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  1. My suggestion is to check the magazine body width. If the rounds are stacking too much side to side, they will reduce the spring pressure to the follower. Can you say if it happens during a full mag, half full, almost empty? Any pattern there? You also might want to check out this video, which could help explain your woes: This can help with better feeding. You see, the magazine bodies get out of shape after being dropped and all of that pressure from the persistent dropping of rounds and then back into the body deforms things over time. You are simply bring them back into specifications. Also, go with Grams Springs and Followers. They work the best.. by far. Just make sure that the follow is polished and there is nothing scraping the inside of the magazine body. A cloth Dremel wheel is your friend here. Meanwhile, maybe I will see you at one of the Northern California ranges next year?
  2. Yes, this is completely correct. No, this is completely incorrect. Grip strength is a shooter's greatest friend. You want to be crushing the gun as much as you can.
  3. Best comment of the day. I love my Mitutoyo's. They hold a zero like no one else and I have ultimate faith in them. But might I recommend some that are available/ (https://www.amazon.com/Mitutoyo-500-196-30-Advanced-Measuring-Resolution/dp/B00IG46NL2/ref=pd_sbs_328_2/142-1273570-0507025?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00IG46NL2&pd_rd_r=ec640cf5-d859-4c33-9458-637a70f9b7b5&pd_rd_w=afvrc&pd_rd_wg=vud4b&pf_rd_p=d66372fe-68a6-48a3-90ec-41d7f64212be&pf_rd_r=92NMX3Q9R9MHFE8QPCT2&psc=1&refRID=92NMX3Q9R9MHFE8QPCT2)
  4. Yes, I use the DAA Automatic brass marker. It takes some finagling but it really works. One suggestion: Get the Sharpie Pro Markers (Sharpie 7073502392 Sharpie Chisel Tip Permanent Marker, Black, 12-Pack) (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006HXFZO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). They work really well, especially after you cut the tips a little bit to avoid contact between the two.
  5. I don't know. I finally had time to sit down and look over his profile. Hotchkiss's efforts go way back, we're talking years. Impressive. His threads are entertaining though. Prior subjects include how to avoid hot brass and whether to keep both eyes open during handgun usage. It usually involved him trying to prove his own point by arguing with people who were just trying to help and moderators to finally put down the foot. Some funny schtufff.
  6. I agree with this. The extractors on these open guns change over time and need to break in. But the Aftec extractors are really high quality and work the extra dollar. It is important to clean the extractor every 1k rounds. Just be careful not to look those super tiny springs that control the extractor tension. Extras are only $5 for 4.
  7. You seem to have all the answers. Not sure what you are looking for here. My guess you are looking for people to agree with you to push your own agenda, whatever that is. Shooting gloves have been around for a long time and it is a personal preference. You will find most competitive shooters here will not shoot with gloves. However, I do use fingerless gloves to shoot long range rifle competitions, if that makes you feel better.
  8. As well as the smallest and youngest female shooter. She is such a talented shooter.
  9. I wanted to just say something coming from a very unregulated shooting competition, Precision Rifle Series. There, the rules (if any) are applied based on who knows who and there is very limited recourse for a novice or even intermediate shooter. I can cite many instances in which gamers were allowed certain procedures where others were not (rest rifle here, carry this here, shoot from there, etc.). I became very frustrated with the completely unleveled playing field and left the sport. "Gamers" (I call them "cheaters") HATE rules. Gamers therefore have not descended on this fine sport and I am happy for it. Sure, there will be weird rules, but I for one love them. They may get applied wrong in certain situations, but really, very few people are actually getting paid here. It is so wonderful there are Range Officers and higher ups who volunteer so much time to this sport. For that, I say thank you. Let's keep these questions coming. They are helping me learn the rules as I just recently obtained my certification 4 months ago.
  10. The advantage would be that should some malfunction occur, there would be an additional magazine to pull out. Yes, there would be no advantage gained by using the holster instead of the pouch as the pouch is easier to access. Maybe the shooter(s) had more magazines than they could carry and just wanted that one extra in the holster for backup? But nonetheless, it is unsafe and therefore, against the rules.
