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  1. Carriage bolts, angle the upright to put the target at about 15* of forward fall. It'll be fine. I've actually pretty much stopped using swinging steel myself for pistols entirely, and mostly for rifle as well.
  2. Well..... about that. I may have sorta called MGM out on facebook for accidentally forgetting to mention where they got the idea. Travis got a little upset.
  3. Thanks Boss. Looks suspiciously like my design. I think that means I've hit the big time, MGM has cloned one of my products.
  4. Anyone have a closeup of the clay stars? To my knowledge, that was my invention, we revealed it at SMM3G in Mesa this spring, and had it at the Hornady Zombies in the Heartland Match. I'm not aware of any other major outfits buying them yet. I ain't mad if someone cloned the idea, I'm just interested.
  5. I build steel targets for fun and profit as MOA Targets. Would be happy to write up a quote if you're interested. Just hit the Contact Us link on the site.
  6. Email me at mitch@moatargets.com I build targets for fun and profit, and am more than happy to help out with basic files and advice.
  7. That sounds suspiciously like the MOA Targets flow chart.
  8. Steel use flowchart 1/4" AR has to be pushed back to about 500 yards to hold up to 308, elsewise it will dent. I build steel targets for fun and profit, and here's my write up on shooting 1/4" AR400 http://moatargets.com/blog/14-ar400-as-a-long-range-rifle-target/ . AR500 would act about the same, the hardness (400 vs 500) only really helps with preventing pitting from velocity, not denting from total energy, based on my testing to date. For long range flashers, consider something like the Target Impact Signal Systems (TISS) units that have a sensor on the back of the target and a camera flash stationed nearby to signal hits. It's kinda expensive, but the Mozambique and Mini MO units that I build are designed to be used as long range targets that are easily checked for hit/nohit from the line. https://www.moatargets.com/moa-targets-mini-mo-ar500-steel-reactive-target I'm headed out on a three week shooting road trip. If you've got any questions, please drop me a line at mitch@moatargets.com
  9. LOL. USPS loves/hates me. I give them a lot of business, but their workman's comp has probably doubled. It's a bummer that flat rate maxes out at 70 lbs...
  10. Howdy! Durtywrench sent me the link here. I'm the MOA Targets guy. The Freedom Wheel wasn't built to directly compete with the MGM, but to be a user serviceable field expedient version. Because of how it's built, if you want a harder version, just ask and I can make the arms longer or paddles larger. Larger paddles is kinda counter intuitive for making it harder, but the extra weight makes a huge difference. I have a pistol only version out now as well. http://www.moatargets.com/ar500-steel-reactive-targets?product_id=345 Feel free to ask questions, I'll try to check in on this thread occasionally. The contact form on the website is usually the best way to grab my attention.
  11. Yup, I use a 4KW laser. Nice sharp edges, effectively no heat affect zone, especially on 1/4 and 3/8". I've seen this a lot. I use a water jet to cut mine. No heat at all.
  12. I saw a whole bunch of hits come in from here, so I figured I'd back track and see what you guys were up to. Then I saw someone saying nice things about me, so I figured I better point out that I'm also exceptionally good looking, and handy with a rock hammer. More importantly, I have data. Hit blog.moatargets.com for a bunch of writeups I've done on steel targets, and feel free to ask questions.
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