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  1. Mr. Brussell, Yes the Transformer magazine pouches are what people are talking about. I checked with my friends there and they plan on doing a run of them in a month or so. I am looking at these myself since they look like it would be the last magazine pouch you would ever need for USPSA/IPSC. I like the Guga Riba's also, but have a special place on my heart from Limcat products. Hope this information is helpful.
  2. In follow up, my wife and I received our Custom Edge 60 Sport Ears by Axil and they fit perfectly. They are very comfortable and suppress just the right amount of noise. They are a vast upgrade from our MSA Sordins we had used for years and years. It is interesting that we hear more, a lot more, with these things. They were so nice my wife wore them from our home to our shooting area (about a 20 minute drive) just to test them out last night. While I had used them for a whole day already as I got mine first, she just had to try them out sooner, so excited was she. The one thing people don't seem to talk about is noise cancellation and also wind noise reduction. While we had problems with the MSA's in the wind, these we did not. It was explained to us that the Digital Signal Control technology was important. More reading here (https://www.goaxil.com/axil-core-technology/). Our experience with the AudiCORE 2.0 level of DSC has been great so far. We are not hearing the expanded wind noise you get with speakers in windy conditions. There were times with the MSA's we could not hear anything people were saying. Now with these Axil's, we can hearing everything just fine. Don't forget about these super tiny features (they are the size of a grain of rice) that provide huge benefits. It is important to do your research and I would recommend talking to an audiologist or even an ENT doctor to get a good idea. They are very knowledgable and will get you the straight answers. Spending the money that you might on these things, it pays in the long run with continued safe hearing.
  3. Yes, I need a laugh also. I also saw echo tango's post and it was great. Something about selling himself to the devil. But any who... I have about 2k rounds through this thing. Still early in the season. No break in was ever mention by the boys of Lim. It has been flawless. I noticed that it is lightening up a little but I am sure it will continue to break in and the action will smooth out more.
  4. I was away from Brian Enos when he passed, so I never saw this post. I also shot with him for almost a year on his property. He was gracious enough to allow us to practice on Thursday nights with a ton (literally) of steel. He was so kind. I even got to speak a little German with him, even though he was from Osterreich. I continue to miss him to this day. A great man.
  5. I saw that too. Pretty funny echo tango, but this beauty is staying in the family forever. But thanks anyways sweetheart
  6. Umm, it is my humble opinion that this thread could have been locked up with this simple statement. This is the best advice that you can follow OP. Go slow and be careful. Amen.
  7. So if the shooter is better than you, they must be a gamer? Is that it?
  8. I am pretty sure you are not referring to this shooter in question, are you? Certainly you are not calling her a gamer, correct? Having shot with this girl, I know from first hand experience she is not a gamer. She is just small in height. She and her sister are really good shooters who deserve recognition for all of their hard work. In essence, they are the future of our sport. My question is, how did she gain an advantage over the other shooters being short and thereby needing some kind of prop or platform? Are you saying that she was able to shoot the stage BETTER than the other shooters because of said prop/platform?
  9. I am a supporter of Dillon. Let's just get that out there right now. They have taken such amazing care of me, I cannot imagine NOT calling them, but let's hear from others and see if indeed there is a better way. I try to keep an open mind but wonder why more people don't just call them directly and then get it fixed right. I know there must be reasons outside of them being closed.
  10. Update: So no word from Taran Tactical despite email and voicemail. So just not sure about buying more of their products. Granted, this is not a big price item, but in my mind, it is the customer service on the small items that lead to confidence in buying their big items. Maybe that is just me.
  11. The easiest solution I have found is to send it into Dillon and describe your situation (make and type of primers) I recently did this a couple of weeks ago and it runs perfectly now. Yes, I tried some of the mods listed here, but eventually got tired of it. I am running Winchester Rifle Primers for my Open gun. I suspect that it gets back to what someone else said, that the plastic dropper piece is different for rifle versus pistol primers. Dillon will stand behind this product. Just send it in and they will get it to work. I was SUPER impressed with the turnaround time (about 4 business days) with the total turn around time being 10 days.
  12. And with this thread.. we enter the mind of the distracted driver.
  13. Thank you but kudos go to the Lim's. That is a full length slide.
  14. I am getting this strange feeling that the OP is not interested in learning, only proving every else wrong. I would recommend people just let this guy prove himself after the "make ready" command instead of showing everyone with words on the internet. I personally have yet been able to talk sense into the internet keyboard commanders in this world and have never seen them show up to really confirm their theories. On the other hand, maybe this guy is so so good that he can beat the best with his theory, I mean it could happen, right?
  15. Welcome aboard Kevra and thank you for the introduction. Glad to have you here and hello from a northern brethren.
  16. In other words, you support theft of intellectual property, admit it, and then want people to congratulate you. I actually know the owner of Taylor Freelance and he works very hard to bring these products to market. It is frustrating to see these them copied and priced much lower. And then to have others like yourself make that possible. Did you ever wonder if you were doing something wrong here?
  17. Yeh, I slaughtered Simon with my wicked fast skills. He has no idea how good I am. He he he. Stay thirsty friends.
  18. You know, I have won the annual Dry Fire Championships 3 TIMES just last month. I am so amazing. But really, I think dry fire is important, but too much dry fire can accomplish negative results, in that you start to believe that the gun has no recoil. It does and learning how to shoot with that component is CRITICAL. Great advise from Maximis in this thread. He achieved excellent results from live fire practice and supplemented his training with dry fire.
  19. "You know, when I want to seek out legal advice, I go to the Internet forums and ask strangers. Works like a charm!!!" -Federal Inmate # 3867473
  20. You bring up a good point. When I purchased the Limcat Steel Grip to upgrade my Razorcat, they also spent quite a bit of time fitting the steel grip accordingly. I am glad to hear this from you (second source) and see that just buying a steel grip by itself is not enough. Gunsmiths really are important.
  21. This is a lot of great feedback. Thank you. Do you have a link for the ratchet mod kit? Also, what is your clothing waist size? But more importantly, I have a 7 year old daughter and can imagine how hard it is to have your daughter in the hospital. I am so so sorry. Hang in there and maybe PM me with an update on her, that would be nice.
  22. Okay, so how is the update coming? How did the Atlas or RHT belt work out? Also, which inner belt did you use?
  23. Did you ever send the RF100 into Dillon to get it fixed? I also tried "screwing" with it and since March, 2019 I was able to get it running pretty well, until finally I was getting a lot of problems with flipped primers right before they fell down into the primer tube. This happened right after my video I posted earlier in this thread. I sent it in on January 29, 2020 via UPS. I received it yesterday, February 10, 2020. This was less than 2 weeks turn around time. I included a letter telling them how I had screwed up some of the items and asked for a cost for those parts to replace. I mean, I did bent the primer filler tube myself trying to figure out the problems. I admit it. However, I received what appears to be an almost new unit and it runs my Winchester Small Rifle primers perfectly, albeit a little slower. Again, Dillon seems to stand behind a lot of their products and I am glad I went with the Dillon RF100. I can see that Saul is trying to get the kinks worked out for the Primer Pro, but I think there are some who are upset that they seem to be the test cases. Usually test subjects get some form of compensation, right?
  24. Best advice on this thread. You have to keep things clean in there and about 1-2k rounds, take it out and clean it all up. To the OP, this is the wonder of buying used. You just never know how many rounds really went through that gun. "2k from previous owner". I seriously doubt that.
  25. We'll see. I got an automated email reply in which they said they are behind and I may get a response in 3-15 days. So we will see. I have back ups, so it is not huge, just concerning. Thank you for the offer, but I can measure some others if need be.
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