  11. I see the following advantages: 9mm: -Cost savings overall as brass is cheaper. Depending on the amount of matches, practice, etc. this can total about $300 - $450 in cost savings per year. -Easy to leave on the ground and walk away, allowing you to concentrate on the match at hand. 38 Super comp: -Shoots flatter and slightly softer. -Is slightly more reliable. -Easier to reload as brass is more consistent, less powder spillage, etc. -More options for powder. -Don't need a 9mm spacer for STI magazines (but this is very minor). Hope this information helps.
  12. I would say that accuracy is about barrel harmonics and is not a drag race. But again, you would have to have an accurate enough optic to confirm those kind of things. Just get general data on previous engagements (DOPE) and stick with it. Far far too many people play with their reloading parameters and forget about the most important aspect, the shooter. Good luck. You will have fun shooting at longer range targets (past 100 let's say) and you will learn a lot.
  13. Geesh Memphis, stop screwing around and just give him the answer he is asking for. Let's not worry him with terms like DOPE, Density Altitude, Wind Deflection, MILs, MOA, and Sight height offset. And we certainly should not bother him about muzzle velocity and point blank range. Heaven forbid!!! All joking aside. OP, this advise from Memphis is key and the only way you will be able to figure out the solution for your rifle. I would break it down in much easier terms for your setup. As you will not have any real data to use to get your firing solution, I would simply hold over based on the target itself. At 50 yards, hold center mass. 100 yards top of target. 150 yards, Half target above the top. 200 yards, full target above top of target. However, I would warn that it might be a bit reversed, so don't ignore the data. You may find that the shots are hitting low on the target at 50 yards but then high at 100 yards. It all depends on your setup. As an example, I shot my Limcat in 38 Super at 1,350 FPS with a 124 grain bullet using the 2.5 MOA dot on the Delta Point Pro. I was holding dead on for the 100 and 150 yard targets, but had to hold at the top of the 200 yard target. The 250 yard target I was holding a half target high, but at that distance, I have to also hold left to account for wind. Took me about 4 shots to finally hit the target at 250. Good luck and PM me with any questions. I have years and years of long range experience for assistance.
  14. Or maybe someone could have just emailed Troy in the beginning and avoided this entire thread. Troy is an amazing wealth of information and I swear, must have memorized the rule book.
  15. Ummm.. Powder Valley has like 122 4 pounds kegs: https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/vihtavuori-3n38/
  16. I guess experiences in the field differ from thoughts on the internet. That is fine, but not crazy talk. Lots of people switch hands because it is easier to naturally aim down the length of your arm that it is to close one eye or the other, tilt the handgun, tilt your head, etc. Switching hands is easy and is no less crazy. It's as simple as pointing. And here is some reference material: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-dominance. My favorite part: "Overall, being mixed handed seems to result in better performance than being strongly handed for sports such as basketball, ice hockey, and field hockey. What these sports have in common is that they require active body movements and also an ability to respond to either side." And another reference: https://www.targetbarn.com/broad-side/shooting-vision-cross-dominance/ which states "There are some instructors who encourage shooters to use the hand that matches their eye, or to retrain the eyes so that the eye matches the preferred hand." And another reference: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/cross-dominant-shooter/ which states "Bill Rogers is probably the best-known proponent of this system. Bill believes it is easier to learn to shoot with your non-dominant hand than to change or overcome eye dominance. Rogers School students have reported excellent results with this method, but a lot of people are reluctant to carry their defensive sidearm on their non-dominant side. Performing all functions with the hand that has less strength and less dexterity than the dominant hand does come with some difficulties." Not such crazy talk at all. It is easier to change hands than it is to change eye dominance. EDIT: And Memphis, maybe you have heard of Tom Givens, isn't he out of Memphis, TN. He seems to think that it is possible to change hands instead of changing eye dominance. Give him a call and call him crazy?
  17. I have the Dillon RF100 and love it. It loads a tube in about 45 seconds or less (never timed but not long) and have never had to slow down my reloading due to empty primer tubes. It's kinda loud, but it works really well. No, I would not consider the use of the RF100 as the minority at all.
