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  1. Better to have a little pretravel than an AD. I would worry more about over-travel Keith
  2. I use Grip Spacers from CMM: http://www.cm-machine.com/1911-Stock-Spacers_c_11.html Keith
  3. When I do a full disassembly......I place the parts/frame/slide in mineral spirits and let it soak a while. I brush where necessary with a soft nylon brush. I then remove blow with compressed air and allow the solvent to evaporate. I then spray a light coat of break free on everything and blow with compressed air again. Clean you barrel. Lube/grease where necessary on reassembly Keith
  4. There are other variables to consider before choosing a recoil spring, such as the velocity and hammer spring. As many have suggested, for boxed 230Gr a 17-18 lbs spring is a good start. If you start to reload you can consider backing the spring down. I run a 14 lb spring with a 45 185gr JHP running at 750-800 fps. I am not a fan of shock buffers. They are something else to go wrong when the start coming apart with use. Good luck, Keith
  5. I'd go for the Trophy Match. You can spend the extra money you saved on modifications going forward Keith
  6. If it is truly custom, handfitted, accurate. The price may not be unreasonable. Keith
  7. Usually the receiver rails are more of an issue with slide frame fit. People use accurail or have the receiver rails micro-welded and re-machined to fit the slide. However, the contact between the barrel bushing/barrel, Upper Lug/Barrel Hood, and lower lug to slide stop pin are most important to accuracy. If these are good, the slide will tighten up pretty well in battery. Jerry Kuhnhausens book places a 15% accuracy improvement on slide tightness. I shoot Bullseye/Precision Pistol and have a Les Baer with a fairly loose slide (From 70,000+ rounds) I will still hold the 10 ring at 50 yards Keith
  8. I use break free for the slide/disconnector/upper lugs. Bearing grease on the barrel bushing and lower lugs. TW25B on the sear/hammer hooks Keith
  9. One fall I decided to blow leaves with my gas leaf blower (for several hours) before a match. About the dumbest thing I ever did. My arm was fatigued, killed my trigger control. Keith
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