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  1. jlo86cj

    Winchester primers.......

    I'm pretty sure the red is just a sealer and is colored to designate pistol primers. Winchester rifle primers have a green sealer. WSP's is all I use. Never had a problem.
  2. jlo86cj

    MPX 8” barrel loading data

    That's how the barrel came. I've ran 147's at 128 pf that ran better with an open plug and the +20 springs. I noticed better accuracy with the stiffer springs so I tune the gas to get the ejection pattern I like. Robert Otte sees the same accuracy improvement and attributes it to a slightly increased time in battery. Especially running aftermarket triggers that change the overall resistance that the bolt sees.
  3. jlo86cj

    MPX 8” barrel loading data

    ILWT 10.5” barrel Berry’s 124 HBRN-TP 4.0 gr Alliant Sport Pistol 1.140” oal 132 pf The barrel has a .062” port and I run a .054” gas plug and +20 recoil springs. Shoots like a dream.
  4. jlo86cj

    MPX Magwells, SSI or TTI?

    SSI is plastic and the only one I have experience with. It’s bulletproof and served me well since it was introduced. If I had to do it again it would be the SSI.
  5. jlo86cj

    Any Magwells for a Gibbz Lower?

    Nope. Send a note to Techwear. He's trying to get Gibbz to send him a lower to design one. The more interest both parties see, the better chance of something happening.
  6. jlo86cj

    Flared Magwell for Gibbz Arms G9 Lower

    I contacted Techwear about making one and they got ahold of Gibbz about borrowing a lower to pattern on after. Don’t know what Gibbz said...
  7. jlo86cj

    Best Offset Optics Mount

    I mounted my Railway on an ADM quick release mount. This gives enough room under the rear of it to mount a JP offset mount with an RTS2 on it. Works great.
  8. jlo86cj

    Moving to coated bullets - need suggestions

    I would recommend Gallant 125's sized to .356 min. I have two Accushadows that the barrels slugged .356, so I buy them sized to .357. Gallant has proven to be more consistent in weight and coating for me.
  9. jlo86cj

    Magwell for ATI PCC

    I'm pretty sure the ATI lower is a New Frontier, so anyone available for it should work.
  10. jlo86cj

    Federal Action Pistol Primera

    They are using lead free catalyst primers in the action pistol that have the same cup and anvil as as their SPP. You shouldn't have any problems with a 11.5# spring. I run the 10# springs from CZC with no light strikes on Federal SPP's.
  11. jlo86cj

    Pcc stock on belt start question

    I have a small reference on my belt that supports it and still lets it touch the belt, so there has never been a question.
  12. jlo86cj

    Pcc stock on belt start question

    It's pretty much the required PCC start position at any Manny Bragg match down here. Not bad once you practice it a little.
  13. jlo86cj

    PCC classifier start ??

    No. Weak side starts are defined as weak shoulder and hand.
  14. I looked at the KE and the Gibbz. Ended up with the Gibbz because I preferred their mag release design and they dont have a bolt catch. Gibbz also has the left handed side charging upper now.
  15. jlo86cj

    Legal in PCC?

    Nope. Rules specifically say no braces.