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  1. jlo86cj PCC muzzle

    2017 Optics Nationals I was told by Troy muzzle down and flagged there was no problem sweeping your feet, or others. I mounted a vertical scabbard in my cart and just dropped it in. Simple and didn’t require a special parking spot. At Area 6 2018 Troy told me the board changed it and you could now be DQ’d for sweeping yours or anyone’s feet. I now carry pointed up and park my cart within 2 yards of a side berm.
  2. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/269409-gibbz-arms-bolt-modification/
  3. The lower and upper are awesome. The bolt not so much. I could never get it to run. Someone on here seems to have modified the bolt and got it to run, but it's not an easy mod.
  4. jlo86cj

    Best stock for MPX?

    Thordsen adapter and ACE entry length ultra lite...
  5. jlo86cj

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    I have a feeling this problem has something to do with harmonics. When you have a barrel that thin, there's just to many variables that can affect it. All it takes is a dulling turning insert to change the stresses put into the barrel and consistency across the same design is harder to maintain. Personally, I wouldn't have a 9mm barrel smaller than .625".
  6. jlo86cj

    Most Stable Carbon Fiber Handguard?

    If you prefer the smaller diameter, the new Smoke Composites one is the best design IMO. I have an Isler on my MPX and tried the new (smaller diameter) design from Smoke on an AR9 I have. I prefer the larger diameter, so I ended up not using the smaller one. It just comes down to personal preference.
  7. jlo86cj

    MPX 8” barrel loading data

    I would say go with the Hiperfire, it’s what I have the most experience with. I tried an Elf and didn’t really care for the reset. I have a couple of friends that switched from the Hiperfire to the Timney MPX when it came out, only to switch back to the Hiperfire.
  8. jlo86cj

    Gibbz Arms bolt modification

    I had the same problem. They sent the small filler for the unused extractor side, but it still ran like crap. It now resides in a box with other mistakes. Good to see a fix for it. Maybe they'll address it, but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. jlo86cj

    MPX Maintenance Schedule

    After almost two years of tinkering with the MPX I've settled on running the +20 springs and tuning the gas to your load. I've seen improved accuracy as well as less abuse to the trigger. I did recently have the bolt carrier grenade, but I attribute that to running it over gassed for to long. I have a 10.5 ILWT barrel with a .062 port, .052 gas plug and +20 springs. My load is Berry's 124 HBRN-TP and 4.0 grains on Alliant Sport Pistol. It's right at 132pf and runs perfect. It ejects at 2:00 about 10 feet. I just ordered an 8" and Robert is leaving it .052. It should be just about perfect with an open gas plug. If not, I plan on opening it up in .001 increments until it's where I want it.
  10. jlo86cj

    MPX 8” barrel loading data

    No. Normal maintenance I just run the pistons and plugs in the ultrasonic and brush any residual carbon off the outside. As long as the original rings spin freely they seem to work good. Then I coat them in gun oil and keep them in a bag. Before installing the next time I clean them off with Brakeclean or carb cleaner. I have about five sets I cycle thru and just recently put new rings on them for the first time in about a year.
  11. jlo86cj

    MPX 8” barrel loading data

    The new rings aren’t over gassing it. The full port, stock springs and open plug are doing it. The ejection angle doesn’t change as much as the distance. With that setup my 10.5 would probably eject 20 feet. Also, over gassing shouldn’t be the cause of your failure. It’s just hard on the hammer, bolt, etc. The problem started after you changed the rings, so it’s a good chance that’s your problem. If the outer rings have a larger gap you probably have more carbon in the corner of the groove. This doesn’t let it compress and causes issues.
  12. jlo86cj

    MPX 8” barrel loading data

    Every combo is different, but my experience would say you’re way over gassed. With Blaser Brass 115’s I would think a .052 and +20 springs would be the ticket. It’s starting to look like everyone wanting .062 ports was a bit overzealous. I just ordered a new 8” and Rob is leaving it at .052 for me. That way I can run an open plug. Replacing the rings on the piston can be a bit picky. I have replaced them in the past and introduced short stroke failures. Replacing with a new piston instantly fixed the problem. I found you REALLY have to make sure every bit of carbon is out of the groove (especially the corners) before installing new rings. If it takes to much force to insert the piston you end up deforming the new gas rings.
  13. jlo86cj

    Winchester primers.......

    I'm pretty sure the red is just a sealer and is colored to designate pistol primers. Winchester rifle primers have a green sealer. WSP's is all I use. Never had a problem.