Edit... I just noticed that you said you ordered a PD sear spring. In addition that, polishing everything should get you where you want to be as far as pull weight.
  13. Hi Bill,


    Who did that DLC on the barrel and slide, it looks real good?


    I've been looking for a finish for a few pistols and DLC looks good but I don't know who to send them too.


    Take care,



    1. billthemarine2862


      I do not know the exact finish that is on it.  I purchased the upper from a gunsmith on gunbroker.   It really is very nice.  Far better than a Cerakote job.  That is for sure.

  14. The shadow tac 2 is a cz custom 75 shadow. It is not a de-cocker model. It comes with a short reset disco, extended FP and 13 pound main spring. The "Tactical" portion of the name comes from the fact that it comes with a tritium front sight and fixed rear sights. The internals are fully polished by cz custom. It has an 85C trigger, aluminum grips, and extended mag release. Mine was about 8 pounds DA and 2.5 SA out of the box. The main difference between a shadow tac 2 and a SP-01 Shadow (other than the fact that the tac2 comes already worked over by cz custom) is that is on a standard 75 frame and not a SP-01 frame. In other words, short dust cover and no accessory rail. An 11.5 main spring will get the DA trigger pull to just under 7 pounds. It is a very nice gun. You can tell it has been worked over by CZ Custom when you pull that trigger and check the reset when compared to a stock shadow.
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