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  1. Brownells or Fiocchi 12ga dummies have worked great for me.
  2. Sorry for the necropost, but I was just searching for something similar and came across these: https://www.allelectronics.com/item/sc-114/8-32-x-1-1/4-knurled-thumb-screw/1.html They're 1.25" long, should work for mag pouches. Andy
  3. There's no rib visible, basically just the apex of the front sight triangle visible over the ramp. My other M2 has an XS rear sight, and I can see way more of the front sight and still have POA/POI. It has a nordic clamp, but I didn't think it could have THAT much of an effect. I'll take it off and see if that helps. They're Fiocchi JM slugs, which shoot great in my other M2. They're grouping great (maybe 5" at 100yds), just way high. Andy
  4. I have a new Benelli M2 I'm breaking in, and at 100yds, slugs are impacting 3 feet above POA. 26" vent rib barrel with a Hi-Viz triangle front sight. no rear sight. Any suggestions on how to correct? Thanks! Andy
  5. Anyone have any recent experience with any of the GPS luggage trackers for flying with firearms? Andy
  6. Does anyone know if this match is half day or full day format? Andy
  7. Have (2) Glock OEM 31rd mags with TTI plus 10 extensions, and I am only able to get 35rds in each. Any ideas? Andy
  8. The same can be said about Glocks, or SIGs or M&P's used in competition. Very few competitors are running ANY gun in stock configuration.
  9. Armageddon Gear Fat Bags, both the medium and large size. Both weigh next to nothing, are super durable, and have plenty of straps and velcro to attach to yourself or your rifle. Andy
  10. Just a followup on this...cold northeast late winter temps and Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil were the culprit. Stripped, cleaned, and lubed with Lucas Red and it runs like a sewing machine. Andy
  11. Which stage? The down and back stage or the prone slug stage? From what I heard people started to game the slug stage the same way as well. At the end of the day, it's my personal opinion that the USPSA ruleset (and this scenario is the perfect example) is a ruleset that wasn't designed from the ground up for multigun. It is a pistol ruleset adapted for 3 gun. While action pistol shooting and 3 gun are very similar and have several parallels, they are not the same sport and deserve rulesets unique to their particular nuances. Does it really change anything for me? Not really, except that despite developing a certain comfort level after shooting 3-gun for several years, I was much more hypervigilant than I usually am about every deliberate action i took while at this match.
  12. They are completely ridiculous when you consider that none of these actions are remotely unsafe, especially when contrasted with allowing competitors to shoot prone with a holstered loaded pistol (which i don’t think is particularly unsafe, just the lack of consistency is bewildering).
  13. Removing a holstered empty pistol from your belt - DQ Pistol falling from holster AFTER ULSC while walking to another bay to clear another firearm used on the stage - DQ Stepping more than 3 feet from a firearm placed on the ground - DQ Bagging/Unbagging a firearm more than 2 yards from a berm - DQ
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