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  1. Sure are a lot of "go for it's" I have never had an opportunity to try a DW... I will have to try one some day. Very good feedback on this forum !
  2. Agreed - John (CJ) is top shelf and more than willing to share his experiences and stories !
  3. Thank you - Informative post as I'm thinking of replacing / upgrading a guide rod in one of my 1911's I believe I'll go with a reputable brand name.
  4. We look forward to hearing what you have to say about the 1100!
  5. Agree with Intheshaw1 "decent" used 1050's are hard to find.
  6. I'm hoping to be able to pick up a used 1050 when the RL 1100 is released Moving up from a 550 to a 1050 would be a nice step up for me
  7. Very well done indeed - thanks for sharing !
  8. In an effort to be helpful, in this thread.. a few posts up... I posted a link to the 1911Heaven web site as CJ is downsizing and has several nice Les Baer pistols on sale. Well... I ended up buying one myself
  9. Another good source for 1911's and he is currently downsizing and the following are below wholesale. This guy (cj) is well know and has a good rep in the 1911 community https://cj1911heaven.com/LesBaerInventory.html
  10. The different heights / selection will allow the shooter to achieve the POA/POI they desire. The above can be useful to fine tune based on a desired load or cartridge Also, there are or can be slight differences from one shooter to another
  11. 1911 addicts is a good place to find quality used 1911's I purchased a customized and tuned S&W 1911 E-series for a very good price about a year ago. On 1911 addicts you can often find some very good/fair prices on the used mid tier 1911's like Baer, Wilson, NightHawk, GC, etc The guys over on 1911 addicts, just like here, are generally good folks.
  12. I would consider a "used" Baer, Wilson, Guncrafter as they can be found for around the 2K - 2.5K price point gently used. Any of the above tend to hold their value rather well. I have a GC NoName that I like very well.
  13. I'm relatively new ... will have to look at and try Mobil 1 seems popular Good info - thank you.
  14. T Thanks for following up I don't ever recall anyone saying I should have bought a 650 vs a 1050 I'm hoping to have a 1050 someday
  15. I'm in the process of trying to setup a Glock 34 ... Lots of good info here Thank you all !!
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