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  1. I run a jard. I know it is old school but it breaks nice and is about 3 lbs. You have to be a bit of a tinker-er to get everything just right once I have the adjustments where I want them I red lock tite them. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. It is more keeping the shell centered enough to enter the chamber. There are a myriad of issues that can crop up with welded lifters. Nose contacting the shells, not enough force in the spring to elevate the now heavier lifter and misalignment. The notch that is on the front of the lifters is intended to center the shell as it is being chambered. The relatively square front profile of shotgun shells is not conducive to perfect chambering. When you remove the notch so it won't bite your thumb, you have eliminated a reliability design feature. The first thing to do is to figure out what is happening. Is it really an alignment issue, which usually has the symptom of the shell caught on the crimp as the bolt is running forward. In most cases, the shell gets snagged or cut on the extractor cut of the barrel. If that is the case, then taking off the sharp corners with a bevel will fix the problem in most cases. The shell if getting cut and catching on the extractor slot. I have beveled the outside edhe of the chamber but it still catches and hangs a shell up sometimes. When it happens I just have to pull the bolt back slightly and let it go and the shell will chamber. I really don't want to bevel it any more because I have seen guys that have beveled them to much have to go to more expensive shells because the bevel makes the base bulge out enough that the extrator wont stay on it. I may just go back to the stock lifter. I really didn't have much problem getting my thumb bit, I weak hand load 2 off of a cameleon belt and I used to just make sure I kept my thumb straight pushing in the shells. I do load faster now with the welded lifter, but I think some of it is a mental block from focusing to much on keeping my thumb straight rather than just stuffing shells in as fast as possible I ran all of Ironman last year with the stock lifter and never got bit.
  3. Mark you mentioned lifter alignment I think this is a problem that I am having with my welded lifter. How do you go about aligning it? Thanks
  4. It functions well with bird shot. Like walmart federal bulk pack and winchester
  5. I had Crums weld a lifter for my Versamax and I have had some malfunctions ever since. The shell seems to push to the extractor slot side and gets hung up. I talked to Jeff and he said to bevel the extractor slot side of the chamber mouth. I did this and it has helped, the shotgun doesn't have near the number of jams as before but it still has a shell that hangs up going into the chamber sometimes. I have beveled the chamber as much as I dare. I don't want to got to far and have shells bulge out to the point that the extractor won't hold them any more, and I don't want to run expensive shells with a heavier base. I don't want this to be a dig at crums I know they do good work. I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on how to fix it. It never malfunctioned with the stock lifter. Thanks
  6. Okay thanks for the feedback. Do you think that it is about as hard to spin as the MGM?
  7. I am looking to get into some targets for practice and would really like to get a spinner. Have any of you used the MOA targets freedom wheel. How does it compare to the MGM in the number of shots it takes to spin it? It looks like from videos I have seen it may spin easier?
  8. I am with the hose that would pay $100 more at a big match to not have to reset. I am just getting into this game semi serious, but my main goal is to have fun and hang out with buddies. I just shot Ironman and I will probably only shoot 3 or 4 more matches this year. I had a great time at Ironman but I would have had a better time if between shooting I could go watch a buddy shoot on another squad or just shoot the bull. $100 compared to what I spent would be negligible and I would have a lot more fun. The whole time I was thinking this is a vacation it seems more like work.
  9. Someone at Ironman did use a 30 carbine this year.
  10. What about a lever action in 454. Would make a good staged gun for spinners.
  11. Jayjay, I don't think the 20 inch barrel is a mistake. If you decide to shoot out to 1000m then you can get it to work. I just made an assumption that you where buying factory ammo because you mentioned that you wanted to keep ammo costs down, which even for a hand loader a 308 does that. I guess I saw precision rifle and just assumed long range. Have fun and I would suggest trying some 155 grain bergers when you start loading for it. A good precision rifle load is not all about wind drift a higher velocity load makes it easier to make hits especially on unknown distance stuff.
  12. I noticed though that you are probably going to be using factory ammo. Which in that case u should definitely go with the 24 inch barrel. Most all the good long range 308 ammo available is loaded with 175s which really needs the extra barrel. The ammo I would use is federals version of thier gold medal match ammo that they sell to the military. http://www.sgammo.com/product/federal/20-rds-762x51-federal-gold-medal-match-175gr-bthp-sierra-matchking-ammo
  13. I would go with the 24 inch if it is for long range. I have won 4 state f class championships. And several regional championships in long range. My load has been 185 bergers but I have a 30 inch barrel. If I was using a shorter barrel I would use the 155 grain berger hybrid. I have been messing with these bullets in a 22 inch AR 10 and getting half minute acuraccy at 100 yards and it will stay super sonic past 1000 yards. Last night I had no problem hitting an 8 inch plate at 500 yards in a 15 mile an hour wind. And hitting a 1/3 size IPSC target at 700. This load was with varget. I really like the howa action and feel like it is one of the best for the money. I would build all my hunting and precision rifles on it if there where more aftermarket accessories for it. I think with 155 hybrids the 20 inch barrel will still get u out to 1000 yards so if u want a shorter handier rifle go for it.
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