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  1. I pre-ordered, they haven’t shipped yet. But I’ll post about them when they show up, as an edit to the OP.
  2. You can absolutely add weight in the back strap. On another thread I saw someone put lead shot in with epoxy. I haven’t done it, I may try it when I pick up my second F.
  3. Yeah, it hasn’t seemed to hinder accuracy at all, furthest I’ve taken it out to is about 35 yards right now, but the Gallant 147 groups well. I’ve actually switched back to the 135 gr BBI because I feel the dot tracks better. But I would still like to try a 125 gr load. What charge are you using for your 125 grain load with sport pistol?
  4. To be honest, I’ve gotten a little bit with every coated bullet I’ve ran (BBI, Gallant, Bayou, SNS) in any gun I’ve ran them in. I think a lot of it may be due to powder choice. I’ll be switching to sport pistol soon. Currently using Win 244. With coated bullets it’s really important that you’re not over crimping. I use a lee factory crimp die, and when I set my crimp I back it out till it’s essentially not really crimping it, and then add more crimp little by little until it passes case gauge and then I’ll add just a hair more. You also need to put a heavy bell on the case to reduce the chance of scraping off the coating as the bullet is seated. As far as leading, it’s very very minor streaks towards the end of the rifling. Never been so bad I could get it out with a bore brush. Whenever I clean it (About every 500 rounds, or once a week) I’ll check it, and I usually just pull a bore snake through it. Unless it’s looking real gunked up. One more thing I’ve looked at doing is actually picking up an aftermarket barrel, nothing to due with leading, but to see if I can load a little longer. hope this helps
  5. I’ll continue to update as I get more rounds through it. I think I’m only around 2-3k at this point. I did just order the Henning 140mm extension for the P10F.
  6. I completely agree. Over the off season, I’m getting rid of some other pieces to build a backup, and I’ll probably do the Cajun trigger as well.
  7. Haven’t tried the Cajun, but I have a personal preference for flat triggers. If the stock doesn’t bother you, and you don’t have a solid preference, I’d run the stock. I didn’t mind it at all, it’s just a personal thing.
  8. What kind of malfunction? And what spring and follower?
  9. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been running mine for a couple months now and I love it. I switched from a milled SP-01 with an RTS2. Something about the P10 I just like better.
  10. Because there isn’t a lot of information about it, I thought I would share how I set up my P10F for USPSA Carry Optics. Current Setup: P10F Optics Ready Cajun Gunworks -10320 Reduced Pull Striker and Spring, my trigger breaks at 3.0 lbs YMMV. - P10F Hardened Stainless Guide Rod w/ 15 lb recoil spring. CZ Custom: -Mounting Plate for Vortex Razor -140mm Extensions (Factory spring and follower for 22 reloadable) HB Industries Theta Trigger Shoe Talon Grips Vortex Razor 6 MOA As far as work I’ve done to the gun, I polished the contact services (Sear shelf, striker safety, etc). I’m running a BBI 135gr at around 134 PF, and I found that the 15 lb spring from Cajun allows the dot to track nicely. I’ve tried flat wire Glock springs, 11, and 13 lb and determined that I personally prefer the 15 lb. Striker Springs: Glock springs work, I’ve tried a Zev 2 lb spring, this dropped the pull weight down to 2.5 lb, but was only 95% reliable on Federal primers. That being said I may still try a 3lb Zev spring, but at this point I’m content with where the gun is at as far the trigger is concerned. Mags: I like the CZ Custom Extensions, though I haven’t had a chance to try the Springer extensions (the set screw thing steers me away). I’m current using the factory spring and follower for 22 reloadable. I’m going to try the Grams P series spring and follower kit. I have read that some folks are trimming the STI 11-coil spring and followers to around 29mm front to back and have had good results, and I know that the CZC 10-coil will work as well. I have also heard that Henning has a P series 140mm extension in the works, I will definitely pick these up. Miscellaneous: It seems that this gun doesn’t like round nose flat point profile bullets, even loaded down to 1.07” OAL. It really likes the BBI 135gr and the Gallant 147gr. STICK WITH ROUND NOSE. I think that sums it up for me, hopefully someone finds this useful. I prefer this setup over the Shadow/S2, for various reasons. This gun is a very viable, and underrated IMo, for USPSA Carry Optics.
  11. I ran a Wolff 9lb and really liked it.
  12. I’ve never used it, I run the Cajun guide rod and their 15lb spring with 135gr BBI at around 135 PF with good results, the dot tracks nicely.
  13. Stuart is 10522 the correct sku for the 10 coil that will work in the P09/P10 mags?
  14. I made the move over to PCC in May of this year, my initial classification was B, I made it to A in a couple of months as it stands now, I’m sitting at 84.26%. Before PCC, I was shooting single stack where I stopped at 68%. There just isn’t much interest in single stack locally, and I hated loading .45 and furthermore, I hated reloading 4 to 5 times a stage. So I jumped to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I try to dry fire 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes. I also do live fire practice once a week, shoot and outlaw USPSA type match, and a local every week. Dry fire, especially when I was shooting a pistol was the best thing that helped me improve (I use Refinement and Repetition by Steve Anderson) side note: PCC has actually helped my pistol game a lot as I am preparing to move into CO next season.
  15. I had my my CGW mill my SP-01 slide for an RTS2. The turn around time was just about two weeks and the quality of the work was excellent. But, if you think you may want to try different optics out I would go with CZC for there multi optic cut. But both do excellent work.
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