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  1. I've heard good things about the Alessi rigs and would like to try one sometime
  2. Shoulder rigs, like anything else, you get what you pay for. I have an Andrews Monarch and I like it as I spend a lot of time on horseback or a quad and for that a Shoulder rig works well vs a high ride paddle. Sam Andrews is a good guy to deal with and can/will customize the rig. For example, do you want to carry in condition 1 (cocked & locked... the only way to carry IMO) or (hammer down.. Ughh) ... lined or unlined holster. Sometimes he might even have something in stock. Like most custom makers, if not in stock then you may have a month or more wait time. I like the Monarch rig compared to say a Galco Jackass/Miami which generally require a tie down, are mass produced and may not "fit" your 1911 as well. Moreover, Sam Andrews stands behind his work and when you call to place an order you generally get Sam directly. https://samuel-andrews-crh7.squarespace.com/traditional-leather#/monarch-holster/
  3. I agree with what others have said - excluding cost.. I prefer the 38 super Even factoring in cost, I like the 38 super ... especially if bad things were to happen off the range
  4. Nice setup ! I too like Inline Fab's gear and prefer the Inline Fab mount over the other options.
  5. If the 650 is not in the cards then definitively the 550 over the SDB ! Here's a thought, go with 550 then when/if it's time to upgrade.. jump to the 1050
  6. Curious to see which one the OP decides to go with. I don't know if I've ever read a post of someone "regretting" buying a 1050 ... If anything, the consensus seems to be "I wish I would have bought it sooner" That said, Dillon makes very fine products 550, 650 or their King Of The Hill 1050
  7. Congratulations on your Atlas ! Someday, I will join the tribe and have my own Custom/Semi-Custom ... I hope ?
  8. Good to know, I had heard of thought of trying a dryer sheet ... did not know they should be used first. Great info
  9. The 1050 sure looks like a great machine For me, I had a 650 at one point, had to sell it due to a move... then got back into reloading and bought a 550C (which is a fine machine it its own right). However, if I had it to do over again, I'd have bought another 650... I will probably sell my Redding T-7 and perhaps the 550 to fund a 650 purchase... unless I can find a great deal on a 1050... I don't really load enough to justify a 1050 .. but ... they sure look sweet ! Dennis
  10. I had a 650, went through a move at one point and had sell all my reloading equipment... Then when I started over, I bought a 550C, its a fine machine... but if I had it to do over again I'd have bought the 650. At this stage, I'm going to sell my Redding T7 and use that to help fund a 650 purchase.
  11. I decided to go with the Stoeger Single Stack setup with BOSS holster as in the following link. As I'm just starting out and needed belt, mags, holster it was convenient and based on feedback... seemed like a good starting point. Also, another factor, since I want to try steel challenge at some point and from what I've read I can use the same rig for both USPSA and steel challenge. Thanks for all the info !! https://benstoegerproshop.com/single-stack-complete-rig-with-boss-holster-daa-racer-mag-pocuhes-and-daa-belts-for-uspsa/
  12. Great response's, I now have a short list to choose from. Thank You Guys!! Dennis
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