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  1. Armageddon Gear Fat Bags, both the medium and large size. Both weigh next to nothing, are super durable, and have plenty of straps and velcro to attach to yourself or your rifle. Andy
  2. Just a followup on this...cold northeast late winter temps and Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil were the culprit. Stripped, cleaned, and lubed with Lucas Red and it runs like a sewing machine. Andy
  3. Which stage? The down and back stage or the prone slug stage? From what I heard people started to game the slug stage the same way as well. At the end of the day, it's my personal opinion that the USPSA ruleset (and this scenario is the perfect example) is a ruleset that wasn't designed from the ground up for multigun. It is a pistol ruleset adapted for 3 gun. While action pistol shooting and 3 gun are very similar and have several parallels, they are not the same sport and deserve rulesets unique to their particular nuances. Does it really change anything for me? Not really, except that despite developing a certain comfort level after shooting 3-gun for several years, I was much more hypervigilant than I usually am about every deliberate action i took while at this match.
  4. They are completely ridiculous when you consider that none of these actions are remotely unsafe, especially when contrasted with allowing competitors to shoot prone with a holstered loaded pistol (which i don’t think is particularly unsafe, just the lack of consistency is bewildering).
  5. Removing a holstered empty pistol from your belt - DQ Pistol falling from holster AFTER ULSC while walking to another bay to clear another firearm used on the stage - DQ Stepping more than 3 feet from a firearm placed on the ground - DQ Bagging/Unbagging a firearm more than 2 yards from a berm - DQ
  6. Here's my AAR for USPSA MG Nationals I have shot several matches at Universal Shooting Academy in the past, and have always enjoyed shooting at the facility. As a northeasterner, early season majors are sometimes difficult, because we really haven't had much opportunity to practice over the winter. Additionally, I tore my ACL last August, and this was only my second 3-gun match since I had it surgically repaired 7 months ago. I was not shooting a sponsor slot, I paid my own match fee. This was my first match shooting USPSA MG Rules, so I made it a point going in to be super careful with gun handling, etc. Coming from a background of only shooting outlaw or 3GN rulesets, the 'mother-may-I'/babysitting mentality is tough to get used to, but it is what it is. People got DQ'd for some completely ridiculous reasons, that were not even remotely unsafe. These are rule issues, not a venue, RO, or match issue. The stages were awesome. Shannon did an awesome job designing some very challenging stages that tested multiple shooting skills. There were some match flow issues due to the length (stage time) disparity between some of the stages (best time on the shortest stage was 21 seconds, best time on the longest stage was 75 seconds), but not any moreso than I have encountered elsewhere. There's really no way around it if you want a match that includes fast stages as well as longer stages. The match flow was divided into 3 groups (stages 1-4, 5-8, 9-12) which meant that your 4 stages for the day will all in close proximity to each other, preventing you from hauling gear all over the property. The short answer, I WILL be shooting this match again next year. Andy
  7. I'm having an issue with an STI DVC 3 Gun and I was curious if anybody has encountered something or similar or has any ideas. Occasionally when firing, the pistol will cycle very sluggishly, and occasionally the slide will remain to the rear with a various number of rounds still in the magazine. A quick tap on the rear of the slide will send it back into battery. This does not happen all of the time, maybe 10%. I have tried 4 different types of ammo (9mm, all 135-145pf), different mags, and different recoil springs, both with and without shock buffs. I've disassembled the pistol, and removed the barrel and recoil spring and the fit is fine and the slide moves without any binding. Any other ideas as to what may be causing this? Andy
  8. I run bullets to the rear with my rifle mags and bullets to the front with my pistol mags. I feel like ergonomically it works better that way as the biomechanics are slightly different doing the two relaods. Andy
  9. Are people getting their Benelli M2 lifters back yet? I ordered on Black Friday but am not sure if they're doing the installs yet.
  10. Love my Razors in Geissele 1.93's. Rock solid combo. Andy
  11. I practice both, but am better at the weak-hand load. To me, it maintains more similarity with how I load the other guns, coupled with a subconscious principle of always keeping your firing hand on the gun. For me, there definitely is a time and a place for the strong hand load though, such as a long shotgun-heavy stage, where it is too awkward to reach all the way across my body with my left hand to get to the last of the shells. Andy
  12. Mid Atlantic Multigun Championship, York PA, June 8-9, 2019 https://www.practiscore.com/2019-invictus-practical-mid-atlantic-multi-gun-championship/register
  13. They offer all of their shotgun services a la carte (or at least they used to...not 100% sure if they do currently), in addition to the full upgrade. I sent them an M2 a couple of years ago for loading port, stippling, and lifter install and it's been 100% reliable. Andy
  14. Can't find the info I'm looking for. Does anyone know the fiber optic pipe diameter (not the sight diameter, the diameter of the actual fiber optic rod) for the stock STI DVC 3 Gun front sight? Andy
  15. Just a quick update on my Gen 2 mags. Using the TTI low profile follower, TTI 11 coil spring, and TTI 4mm basepad I'm getting 24rds in them. Andy
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