  18. The best thing to do is shoot on the side that your eye is most dominant. That means switching hands. I am left handed, but right eye dominant. I shoot right for everything. Works really well. My wife is right handed, but now shoots left handed and does really well. We had to switch her from one side to the other and the improvement was very dramatic. She has been shooting this way competitively for about 5 years now. I would recommend switching hands.
  19. Has anyone ever been seriously injured during a retreat stage?
  20. Thank you Matt for those suggestions. Your suggestions are right in line with the magazine tuning videos I have been watching. I am taking a different route from MBX. I have purchased a couple of STI Magazines and the Dawson Magazine Tuning Kit. I am tired of relying on others to get my gun to work, even though I live not 15 minutes from Limcat. Being a Jeep owner, I have learned it is always best to fix your own things. I also understand that properly tuned STI Magazines are hard to beat for reliability. Whatever I get back from MBX, I will then just sell and switch over from MBX to STI. The hubris of the owner of MBX was too much for me to bear.
  21. That's weird, because I believe that the weights of powder above are incorrect. Here is what I have with a 9mm case holding 9.1 grains of VV 3N38: The case on the left is the 38 Super Comp case that held the powder that is now in the 9mm case on the right. Something seemed strange in the previous photo and do not appear accurate. Also, it must be said that I had a hell of a time keeping the powder in the 9mm case and cannot imagine compressing such a round. I just thought it fair for people to see ACTUAL powder charge sizes, no some mystical variation. Just so the kids at home know, the 9mm major is going to need a faster powder to make major. From my experience, faster more energetic powders produce greater recoil.
  22. UPDATE: Well it appears everything has been ruled out but the magazines. I sent them back to MBX and now Adrian Cobb is arguing with me, blaming everything but the magazines. I guess the warranty and guarantee that Mr. Cobb promises depends on who you are. I have 4 170mm's magazines and only have trouble with the two. My favorite quote from Mr. Cobb: Oh the hubris and lack of customer service. I had no idea I was dealing with such a god. But all kidding aside. I am not happy with my MBX magazines anymore and am even more unhappy with their customer service. Thank you all for your input, sharing and assistance. Guess I will learn how to tune my own STI magazines and hopefully get these issues resolved myself.
  23. I am glad you got a Limcat from my friends. They are really great to work with. In speaking to Julian just this morning, I learned that the very best magazines are the old STI magazines, the ones with 3 lines down the sides. They recommend those, but of course, they are no longer made. While the Lim's have been able to resolve my concerns every time, now I understand I am having magazine issues with my MBX 170mm's. MBX is NOT the best, especially if you have to deal with them for customer service. Adrian is giving me a lot of push back for problems with his 170mm's. I have tried and tried and I still get the same response, it must be the gun, or the ammo, etc. etc. I have many examples, here is just one: I have made changes to the 38 Super Comp Ammo (shortening, load changes, etc.). What is weird is how of the 4 170mm magazines I own, 2 of them do the above. Since I bought them at different times, we suspect that there have been changes made to the magazines without notice and now I have two that do not work. Very frustrated, but then, that is why there are other magazine manufacturers out there and I plan to try the STI magazines a try.
  24. I submitted mine 2 weeks ago, never heard anything. I sent a follow up email 1 week ago and boom, just got the email last night. They switched from A to "Y". Ended up not making any difference, but paid the way for my next classifier. People have been saying I sand bag, but really, it takes a long time to upgrade, lemme tell yah. Good luck sir!
  25. I would recommend looking at the software called Quickload. https://www.neconos.com/details3.htm My father and I have used this software for 15+ years and have more than saved the $150.00 in powder and bullets. If you REALLY want to know about your load and internal ballistics of your firearm, this is the software to get. The biggest thing I like about it is the percentage powder burned. This is very helpful for open guns since I still want powder burning after the bullet leaves the barrel, to allow expanding gasses to reduce muzzle flip. In the alternative, if I am shooting production, I would ensure powder burn was close to 90-95%. In both instances, I was able to tune my loads to have the least amount recoil. Everything else is make even more wild guesses. This is just ONE of the many factors you can look into.
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