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  1. I use 231 or HP38 for light loads 296 for full power, magnum Note 231 and HP38 are essentially equivalent.
  2. R Rowdy - thank you sir ! Very helpful as I'm trying to get "smarter" on CZ's Dennis
  3. Is this the 75 Shadow that is being referenced in the above post ? https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-factory/cz-75-sp01-shadow-9mm-91154-black-cz-custom-exclusive.html
  4. I'm looking at a CZ SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE as I have medium sized hands and the S2 might be a little large
  5. Good informative post and reply from 45 Raven I too have been thinking about adding a CZ to the stable and I'm looking at a CZ Shadow 2 Thank You
  6. Yes, I would go straight to the 750. I had a 650 years ago, got out of the game for a while, sold my press and gear. I then got back into it and bought a 550 and wish I would have went with a 650/750. Don't get me wrong, the 550 is a great press especially if you are going to be loading several different calibers including rifle but the 650/750 is a nice step up with the auto index and shell feeder.
  7. It's normal for the first load of new brass.. at least in my experience on my 550
  8. AHI is right It's not as "easy" as it could be as one has to add the press and then go to each additional component, package individually. At least, they do have some of the options bundled... i.e.. one can add (strong mount, roller handle, bullet tray) as a kit but it's not at the bottom of the page https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl-750-xl-650-machine-upgrade-kit_8_136_26709.html
  9. Good info - thank you ! When I do upgrade, I will look at the CV-2001 ...
  10. I'll send you a PM and provide more detail but in brief, the Grand is a might fine shotshell press and I would not hesitate to recommend it. I've owned about every shotshell press at one time or another and still own the Grand and a Spolar. The Spolar is on bench #2
  11. Agreed, in general, I would not go more than 24 deep The exception would be building shelf's or cabinets behind the presses - even then the reach could be an issue.
  12. I've found that I always fill the bench or benches. I'm "wanting" a Dillon 750 so I'll either have to sell a press to make room or build another bench.
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