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  1. You can add a little more tension to the middle leg on the sear spring. Just a little, a little goes a long way. Also adjust your over travel screw. YouTube if you need to.
  2. Congrats dude!! Glad your impressed so far. Can't wait until you shoot it. I can't help you with the stock mags but hopefully someone can chime in.
  3. No slide lock for me either, I'll take capacity 20/21 rounds. Also, some mags will lock back with one round still in magazine.
  4. Good luck with your Pantera, gun runs great out the box so, I think you will enjoy. I will say your best bet is to purchase a couple of tuned mags (your choice) or as others have recommended the Gen 2 STI mags. Will save you frustration so you can enjoy the 2011 platform. BTW, my Pantera had tons of shipping grease so first give it a good cleaning and lube.
  5. How many rounds (re-loadable) do you get in the gen 2 STI mags?
  6. That's good to know. Based on the build quality (thin metal), I figured they would be problems. So I just use my gen 1 STI and MBX mags from my Edge. I've been hearing good reviews about the gen 2 STI mags, may buy a couple to test out, I have a few grams kits laying around.
  7. Two mags came with mine. They are the 126mm. Can't tell you how they function because I've yet to use them. Main reason I switched the MIM parts is because I'm a lefty and needed a wider right side thumb safety.
  8. Have both an STI Edge and SPS Pantera in 40 S&W. Out of the box the SPS had a very nice 2lb 9oz trigger, very tight barrel to slide lockup, tight slide to frame fit, deadly accurate and was very reliable using MBX mags. Biggest downside is MIM ignition parts, MIM safeties and the finish wear kind of fast. Also the grip has molded in magwell so it cant be switched to a different brand of choice. Most parts easily swapped with my Edge although grips needed slight modification and replacement screws (SPS too big). I have about 5000 rounds through the Pantera and it has been quite a shooter. I've swapped ignition parts to Brazos kit and EGW safeties and I'll recommend this gun any day of the week. As with most 2011 guns a fair amount of tuning and tuned magazines will save you tons of frustration! New SPS black/ hard chrome is about $1400 new edge (blued) is about $2000. Hard to go wrong either way coming from a Glock.
  9. Thanks all. I used a heat gun to loosen the screw. Still took quite a bit of effort after applying a generous amount of heat. Changed position and applied blue threadlocker. All done on gun.
  10. What a good way to heat? On or off gun
  11. What is the best way to loosen the mag catch screw on shadow 2 to make a 2 o'clock adjustment? I have tried a torx wrench with no success, almost have stripped the screw. Please help
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