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  1. Tampa as well. Last time i shot a match at USA I flew in there as the airfares were significantly cheaper than flying into Orlando.
  2. MedicAJ

    AR triggers (2018)

    I've been running the Geissele SSP (Single Stage Precision) this season and absolutely love it. Great single stage trigger with a nice break, and an authoritative reset which I feel that some other triggers lack. https://geissele.com/ssp-m4-curved-bow.html
  3. MedicAJ

    scopes for AR.. 1-6, 1-8?

    I've never felt at a disadvantage with 6x. From local matches only out to 200, to majors out past 500.
  4. MedicAJ

    scopes for AR.. 1-6, 1-8?

    The Vortex Viper PST2 1-6 is a great middle ground for price and quality if you're a little gun shy about going for something more expensive like the Razor.
  5. I'm a SWAT Cop, Flight Paramedic, and TCCC instructor, and have been running classes throughout Pennsylvania geared specifically towards range injuries over the last couple of years. I know I'm much more comfortable shooting a match when there's someone there whom I know is trained (other than me). It still amazes me that guys won't think twice about plunking down 5 grand on a pistol, but will balk at a hundred bucks for some medical supplies and 50 bucks for training on how to use it. Andy
  6. The following video will show you how to modify a Safariland ALS holster to fit a DVC 3 Gun. It takes about 10 minutes.
  7. There's a bunch near the I-78/Rte 100 interchange that are all decent, and not far from the range. Search for 'Fogelsville' as the location.
  8. MedicAJ


    I was always taught, and use the following to differentiate the two: AD is when a mechanical issue with the firearm causes an unintentional shot (ie, not the shooter's fault) ND is when the shooter fires an unintentional shot (shooter's fault)
  9. MedicAJ

    MDT Brownells Chassis?

    Anyone have experience with the Brownells-branded chassis for the Rem 700 from MDT? https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/stock-parts/rifle-stocks/remington-700-short-action-chassis-matte-black-sku100820007-116297-207387.aspx Price looks decent. Andy
  10. MedicAJ

    Highest 9mm Mag Capacity Recipe

    I only have one MBX mag, and as it came from the factory, I can only get 23. I'll swap the spring to a TTI and see. Thanks! Andy
  11. So, it's been awhile since I've seen this posted, so instead of resuscitating a dead post, I figured I'd start a new one. What's the best recipe you have for maximizing capacity in 9mm 140mm 2011 mags? So far this year I've been running STI Gen 2 tubes with TTI plates, followers, and springs and have been getting 23 rounds and they have been 100% reliable. Anybody getting 24? Andy
  12. MedicAJ

    Armalite 13.5

    I have Armalite brakes on 3 different rifles (only one of them is actually an Armalite rifle) and absolutely love them. Very easy to tune for both upward and lateral movement.
  13. Has anyone had any luck mounting an Invictus caddy (Q8 or Q12) to a Safariland QLS Fork (NOT an ELS)? Thinking of a way to use my QLS plate for extra shotgun shells on stages when I don't have to carry a pistol. Pics would be helpful. Thanks!! Andy
  14. MedicAJ

    Shot Mass VS Velocity

    So... Hypothetical...1 1/8oz 7.5 going 1300fps or 1oz 7.5 going 1350fps. Physics tells us that velocity has more effect on energy than mass, but what's everybody's practical experience? For either clays or KO steel. Andy
  15. MedicAJ

    3 Gun Shotgun Ammo

    I used to run the Walmart Federal bulk pack stuff, but I've experienced too many issues with them to rely on them. I ran Remington American Clay & Field 1200fps 1 1/8oz 7.5's all this past season and it's been 100% reliable. It's a little pricier, but the reliability is worth it. I've also run Winchester AA 1145fps Light Target loads and they're also 100% reliable in my M2.