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  1. I use the same in all of my shadow 2s (Irons, Optic Ready, Orange and Milled and lighted slides). 11lb Cajun. If you have one you like in production start there.
  2. If it is to tight to function please dont try to fix it yourself. Send it in for warranty service using the below link. https://cz-usa.com/support/warranty/ CZ will cover shipping both ways
  3. They are more of less the same gun minus the small changes: Metal Trigger New Safety Shadow 2 Style mag release. I dont think anything changed in the magwell from what I have seen. If given the option I would go for a recent production just for the mag catch and safety.
  4. Not exactly, They all come in to the US under 01165. 91165 is not the CZ USA part number I think that's the number CZ custom uses. Any of them made in the last year or so should have the shadow 2 rear sight and shadow 2 style mag release. I don't remember for sure if they had the short reset or not but I think they did. There is also a version out their that is gone over by CZ custom that is sold thru CZ USA if I remember right that's the 91764
  5. These are the CZ USA part numbers for slide stops the first 2 are made for the shadow 2, third is a PCR and I believe they still work but I dont use them. 0650008001 Rami Style Flat slide stop 0420008004 Factory slide stop 0420008002 PCR slide stop
  6. Unless I am misunderstanding what he wrote he wants a plate for the P10. so I linked one that is factory and in stock.
  7. While it should fit and function you really want CZ part 19230 It is going to match the lines of the slide and be cheaper than the Shadow 2 plate. It is also in stock at the moment with BSPS https://benstoegerproshop.com/cz-p-10-optic-adapter-plate-for-rmr-sro-holosun/
  8. Only things I have done to my oranges are the following: Cajun Floating Trigger pin Cajun 11.5 MS Cajun 11 Recoil spring Rami Firing pin spring Slim slide stop Slim safeties Most of this is optional and just matching the guns to what I have done to my others. Gun is reliable like this and will set off hard magnum primers.
  9. You might try the slim slide release as well.
  10. With the newer shadow 2 TRS I wouldnt worry about replacing them that often. I see around 25k round out of them in my practice guns that get a lot of dry fire. Do it yearly in your match gun or every 15-20k rounds if you only have one gun. With the slide stop if you have 1 gun have a match and practice slide stop. If you have 2 guns run the practice one until it breaks and put the old match one in the practice gun and a new one in the match gun.
  11. The P10 Plates also work but wont have an extractor pin cut out if you are looking for a factory plate quickly.
  12. unlikely to be an issue all the OR slides offered in the US are complete uppers with a factory fit barrel.
  13. Same paddle. The screw has thread locker on it. Heat it up good with a soldering iron before removing or you will strip it out.
  14. Foxj66

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    Look at the henning Pro pads or the shockbottle ones.
  15. Foxj66

    CZ TS 2

    Yes, should be part 10911371
  16. No idea, I would consider it legal and have shot them in a few production matches
  17. This line on the list should cover the OR "Orange", "Black" and other variants of the CZ 75, Shadow, Shadow 2, and SP-01 are approved, provided they meet other Production criteria for action type.
  18. I know BSPS has some on order.
  19. The OR guns have a shorter extractor pin it is CZ part 0330025002 Did you order a standard extractor pin?
  20. This sounds pretty ok to me. make it 1. 170mm 2. 15 round 3. 140mm 4. 15 round
  21. https://czcustom.com/a01-magazine-base-pad.html
  22. Keep a spare extractor, TRS and slide stop on hand. Odds are good you wont need to replace anything for 25-50k rounds. Spare optics are a good idea they dont seem to last as long
  23. Foxj66

    CZ P01 basepads

    If it would work for you I can check if the henning bases for 17 rounds shadow mags will work on the 15 round round mags in a P-01 let me know
  24. while it may work (havent tried) The mags would not.
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