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Found 6 results

  1. This weekend I was at the range for a class, there were 30 of us shooting together. I was standing at the front when I turned around and almost freaked. Scattered in the squad were a bunch of ninjas!! 4 or 5 at least. We are talking 98 degrees outside and these guys had the full face masks, heads covered, black arm and leg coverings. Now, like any good Kung fu/karate movie buff from the 80s I know Samurai=good ninja=bad. Some seriously no good mojo to have these guys sneaking up on you at a match. I don't know who they were there for but I think watching my back threw me off my game. I mean, how can you even know if it's ok to start a shooter, these guys could be down range and you would never know! Anybody else have have these guys sneaking around their shoots? I thought on it later and decided it would be pretty cool to have a special match for them, targets have to be engaged with throwing stars. Start signal is a smoke bomb. This would finally get my brother to give it a try. He has no interest in guns but is a third degree black belt. On on a serious side, the neck sleeve/mask things looked like they'd be good for Halloween or cold weather on my motorcycle. Anyone know where they're getting their costumes? Red
  2. What's Your Preferred CONCEALED CARRY Belt & Holster Combo, and Why? I'm a-shoppin' - Thanks in advance - Go:
  3. Hello. I am new to shooting handguns and just recently bought my first pistol, a CZ75 SP-01 Shadow. I am now considering looking for a competitive league to shoot in and need help choosing what gear to buy. I have done some research and I am considering buying the package from benstoegersproshop .com that includes: Features •5 x Ghost Magazine Pouches ◦Includes bullet nose out (Ben Style) and bullet nose forward (conventional) pouches ◦Works with Double Stack Mags ◦Available Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Green, Silver, White 1 x Double Alpha (DAA) Belt ◦Available Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Silver 1 x BSPS BOSS DOH Holster ◦includes thumb screws All for $269.95 and free shipping. A lot of the forums I have read when searching google were a bit old. Is this currently a good setup? Will this setup allow me to shoot both USPSA and IDPA? What classes will I be able to shoot in each using my SP-01 Shadow and this setup? What changes would you make to this setup? Does anyone know of a cheaper place to purchase these items? Seems like an okay deal to me. Any other advice? Literally anything would be greatly appreciated as I am completely new to this.
  4. Hi Guys, I would like to know where is the best (cheapest) place to buy surefire hearing protection in europe. Also i was reading in the specs that you have to throw them away every 6 months depending on usage, realistically how often do you need to change them?
  5. I've had a few "tactical" shotguns in the past with side saddles, speedfeed stocks, etc but I haven't seen this in competition very much and have generally taken that as a "clue"... same goes for pistol grips (but that's another topic). When I first started 3G last year I bought an 8rd velcro sidesaddle for the left of my receiver (http://3gungear.corecommerce.com/8-Shell-Side-Saddle-p23.html) and a 2rd strap on (http://3gungear.corecommerce.com/Shotgungear/Forend-Carrier/Slide-Loc-2-Pac-p22.html) that I've positioned near my ejection port. Fully loaded I have 12rds in the tube + 8rds on the sidesaddle + 2rds on the strap on + 1 in the chamber = 23rds in or on the gun. I was thinking about adding a "match saver" to have another shell available on the gun, when I realized that since I have gotten better at the load 2 and load 4, I'm considerably faster loading from my belt than I ever was taking them from the sidesaddle... and for the past match or two I haven't really bothered with the ammo on my gun... I load the velcro at the beginning of the match and unload it at the end. So now that I realize this, what's the point of having all that ammo on my gun...? A couple questions - 1. Has anyone else gone through this transition? 2. Should I simplify my shotgun loadout or is there a reason to leave it as is? It's all easy on/easy off velcro stuff... 3. Should I bother with the "match saver" device?
  6. I have a 12 year old daughter that is really getting into competitive shooting and wants to try out 3-gun. The only thing we don't have is a way for her to carry shotgun shells that allows her to reload quickly. I have seen carriers made specifically for this purpose, but they seem to cost more than $60 a piece. Does anyone have suggestions as to alternatives in either style or brand that will make it more affordable. She will duct tape a zip-lock bag to her waist if need be, but I know those of you with experience have some ideas. Thanks
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