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  1. No. The MPX recoil system is in the upper.
  2. Yeah, the only thing worse than a PCC shooter is a left handed one:D
  3. No matter what length you shoot, I would at least try the support arm slightly bent and see how you like it. It makes the gun easier to shoulder/un-shoulder. If you watch Max he pulls the gun in a lot when moving. This is harder to do quick when your arm is stretched out. The stock tends to grab your shoulder because you cant push it out slightly.
  4. I have tried different support hand positions and the outstretched arm was always uncomfortable to me. There is a lot more tension in my arm than I like. I have tried from 16” to 8” MPX setups and finally settled on 10.5”. The balance is perfect for me. This is a 10.5” ILWT barrel, Tooth & Nail comp and custom length Isler handguard at 11”.
  5. https://techwellusa.com/magwells/new-pcc-techwell-for-new-frontier-armory-moriarti-joe-bob-spartan-and-ck-arms-lowers.html
  6. Look at the techwell for a NFA lower. They’re Delrin and a lot nicer than the printed ones
  7. The Blitzkrieg with JP 308 carbine spring and JP bolt was as far as I went with that gun. That was a pretty nice combination from what I can remember.
  8. It was my first PCC. A Rise Armament RA-140 trigger is an inexpensive improvement. Any magwell for a New Frontier lower should work. Then look into a two-stage buffer (hydraulic or spring).
  9. I prefer to drop the muzzle about 45 degrees on long transitions whether I shift my feet or not. For me it’s easier to decelerate into the next target coming into it diagonally as opposed to from the side. I tend to overshoot the next target more if I don’t drop the muzzle some. That’s just me though, I’m sure everyone is different. Try both on the timer and see what works for you.
  10. Jimmy- how and the hell do I get that Timney trigger out of the new sig carbine-

    did my last one a year ago- having issues with this new gun

    Rick Grassie

    1. jlo86cj


      Sorry Rick, Just saw this. There are two set screws under the spring legs you need to loosen. It takes the pressure off the the pins. You also may need to pull the safety.

  11. 2017 Optics Nationals I was told by Troy muzzle down and flagged there was no problem sweeping your feet, or others. I mounted a vertical scabbard in my cart and just dropped it in. Simple and didn’t require a special parking spot. At Area 6 2018 Troy told me the board changed it and you could now be DQ’d for sweeping yours or anyone’s feet. I now carry pointed up and park my cart within 2 yards of a side berm.
  12. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/269409-gibbz-arms-bolt-modification/
  13. The lower and upper are awesome. The bolt not so much. I could never get it to run. Someone on here seems to have modified the bolt and got it to run, but it's not an easy mod.
  14. Thordsen adapter and ACE entry length ultra lite...
  15. I have a feeling this problem has something to do with harmonics. When you have a barrel that thin, there's just to many variables that can affect it. All it takes is a dulling turning insert to change the stresses put into the barrel and consistency across the same design is harder to maintain. Personally, I wouldn't have a 9mm barrel smaller than .625".
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