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  1. Wise choice on the 750 ! I have a 550 and "wish" i would have went with the 650 at the time but funds were tight.... nothing wrong with the 550 its a great press for what it is.. I just miss the auto-index and case feed
  2. Happy to hear they are getting ready to ship. Perhaps I can place an order after the 1'st of the year. Sadly I had to pass on a nice 1050 a few weeks back due to an unexpected water/well issue. Looking forward to hearing what folks have to say on the 1100 Dennis
  3. I talked to the good folks at Dillon a few weeks back and they told me the 1100 would be about $2K... so perhaps the price increase on the 1050 is "setting the stage"
  4. I did the same (donated $25) - this is a good site and I've learned much.
  5. Even though CO is or could be in the Factory Pistol I would like to see it have it's own forum or sub forum under Factory Pistol as that would consolidate CO posts vs spreading CO posts across open/factory, etc.
  6. That works for me as well. Tech/Troubleshooting Notes: Problem started earlier this week The problem is only on Firefox and certain versions of Firefox such as version 70 + Chrome works fine
  7. Hopefully soon. I would rather see them delay the product and ensure it's right vs rush it when it's not quite ready. None of us like the delays. However, I'd rather have the delay than get a product that is not quite ready for prime time. I've worked in manufacturing / Auto Industry and have seen what happens when a product is released before it's "ready" Reading posts of those that have actually used an 1100 at a demo booth they seemed to like it.
  8. Nice ! I ordered almost the exact same, will shoot it this weekend. Agreed, at that price point, it's hard to beat !
  9. Sure are a lot of "go for it's" I have never had an opportunity to try a DW... I will have to try one some day. Very good feedback on this forum !
  10. Agreed - John (CJ) is top shelf and more than willing to share his experiences and stories !
  11. Thank you - Informative post as I'm thinking of replacing / upgrading a guide rod in one of my 1911's I believe I'll go with a reputable brand name.
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