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  1. I just installed one on my open gun......No fitting required. A couple taps on it and it went right on. Love the feel.
  2. I run **Cough-Cough** CFE Pistol for 9 major. Meters perfectly, just like WAC. ( I had problems with WAC, inconsistent deviations between rounds) 7.2 grains behind a 124 Everglades JHP with #500 CCI primers. 1.167 oal. I run it in a STI/Infinity hybrid gun with 3 popple holes. 171pf
  3. Dropped it from the the 3.5 - 4 pounds to 2.2 pounds. Makes a huge difference.
  4. The only thing I did was put a 90 degree mount on the Cmore and tuned the trigger.
  5. I shoot an STI DVC Steel in both minor and major power factors. Runs like a scalded dog. I load 1.167 or 1.169 both major and minor. If I shoot minor loads I run a 6 pound spring with a shock buffer. 8 pound with major loads (shock buffer also). The DVC Steel was an STI replacement for my Steel Master. The Steel Master shot a little flatter.
  6. Don't mean to hijack the thread but.....My Vortex Razor 6moa mounted on my open gun gets brighter then turns off when I shoot. I would like to run it on my open gun. Any ideas.
  7. corny

    RTS2 Glass!!

    A little CLR in distilled water in a small spray bottle cleans every bit of carbon off of the glass. Q Tip or lens cloth works.
  8. Shot the DVC Steel in two matches this week (I shoot about 4 matches a week). 172 PF and this little baby is a nice blaster. 124 RN FMJ Everglades with 7.4 WAC. We will see if it holds up.
  9. I sent in my MatchMaster for a cracked slide, only 3000 rounds down the pipe, it was a new old stock gun. That little bugger was a great blaster. Tracked great and handled quickly. 8 weeks later STI called me and said they could not fix it because it was so far out of production that they could not make a slide for it. (damn) The good news it was they were going to send me a "new" STI DVC Steel. They took off all my go fast parts and installed them on my new blaster, then sighted it in. (we will see about that real soon). The new to me DVC Steel was a "Demo Gun" as stated on their paper work. Not a problem at all. I had a little panic attack and told them I need to shoot Open Major, would the DVC Steel handle it? STI shop said "just change the recoil spring" and shoot major loads. We will see how it handles. Going to give the little comp a workout.
  10. My experience exactly. I go with the cheapest powder WAC or CFE....
  11. Check out the Limcat grip. Deep River Custom / Davinci built Manny Bragg a new 40 cal Limited gun with the LImcat grip on it. It is outstanding.
  12. My problem with my 9mm Major Open gun with 3 x3/16" holes is nailing down a load that shoots flat. I started shooting a 115 grain load and really liked it but seemed like it was beating the heck out of the gun. I recently changed to a 124 grain bullet using AutoComp and getting muzzle dip with almost all of my loads. Changed springs around and running a 7# spring and the muzzle dips less but still dips. Going to try 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, grains of AC and see what happens. Test and tune, rinse and repeat.
  13. Excellent. Never thought of that. Mine shake around in my ammo box. Usually takes care of that.
  14. I am wondering why you tumble your rounds after you load them. Is it to remove the case lube? I get the lube off of my loaded rounds by shooting them.
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