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Found 13 results

  1. I recently obtained my Shadow 2 Optic Ready. I had already purchased 2 Vortex Venom RDS months ago in anticipation for taking possession of the Shadow 2 OR as well as the P10F OR when it’s available in Canada. When I received the Shadow, I went about removing the rear sight plate, not a problem; installing the CZ Vortex Venom adapter plate to the Shadow, not a problem; installing the Vortex Venom to the adapter plate; big problem. The included hardware sunk into the foam, meant to secure the red dot to the adapter plate, did not fit the adapter plate. Try as I might, the bolt
  2. As a part of my ongoing divisional tour of USPSA, I'm in the process of setting up a carry optics gun. Before I set up a Glock 17 gen 5 with one of my trusty RMRs, or join the dark side and use a 320, I thought I would solicit a few opinions on the best red dot for carry optics. I like and am relatively familiar with the RMR platform, and would use this for self defense, but the lack of dot clarity, blue lens tint, and small field of view is a bit off-putting. I'm seeing a lot of Leupold delta point pros showing up in competition lately, I like the glass qu
  3. I like what I've read about this scope. Unfortunately, no one has one around here for me to look at. I'm currently running a Strike Eagle on my 3 gun rifle. I don't mind giving up 2x for better glass and a better 1x. Would this scope be that much of an upgrade over my Vortex?
  4. Hello all! I've got a Bergara LRP in 6.5CM on the way and I'll be putting a Vortex Razor HD Gen II 3-18x50 with 34mm tube on it. I'm curious if anyone has this setup and could recommend a ring height. Or, if anyone has the LRP in 6.5CM, could you measure the distance from the top of the rail to the barrel from a point 7in from the center of the rail? That would help me calculate the max allowable offset. Any advice for the rings would be appreciated! Rob
  5. I've been shooting 3 gun for 3-4 years now. Started with an MTAC scope then upgraded to the Burris XTR II 1-5. I have since added a second 3 gun rifle to my collection and need a scope for my 18" gun. I am torn between the XTR 1-8 and the razor 1-6. Cost is relatively close and weight is close. The center dots ar the same size (SFP Burris). I have had two failures with my XTR II 1-5, illumination failed, Burris replaced the scope, and now it has littl blacks specs all over the inside of th glass. The scope is currently being replaced again. This makes me a little hesitant to try another XTR
  6. Question for the group. I currently run 55 grain burner ammo for short range and 69 grain for long range targets in 3 gun. I am sick of having different zeros to remember and would like to simplify my rifle game... Other than cost and a potential decrease in long range accuracy on a windy day can you think of any other disadvantage to running 62 grain ammo for everything? I run a 16" JP PSC-11 with 1:8 twist.
  7. I'm working on a Rem 700 SPS tactical 308 in a Magpul Hunter stock. Looking at scope bases, primary purpose of the rifle will be for mid range shooting, 500ish yards, just going to be a fun set up & I plan to hunt with it as well. Right now I am going to run a Viper PST 6-24x50 for a scope. Does anyone have a preference on the scope rail? I have a set of Seekins med height rings that I will be using. Just looking for opinions on the scope rail & whether or not the added MOA will be needed for my set up.
  8. Anyone have any experience with this specific model? Looking at one for sale in a local GS. There are newer models that based on the description on Vortex's website says they have been upgraded. Is there anything that you prefer on the newer models over the one I have in the title?
  9. I have an opportunity to get one of these at a really good price. I will be putting it on a 6.5 CM bolt rifle. I like everything I see about them, especially the lighter weight than the Vortex and even the Bushnell. The reticle seems to be very good, simple and un-cluttered. The eye box sounds very forgiving. The overall quality and durability appears to be excellent. I have a Bushnell ERS 3.5-21x 50mm with the G2 reticle on another rifle, and it is good glass, but honestly, I am not super impressed or blown out of the water by it. I have yet to not just dial elevation, so I don't see
  10. Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I am the director of 3GUN4VETS. This is a non-profit organization designed to provide deserving combat veterans with a free 2 day 3gun clinic. Clinic includes instruction with top notch instructors from all over the U.S. weapons, ammo and equipment free of charge. We are hosting the first annual charity match to raise funds to cover shipping costs for the equipment as it travels all over the U.S. . Please come out and show your support for our veterans and this great cause. Match will have 6 stages, fee is $85 which will include T-shirt,di
  11. Fabulous new Glass from Vortex getting set up for a LONG range Match on the 338's 3-18x 50 FFP Gen II EBR-2C mRad and 4.5-27x 56 They are amazing These new models have push to lock turrets and the Illumination index is now mounted on the Parallax dial that is located midship and easily accessible. 34 mm Tube and they are very beefy, clarity and contrast are stellar. Hope to post a range report in the next couple weeks.
  12. Now that we are deeper into the shooting season for 2013, what are the latest thoughts and reviews on the Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x in first focal plane? I've got the second focal plane version and am interested in comments on the newer version. I saw early reports were favorable but curious how they are considered now after more use. Thanks in advance.
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