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  1. My 30 does'nt do we'll with light loads. The lightest reload I've found that still is reliable is 200gr Bear Creek over 4gr of Clays.
  2. My competition guns are hardchromed and my SD guns have NP3 coatings. All look and perform like new.
  3. Yup, he's still out there. Life gets in the way sometimes. Great, great product that's worth the wait.
  4. kildar

    Glock 35 sights

    I run Sevigny Competition sight set on all my glocks. I tried the FO front sights but as stated on earlier post just way too busy. The serrated thin front sight works for me.
  5. I've tried both the LW Ultimate Trigger Stop and the Ghost Rocket connector. Initially both worked great and I was very pleased but after many rounds and matches with both products the reliability became a problem. The LW trigger stop would back in/out of adjustment and no amount of Loctite would keep it in place. The Ghost Rocket connector also as mentioned in an earlier post changes how the trigger parts interact and when I started having problems it was a mess trying to figure out what to change or adjust. I may be in the minority in the opinion of both of these products but I need consistency and confidence with my match guns and having to ride that fine line of adjustment is just too much work for me. If you're interested in what I have now in my Glocks it's proven trigger kits by Vanek and Glockworx.
  6. Try "Judy Butter". It's a mountain bike shock lube. Get's rid of the sprooooing sound. Easy to apply and doesn't run when things warm up like grease.
  7. Shooters Connection Tournament Series bag. Built to last with pockets for everything. The only thing I might wish for on it would be wheels when I overload it.
  8. I stand all day at work, so I enjoy my reloading hobby sitting.
  9. Thanks for sharing the research. I know how long and tedious this kind of testing can be.
  10. Order TruGrip. Worth the wait.
  11. kildar

    g35 or g34

    Another vote for just keeping the 35 and get into reloading.
  12. http://www.arredondoaccessories.com/index.cfm Try here for the answer to your problem. You won't be disappointed.
  13. kildar

    TruGrip for G34

    As said, short of a full stippling job Tru Grip is the best Glock grip cover. I tried buying skateboard tape and cutting it to fit my 17. It came out ok but it took a lot time in the trial and error fitting. Tru Grip fits perfectly the first time. A real time saver. The grit on the Tru Grip is also not as agressive and as it wears it smooths out without loosing the grip.
  14. I asked the same question several months ago. Do a search. My first thought was to orient them as mentioned earlier the same as my pistol mags. There is strong opinions either way. I eventually after much practice decided on bullets forward. I too by the way purchased a Blade Tech AR mag holder. It's a great mag pouch.
  15. Great mag loader. Loading my Glock hicaps get really tough after 17 or 18 rounds. With the Uplula loading them now is almost fun.
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