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  1. Mid Atlantic Multigun Championship, York PA, June 8-9, 2019 https://www.practiscore.com/2019-invictus-practical-mid-atlantic-multi-gun-championship/register
  2. MedicAJ

    TTI Loading Port Work

    They offer all of their shotgun services a la carte (or at least they used to...not 100% sure if they do currently), in addition to the full upgrade. I sent them an M2 a couple of years ago for loading port, stippling, and lifter install and it's been 100% reliable. Andy
  3. Can't find the info I'm looking for. Does anyone know the fiber optic pipe diameter (not the sight diameter, the diameter of the actual fiber optic rod) for the stock STI DVC 3 Gun front sight? Andy
  4. MedicAJ

    STI 2011 Gen 1 or Gen 2 mags???

    Just a quick update on my Gen 2 mags. Using the TTI low profile follower, TTI 11 coil spring, and TTI 4mm basepad I'm getting 24rds in them. Andy
  5. MedicAJ

    Fitting a PT Evo Grip

    I just received my PT EVO grip last week. It went onto my STI frame (TG prefix, DLC coated) without any fitting needed, however the fit was so snug, that it was pinching the frame enough to prevent the slide from moving on the frame rails. Will take a touch of fitting to fix. Andy
  6. MedicAJ

    STI 2011 Gen 1 or Gen 2 mags???

    I have (6) Gen 1 and (6) Gen 2 140mm tubes, both with TTI floorplates and guts, and all have been 100% reliable for me. The only difference, is that the Gen 2's reliably hold 23rds, while the Gen 1's will only hold 22.
  7. MedicAJ

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    The Vortex Ranger 1800 is awesome. I use it for 3-gun and professionally as a police sniper. Andy
  8. The stages descriptions are posted on their facebook page.
  9. April 5-7, USPSA Multigun Nationals, Universal Shooting Academy, Frostproof FL May 3-5, Ohio State 3 Gun Championship, Southington Gun Club, Garrettsville, OH Aug 31-Sep1, Pennsylvania 3 Gun Championship, Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, New Tripoli PA
  10. Tampa as well. Last time i shot a match at USA I flew in there as the airfares were significantly cheaper than flying into Orlando.
  11. MedicAJ

    AR triggers (2018)

    I've been running the Geissele SSP (Single Stage Precision) this season and absolutely love it. Great single stage trigger with a nice break, and an authoritative reset which I feel that some other triggers lack. https://geissele.com/ssp-m4-curved-bow.html
  12. MedicAJ

    scopes for AR.. 1-6, 1-8?

    I've never felt at a disadvantage with 6x. From local matches only out to 200, to majors out past 500.
  13. MedicAJ

    scopes for AR.. 1-6, 1-8?

    The Vortex Viper PST2 1-6 is a great middle ground for price and quality if you're a little gun shy about going for something more expensive like the Razor.
  14. I'm a SWAT Cop, Flight Paramedic, and TCCC instructor, and have been running classes throughout Pennsylvania geared specifically towards range injuries over the last couple of years. I know I'm much more comfortable shooting a match when there's someone there whom I know is trained (other than me). It still amazes me that guys won't think twice about plunking down 5 grand on a pistol, but will balk at a hundred bucks for some medical supplies and 50 bucks for training on how to use it. Andy